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Digital Skills Academy. What is a Computer Super Calculator Digital Skills Academy.

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1 Digital Skills Academy

2 What is a Computer Super Calculator Digital Skills Academy

3 Who Uses Computers Education Business Healthcare Research Publishing Digital Skills Academy

4 Hardware V Software Computers Contain both Hardware and Software Hardware = The circuits and electronic components Software = Programs or Applications Digital Skills Academy

5 Hardware Inside Hard Disc Mother Board Sound Card CPU Digital Skills Academy

6 System Software ( Operating System) Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Digital Skills Academy

7 Application Software Microsoft Word PC Games Web Browser Others ? Digital Skills Academy

8 Hardware Outside (Peripherals) Monitor Mouse Keyboard Printer Digital Skills Academy

9 Input Devices Mouse Keyboard Webcam Touch Screen Microphone Digital Skills Academy

10 Output Devices Monitor Speakers Printer Digital Skills Academy

11 Storage Devices Hard Drive Disc CD DVD Memory Stick USB Cloud Storage Digital Skills Academy

12 Different Types of Computers PC or Macintosh Desktop Laptop Netbook Tablet (Ipad) Smart Phone Kindle Others? Digital Skills Academy

13 All computers will have a power button which must be pressed to turn them on with the symbol displayed below. Press the button once and you should hear a fan start inside the computer and small lights will come on and flicker. The computer will now power up, check itself and load the operating system or ”boot up”. It can take a few minutes so have patience, let it do it’s thing. Switch it on

14 What is a Network Computers are connected to each other to share information Usually 3 Parts The Server The Workstation Communication Channel Digital Skills Academy

15 Introducing Networks The Server is a central special computer on the network that decides which computers can access the network A workstation is an individual computer on network The Communication Channel is usually an existing telecommunications network. Digital Skills Academy

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