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Computer Bits and Parts Parts of the computer system.

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1 Computer Bits and Parts Parts of the computer system

2 The computer is a tool that can be used to help you learn at school and home. The computer is a processing unit that allows you to input information and it outputs the results of your work. Computer At Home and School

3 The Computer Brain The computer’s central processing unit is like a brain. The processor does the work. The memory and hard disk drive stores information. Human Brain CPU –The Computer’s brain

4 Computer Input Parts Keyboard Mouse The keyboard and the mouse are computer input devices. These parts help you “talk” or tell the computer what to do.

5 Computer Output Parts The monitor is like a television screen. It outputs the information you are typing or clicking into the computer for you to see. The speakers allow you to hear computer programs that have sound.

6 Input –Output Cycle Scanner inputs a picture into the computer. The computer processes the picture into it’s memory and sends it to the printer. The printer outputs the picture.

7 Computer Information Storage Floppy disk CD DVD Hard drive

8 Computers At School You will use the computer at school to learn and practice many skills. Your teacher will use the computer to teach you many things. Learning about the computer and using it as a learning tool will help you prepare for the future.


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