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Chelsea High School Registration

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1 Chelsea High School Registration 2015-2016
Principal: Mr. Wayne Trucks It’s a Great Day to be a Hornet!

2 Registration Guide Layout
Page 1: General Information Page 2: Rising 9th Grade Graduation Requirements Pages 3-4: Grade Point Average Information & Course Selection Recommendations

3 General Information (p.1)
Registration Process: Day 1 Counselor presentations in English classrooms Day 2-4 Complete course selection sheet with teacher signatures Day 3: Counselors available for student and parent questions (8-10am & 12:30-2:30pm) Day Turn in completed form ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Registration Dates to Remember: Week of Jan Registration with current 8th grade March-April Verification forms given to students and changes returned to Student Services with no fee April 13 - June Changes subject to administrator approval & $25 fee req After June No changes made

4 General Information (p.1)
Course selection sheets must be signed by both the student and the parent. Teachers will sign all course sheets. Students with less than the required average to sign up for core or foreign language classes will need a parent waiver. Please contact your child’s teacher via if you would like to discuss his or her recommendation. Students are required to choose AT LEAST two elective alternates in case of scheduling conflicts or else they will be chosen for them.

5 General Information (p.1)
Classes and teacher assignments are based upon the requests we receive. A registration verification form will be given out in March/April. Return these forms to Student Services only if you make any changes to your selections. No changes will be made by phone or . Mandatory schedule pick up will take place during the summer before school starts. Dates and times will be mailed with the last report card. AP courses: Any student registering for an AP (Advanced Placement) course is required to take the AP exam at the end of the year. Please see the Shelby County High School Academic Guide for more information.

6 General Information (p.1)
Eligibility requirements for extracurricular activities: Please check with your coach or sponsor to confirm that all grades earned meet the eligibility requirements. Valedictorian/Salutatorian: Only one student with the highest GPA will be named Valedictorian. The student with the next highest GPA will be named Salutatorian. All other students who attain a GPA of 4.0 or are in the top 5% of the graduating class will be considered Honor Graduates.

7 Graduation Requirements Rising 9th graders (p.2)
Alabama One Diploma 4 English 4 History 4 Math 4 Science 1 Physical Education ½ Health 1 Career Preparedness (Computer) 3 CTA Electives (Career Technology, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language) 2 ½ Additional Credits = 24 credits PLAN (10th)/ACT (11th)/WorkKeys (12th): Required PSAT is an optional test & it is recommended that students taking honors courses in the 9th-11th grades sign up for it.

8 Advanced Academic Endorsement (p.2)
(24 credits) Minimum of Algebra II with Trig Credit Chemistry 2 Years Foreign Language Credit (same language) Minimum of 2 AP courses with one in a core content (math, science, English, or history) or the equivalent (dual enrollment, dual credit, or IB)

9 Credits: Promotion and Graduation (p.2)
Students earn a ½ credit each semester for each class Sophomore: 6 credits Junior: credits Senior: 18 credits Graduate: 24 credits

10 Class Ranking and Grade Point Average (p.3)
Quality Points Earned Honors or Grade Scale Regular Dual Enrollment AP A (90-100) B (80-89) C (70-79) D (60-69) F (59 & below)

11 Cumulative GPA after 1st semester = 3.28
Course Grade Quality Points Pointed Awarded English 11 A 4 X 0.5 = 2 US History 11 B 3 X 0.5 = 1.5 Alg II w/Trig Zoology Elective Course Grade Quality Points Pointed Awarded English 11 AP B 4 X 0.5 = 2 US History 11 AP C 3 X 0.5 = 1.5 Alg II w/Trig Honors 2.5 X 0.5 = 1.25 AP Biology Elective GPA points Awarded = 11.5/3.5 Cumulative GPA after 1st semester = 3.28 GPA points Awarded = 11.25/3.5 Cumulative GPA after 1st semester = 3.21

12 Course Selections (p.3) Teachers will sign all course sheets. Students with less than the required average to sign up for a core or foreign language class will need a parent waiver. Please keep in mind that the recommendations are made in the best interest of the student’s academic success. Sign-up for 4 core classes and 3 electives (one must be PE Life or 2 yrs of Marching Band as its equivalent)


14 Please Stay Tuned! Please stay tuned for more information by monitoring Please note that there are some approximate lab and/or supply costs associated with some courses. Recommended math & science sequences, course descriptions, and approximate costs will be available in the detailed registration guide your student will receive next week.

15 Student Services Counselors Registrar
Kadrian Delaine 9th grade Janice Maddox 10th & 11th grade Farrah Fowler 12th grade Registrar Wanda Ingram

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