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4.03 IT PowerPoint Objective 4.03— Understand Information Technology activities and careers.

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1 4.03 IT PowerPoint Objective 4.03— Understand Information Technology activities and careers.

2 What Is A Computer? An electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result (output).

3 Types of Personal Computers Desktop computer: designed to be used on a desktop. Notebook/Tablet computer: designed to be used on a desktop but still small enough to be portable. Laptop computer: designed to be small enough and light enough to be used on your lap.

4 Information Technology

5 Hardware- Physical Parts of the computer

6 More Hardware Digital Cameras, webcams and Scanners Picture taking & sending has never been so easy

7 DID YOU KNOW?? An Ipod(left) and an MP3 Player (below) are hardware that can be connected to your computer. More Hardware

8 Modem- connects your computer to the Internet CPU- Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer Also called the tower or hard drive. Hardware, Hardware

9 More Hardware Handwriting & Speech Recognition Using headsets and tablets with light pens

10 More Hardware Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Get Organized

11 Smart Boards Become Dynamic with your presentations Interactive whiteboard Connected to a computer and a data projector SMARTboard can be used as a computer Control the computer by using your finger

12 Software -a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do! Systems Software - controls the operation of the whole computer system. Example: Windows Applications Software - performs a specific task. Examples: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc…

13 Types of Application Software Word Processing –Program that allows you to create, edit, and print text documents Report, flyer, memo Spreadsheet –Numbered Rows and Lettered Columns –Intersection of a row and column is a cell Grade book, financial info Database –Lets you set up an electronic filing system –Enter text and numbers Find, search, and print info in different ways –Address book, Card Catalog

14 Multimedia Software Creating PowerPoint Presentations Multimedia- the use of audio, video, animation, or graphics.

15 Desktop Publishing Software Microsoft Publisher Easily-made flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, signs, posters, etc.

16 Other Software Programs Games Typing Master MS Paint Photoshop There are tons and tons!!!

17 “Information Processing Cycle” 1.Input Device 2.CPU 3.Output Device 4.Storage

18 Input, Output, & Storage Devices Input device: hardware that allows you to communicate with your computer. Output device: hardware that allows your computer to communicate with the user Storage device: allows you to store or retrieve information

19 Computer Input Devices Keyboard Mouse Trackball Joystick Light Pen Pointing Stick Touchpad Touch Screen Bar Code Reader Scanner Microphone Graphics Tablet Digital Cameras

20 Computer Output Devices Monitor: screen that displays information such as text, numbers, and pictures. –Softcopy Printer: gives you information from the computer in printed form. –Hardcopy Speakers: allow you to hear voice, music, and other sounds from your computer.

21 STORAGE 1. CD-ROM (Compact Disk- Read Only Memory) 2. 3 1/2 “ Floppy Disk (“A” Drive) Besides saving to the hard drive (the computer), here are some other ways to save: 3. External Storage (Jump drive, Flash Drive, Key Drive, Memory Stick, etc.)

22 Memory ROM- Read Only Memory RAM- Random Access Memory (Temporary or working memory)

23 What is a network? A system of computers, peripherals, terminals, and databases connected by communication lines.

24 What is the Internet? Electronic information networks that carry audio, video, and computer data. The world’s Largest computer Network!

25 What does the Internet offer? Information Online shopping E-mail Instant Messaging Chat rooms Games News Videos Graphics AND THE LIST GOES ON….

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