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Welcome Class of 2010! Class of 2010! Go Rams!. Counselors A, BMrs. Marcia Lynnroom 113 CMr. Viseth Vann room 117 D, EMr. Lolo Saldana room 141 F, G,

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1 Welcome Class of 2010! Class of 2010! Go Rams!

2 Counselors A, BMrs. Marcia Lynnroom 113 CMr. Viseth Vann room 117 D, EMr. Lolo Saldana room 141 F, G, HMrs. Nancy Parsons room 115 I, J, K, LMs. Susana Stumpfroom 119 M – ZMs. Lanie Arceo room 139 QUEST 9-12Ms. Mary Cahillroom 137 Head Counselor Ms. Karen Briggsroom 109 School to Career Supervisor Mrs. Michelle Ponce room 715

3 Unit Format Three Modules will be presented: Education to Career Connection High School Plan Managing High School Students complete one Summary Sheet information for all modules. At the conclusion of the Modules, students and parents sign Summary Sheet and return it to school Counselors maintain Summary Sheets for future reference.

4 High School Success: 9th Grade Career/College Unit High School Plan Module Two

5 Robert A. Millikan High School Graduation requirements Complete 220 required credits Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Computer Literacy Pass Algebra 1-2 or ABCD Complete 40 hours of community service

6 Robert A. Millikans Specific Course Requirements 40 creditsEnglish 30 creditsHistory/Social Science 20 creditsMath 20 creditsPhysical Education 20 creditsScience 10 creditsGeneral Studies: Health & Computers 10 creditsFine Arts or Foreign Language 70 creditsElectives 220 credits

7 CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) A state-administered exit examination that is not timed Two-day test: English Language Arts & Math Beginning in grade 10, students have six opportunities to pass both sections of the test. If students pass only one section (English-Language Arts or Mathematics) they need only retake the section they did not pass. Transfer students must meet the CAHSEE requirement prior to graduation. Students who do not pass the exit examination will not receive a diploma even if they have met all the graduation requirements.

8 Computer Literacy Students must demonstrate computer literacy by successfully completing Computers Applications.

9 Algebra Requirement Students must successfully complete the equivalent of Algebra 1-2 or Algebra ABCD to meet this requirement.

10 Service Learning Service Learning is volunteer work that relates to a school topic of interest and provides assistance or improvement to another person, place or thing. Mr. Michael Frye is our service learning coach (available on Mondays in the Career Center) click on Community Service Complete a minimum of 40 hours of Service Learning

11 A-G Subject Requirements for California State University (CSU) & University of California (UC) a. History/Social Science2 years b. English4 years c. Mathematics3 years d. Laboratory Science2 years e. Language other than English2 years f. Visual & Performing Arts1 year g. College Preparatory Elective1 year

12 NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association Students wishing to pursue athletics at any post-secondary institution must complete coursework with Cs or better. English4 years Advanced Math 3 years (Algebra or higher) Science 2 years, 1 year Lab Additional academic coursework in above areas 1 year History/Social Science 2 years Additional academic coursework in any category above or foreign language, non-doctrinal Religion or Philosophy 4 years Potential college athletes must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse during junior year. See Mr. Vann, Room 117 for additional information or visit

13 Use your resources Counselors Administrators Career Center Millikan web page Nurse Librarian


15 Campus Clubs/Organizations Get Involved! Options: Clubs Teams ASB elections Why is getting involved on campus important?

16 Hotbox Lockers We want YOUR suggestions and comments! Locations: 900 bldg 300 bldg 200 bldg

17 ASB RAM CARDS What is the RAM card? How do you benefit from selling RAM cards? $10 at the Bankers window

18 Bankers Window Place to purchase tickets to school events Must always present your current school I.D. for all purchases Have I.D. and money ready Accepts cash and money orders only, NO PERSONAL CHECKS! Open before school, nutrition, lunch, and after school

19 ASB Sticker Purchase an ASB Sticker for $25 cash Save up to $160! FREE Home Football Games! $35 off yearbook ads until end of October

20 Student Store Open before school 6:30 am, nutrition, lunch School Supplies: Spirit Items: Shirts, bumper stickers, foam fingers, key chains etc.

21 Millikan Awards Hall of Fame: Highest form of recognition, total evaluation of 4 years Medal of Merit Outstanding work during the whole year in a specific department 4.0 Award Seniors who have earned a un-weighted GPA of a 4.0 for all 4 years Top 40 Highest ranking students in senior class Medallion Award Awarded to seniors who have earned 250 or more credits

22 M Who: Start now, awarded Senior year What: Gold M 150 Blue M 200 Jeweled M 250 When: End of every semester Where: ASB room 643 to apply How: Perform service to school

23 Renaissance What is the Renaissance program? Achievement & attendance Receive prizes & rewards in a special assembly Certificate Levels: Gold3.8 GPA or above Silver3.79 -3.0 BronzeGPA improvement from last semester Blue Perfect Attendance White Exemplary attendance 1-2 excused absences

24 Millikans monthly newspaper published by the students. Please pick up a copy in the blue bins located around campus. Millikans monthly newspaper published by the students. Please pick up a copy in the blue bins located around campus. The Corydon welcomes all letters to the editor.

25 MHS ADMINISTRATION Co-PrincipalDr. Jeff Cornejo Co-PrincipalDon Keller Asst. PrincipalQUEST Dorian Eveland Asst. PrincipalCOMPASS / PEACE Ben Martinez Asst. PrincipalSTELLAR/MBA Guillermo Jimenez Asst. PrincipalGlobal Tech/KIUP Kaisha Irving Activities Director Bari Stevens-Chapman

26 Things You Should Know IDs ($1 for temporary $5 replacement) Should be out and around your neck Should be worn throughout the day Transportation Poly overflow students and QUEST students only! Questions – Mr. Jimenez Room 135 On Campus Supervision (OCS) Tardy or truant ACE Truancy Citations: Loitering, Fighting, Graffiti, Habitual Truancies

27 DEMERITS What Are They? Who Issues Them? Why Dont I Want Them? How Do I Clear Them?

28 ELECTRONIC DEVICES We encourage students to leave all electronic devices at home. The school will NOT be responsible for the loss or theft of any electronic devices. If you do choose to bring electronic devices, the following rules apply: Cellular Phones – May not be used any time while on campus. If it is activated it will be confiscated and a parent must retrieve it. IPODs – May be listened to at nutrition and lunch outside of the buildings only. If they are on in the buildings, they will be confiscated and a parent must retrieve it.

29 SKATEBOARDS Skateboards may not be carried on campus effective Wednesday, September 13 th. Students with skateboards must get a skateboard locker and place their skateboard and helmet in the locker immediately upon entering campus. Lockers are issued from Mr. Brown in the AV Room (Room 149) Students who have skateboards on campus after Wednesday, September 13 th will have them confiscated and a parent must come to the school to pick them up.

30 Uniform Policy TOPS White or navy blue collared shirt BOTTOMS Khaki or navy blue pants, shorts, skirts or capris OUTERWEAR Navy blue, white or gold DO NOT WEAR: Short skirts / shorts Bare midriffs Colored shirts Oversized T-shirts

31 UNIFORM VIOLATIONS / CONSEQUENCES Minor Violations First: One Hour Detention Second: One Hour Detention Third: ACE all day including nutrition and lunch Fourth: ACE all day including nutrition and lunch Fifth: Truancy Center Sixth: Truancy Center Seventh: Suspension *Parents will be contacted on each infraction

32 UNIFORM VIOLATIONS / CONSEQUENCES MAJOR VIOLATIONS First: ACE all day including lunch and nutrition Second: ACE all day including nutrition and lunch Third: Truancy Center Fourth: Truancy Center Fifth: Suspension

33 Academic Dishonesty Defined: – When a person turns in school work that is not his/her own. Examples: – Copying homework, copying tests, plagiarizing the work of others, giving answers to others, etc. Consequences: 1 st incident: Teacher call home, referral, 3 demerits, 0 on assignments, may receive a U for semester. 2 nd incident: Referral, 3-day suspension, 0 on assignment, U for semester 3 rd incident: Referral, RIA Placement Be Honest Respect Others!

34 Personal Responsibility Its an important year. Keep informed. Know your requirements Graduation requirements/ credits A-G requirements Read the Bulletin Remind your teachers to read the bulletin Bulletins are posted around campus and on the web

35 Questions??? Have a Great High School Career!

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