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THE NEW REPUBLIC BEGINS ! Presented by: Mr. Cook And Mrs. Camuto.

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2 THE NEW REPUBLIC BEGINS ! Presented by: Mr. Cook And Mrs. Camuto

3 A NEW Government begins! In 1789, George Washington is inaugurated as America’s FIRST President. As the first President, he had NO ONE to imitate! He set MANY precedents -One main one was only running for TWO TERMS! While he was President, 1.) Congress created the first Presidential Cabinet 2.) Congress also passed the Judiciary Act. This set up the Supreme Court.

4 Economic Troubles After the Revolutionary War, the U.S. was in debt to other countries and to individual citizens. Alexander Hamilton came up with an ECONOMIC plan to pay back our country and our citizens First, he wanted to BUY UP all old bonds and then sell new bonds to pay off old debts. Second, he wanted the Federal Government to pay off the state’s debt. His plan was opposed by James Madison.

5 Economic Solutions Compromise was reached! Debts get paid Maryland gets the capitol First National Bank is formed Tariffs are passed A NEW Whiskey Excise Tax is put in place

6 The Whiskey Rebellion Congress passed a tax to be placed on liquor made and sold in the U.S. Hamilton wanted this tax to raise money for the Treasury. This tax led to protests. Farmers refused to pay the tax. Led to a major rebellion Washington responded by calling in the militia. They were successful in “squishing” the rebellion This showed the strength of the new government.

7 Foreign Policy! Washington had the honor of establishing our country’s first FOREIGN policy – Washington’s advice was to STAY OUT of other country’s affairs. United States wanted to try and stay NEUTRAL and trade with everyone.

8 Jay’s Treaty Great Britain was attacking America’s ships who were trying to trade with France. Washington sent Chief Justice John Jay to Britain to talk. He worked out a treaty HOWEVER many Americans felt it gave Britain too much! The agreement said – 1.)Britain paid U.S. for damaged ships in 1793. 2.)Americans were to pay debts owed prior to Revolutionary War. 3.)Britain gave up forts in Ohio Valley 4.)Treaty really did nothing to protect U.S. ships 5.)Treaty did avoid war so Washington accepted it. Map of Great Britain!

9 Rise of Political Parties! Washington warned against the development of such parties They formed anyway because people wanted the candidate who had similar beliefs as them to be elected!

10 First two-party system! Federalists’ Beliefs (A.K.A. – Hamiltonians) Federalists 1.Favored strong central government. 2."Loose" interpretation of the Constitution. 3.Encouragement of commerce and manufacturing. 4.Strongest in Northeast. 5.Favored close ties with Britain. 6.Emphasized order and stability. Alexander Hamilton

11 First two-party system! Democratic – Republicans’ Beliefs (A.K.A. – Jeffersonians) Republicans Emphasized states' rights. "Strict" interpretation of the Constitution. Preference for agriculture and rural life. Strength in South and West. Foreign policy sympathized with France. Stressed civil liberties and trust in the people Thomas Jefferson

12 The XYZ Affair When Adams first becomes President he has a problem with France – they are attacking our ships! He tries to avoid war. He sends diplomats to France but they would not deal with them. France sent three secret agents to America – they wanted 250,00 for their foreign minister and 10 million for France. Adams refused. He built up his Navy with speedy Frigates. France got “scared” and backed down.

13 VOCABULARY TO KNOW: POLITICAL PARTIES – A group of people who work to get their ideas into government want to get their candidates elected! NATIONAL DEBT – Money a country owes!

14 2 MORE WORDS ! TARIFF – a TAX on imported goods! CABINET – - group of secretaries from various departments in the government -ADVISORS to the President -part of the EXECUTIVE branch -help the President carry out the laws!

15 2 MORE WORDS! FOREIGN POLICY – How we deal with other countries! NEUTRALITY – NOT taking sides in a war!

16 2 MORE WORDS! COMPROMISE – An agreement where both sides give up something and get something! UNCONSTITUTIONAL – Doesn’t agree or fit into the constitution. (The Hamiltonians used the ESTASTIC Clause to stretch the boundaries of the Constitution)

17 LAST 2 VOCAB. WORDS! IMMIGRANT – A person who comes from another country to LIVE in that NEW country. SEDITION – When a group or individual “stir up” a rebellion against the government. msn.learning & research

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