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Chapter 9 Test tomorrow! Get out your Notebooks to review……

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1 Chapter 9 Test tomorrow! Get out your Notebooks to review……

2 Chapter 9 Study Guide

3 1. a party or a group that is split because of differences.

4 A faction

5 2. Group of department leaders who serve the President

6 Cabinet

7 3. Decision not to take sides in a war.

8 Neutrality

9 4. Ship that sails fast and has many guns.

10 Frigate

11 5. Total amount of money that a government owes to others.

12 National Debt

13 6. What event called for a protest against taxes by backcountry farmers?

14 Whiskey Rebellion

15 7. This called for one Chief Justice and five Associate Justices on the Supreme Court.

16 Judiciary Act

17 8. This declared that the United States would not support either side in the war in Europe

18 Neutrality Proclamation

19 9. This called for Britain to pay damages for seized American ships.

20 Jay’s Treaty

21 10. This claimed that states could judge whether a law is constitutional.

22 The Kentucky And Virginia Resolutions

23 11. What important precedent did President Washington set at the beginning of his first term?

24 He named well-known, talented leaders to head government departments.

25 12. What did President Washington believe about Foreign Policy?

26 He believed the U.S. should remain independent from disputes between other nations.

27 13. What caused a split in the Federalist Party?

28 A Disagreement between President Adams and Alexander Hamilton over whether the U.S. should go to war.

29 14. What is the main reason American leaders formed political parties?

30 To organize support for their political views.

31 15. Who believed that the U.S. should have strong ties with Britain to promote trade?

32 Alexander Hamilton

33 16. Why did the French Revolution lose support in the U.S?

34 French Radicals executed thousands of people.

35 17. How was the United States neutrality challenged during Washington’s presidency?

36 Britain and France seized cargo from U.S. ships Britain and France seized cargo from U.S. ships.

37 18. How was the winner of 1800 presidential election determined?

38 The House of Representatives chose the president due to a tie in the electoral college.

39 19. How did Alexander Hamilton plan to reduce the national debt?

40 By buying up Revolutionary War bonds and issuing new ones.

41 20. How did President Adams react to the crisis with France?

42 He strengthened the navy but kept the U.S. out of war. but kept the U.S. out of war.

43 21. What happened as a result of the Whiskey Rebellion?

44 The people realized that the new government would not tolerate violent protests.

45 22. Who established many of the precedents that our presidents still follow today?

46 George Washington

47 23. What was Alexander Hamilton's major goal as Secretary of Treasury?

48 Reducing the National Debt

49 24. Why did President Washington want to remain neutral in foreign wars?

50 He did not want to disrupt U.S. relations with other countries.

51 25. What effect did policy disputes in the 1790’s have on American government?

52 Leaders tried to build support for their views by forming political parties.

53 26. What issue caused a serious split that weakened the power of the Federalist party?

54 Continuing diplomatic talks with France with France

55 27. What did many people fear would happen if political parties formed in the U.S?

56 Political divisions would threaten national unity.

57 28. Which American leader believed that the violence of the French Revolution was justified?

58 Thomas Jefferson

59 29. How did Thomas Jefferson feel about a strong federal government?

60 He felt that a strong federal government threatened the rights of the states.

61 30. Why did the House of Representatives decide the presidential election of 1800?

62 Each elector cast one vote for Thomas Jefferson and one for Aaron Burr - It was a tie.

63 31. How did President Adams handle the crisis with France?

64 He resisted American war fever and avoided armed conflict.

65 32. Why was it difficult for the American government to maintain a neutrality policy?

66 American merchants profited from trade with Britain and France

67 33. How many states voted for Adams in 1796?

68 More than half

69 34. How did the election results in 1796 reflect growing political tensions in the U.S?

70 Southern voters protested Federalist policies by refusing to vote in the election.

71 35. In what region was Federalist support the strongest?

72 Federalist support was strongest in the North. strongest in the North.

73 36. Who proposed the Alien and Sedition Act?

74 Federalists

75 37. How did Jefferson respond to the Alien Sedition Acts?

76 By helping pass the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.

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