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Parts of a Computer.

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1 Parts of a Computer

2 Keyboard  A keyboard has a similar layout to a typewriter but with extra keys. The person using the computer uses the keyboard to input characters.

3 Monitor   A monitor displays the information that is being entered into the computer. It is also known as a screen or VDU (Visual Display Unit).

4 Mouse A mouse enables the user to move the cursor around the screen and select items on it. Selecting items gives the computer instructions.

5 Central Processing Unit
The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. It manages all the information which has been input and controls the information which is output.

6 Printer A printer is used to print images and text from the computer. There are many types of printers available.

7 Scanner A scanner is used to copy images and text from existing paper based sources. Once an image has been scanned, software on the computer can be used to manipulate the images.

8 Floppy Disk A floppy disk is a removable form of storage. Files can be saved onto floppy disks and taken away from the computer.

9 CD/DVD CDs and DVDs are used to store information. This can be in the form of software packages or large amounts of data. The contents of the CD/DVD can be transferred to the hard drive.

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