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Welcome Class of 2011. Chino High Four Year Plan Mr. Lasseter: A-C Mrs. Gibbs: D - G Ms. Heisel: H - N Mrs. Prieto: O - S Mrs. Purcell: T- W, AVID Mrs.

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome Class of 2011. Chino High Four Year Plan Mr. Lasseter: A-C Mrs. Gibbs: D - G Ms. Heisel: H - N Mrs. Prieto: O - S Mrs. Purcell: T- W, AVID Mrs."— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome Class of 2011

2 Chino High Four Year Plan Mr. Lasseter: A-C Mrs. Gibbs: D - G Ms. Heisel: H - N Mrs. Prieto: O - S Mrs. Purcell: T- W, AVID Mrs. Harris: X – Z and Special Education Ms. Levy: ELD and Redesignated

3 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Credits (225) Courses (subject requirements) CAHSEE (Exit Exam: English/Math) 2.0 Grade Point Average Requirement

4 SUBJECT AND CREDIT REQUIREMENTS English (40 Credits) Mathematics (30 Credits) Biological Science (10 Credits) Physical Science (10 Credits) Physical Education (20 Credits) World Civilizations (10 Credits) U.S. History (10 Credits)

5 SUBJECT AND CREDIT REQUIREMENTS cont. U.S. Government (10 Credits) Visual/Performing Arts (20 Credits) OR Foreign Language Economics (5 Credits) Social Awareness (5 Credits) Electives (55 Credits)

6 ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT Total/Cumulative GPA (grade point average earned for all high school courses) Academic GPA 9-12 (grade point average for all core high school courses during 9th through 12 th grade except Physical Education) Academic GPA 10-12 (Most commonly used grade point average for colleges- includes all high school courses after the 9 th grade year except P.E., used to determine eligibility for CAL Grant)

7 RANK IN CLASS Class Rank- Numerical position from the top of the class based upon the Total Weighted GPA 10 – 12 Rank- Numerical position from the top of class based upon Weighted GPA during grades 10 th through 12th AP courses are weighted

8 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES UC’s, CSU’s, and most other universities –“A-G” includes College Prep and higher level courses, grades must be C or better –4 Yrs. of English –3 Yrs. of Math (through Algebra 2) –1 Yr. of US History –1 Yr. of World Civilizations

9 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES cont. 2 Yrs. of Laboratory Science (one Physical and one Biological) 2 Yrs. of Foreign Language 1 Yr. of Visual/ Performing Arts 1 Yr. of Approved Electives

10 COMMUNITY COLLEGES 109 Campuses – Mt. Sac, Chaffey, Citrus Transfer Program to UC’s/ CSU’s/ Independent Colleges Certificate Programs Honor Programs

11 COLLEGE WEBSITES www.csumentor.eduwww.csumentor

12 COLLEGE TESTING PSAT (Oct. 2008) SAT Reasoning Test – 11th or 12th grade SAT Subject Tests – two required for UC ACT – 11th or 12th (optional essay required for UC) Major Universities accept either the ACT (w/writing) or the SAT

13 SPECIAL INTEREST AREAS AVID ACT Academy Certificate Program Regional Occupational Program Work Experience Adult Education Summer School Off-Campus Lunch Policy

14 ACADEMIC RECOGNITION California Scholarship Federation National Honor Society Academic Letter Renaissance Graduate with Honors Bright Prospect Scholar

15 HONORS ADVANCED PLACEMENT Why are these important?

16 Honors/Advanced Placement Graduate with Honors Program English 9H, 10H, English 11AP, 12AP Biology H, Chemistry H, Physics AP Foreign Language 3H, 4AP, 5AP W Civ H, History AP, Gov AP, Econ H Studio Art AP Alg 2 H, Trig H, Calculus AP, Stats AP

17 COLLEGE AND CAREER CENTER College Speakers Financial Aid/Scholarship Bulletins Catalogs Career Development/Research Employment/Volunteer Opportunities PSAT, SAT, ACT Information ASVAB

18 Financial Aid/Scholarships Scholarship Bulletins – Each month in Career Center, 2 nd period announcements Research on-line:,, Cal Grants – Senior Year FAFSA – After Jan. 1 st, senior year

19 Four Year Plan Worksheet Circle courses Consider post high school goals: universities require college prep., honors or advanced placement courses Consider school activities: ASB, Choir, Band, Theater, Yearbook, AVID, Athletics, Agriculture Courses

20 9 th Grade/10 th Grade Circle current courses and first semester courses 10 th grade: Select English, Biology, Math, P.E., World Civ., one elective Math Sequence Alg. A to Alg. B Alg. 1 to Geometry Geom. to Alg. 2/H Alg. 2 leads to Trig/Pre-cal

21 10 th grade continued Science – Choose Bio. C.P./H. or regular IPS in 9 th leads to Chemistry/H English – Choose 10 C.P./H/ELD or Reading Social Science – Choose W. Civ/H P.E. – P.E. 10/Band P.E./ Modified or Athletic P.E. Elective – AVID, Band, Choir, Foreign Language, other elective programs, courses

22 11 th Grade English 11, 11CP, 11AP, Reading, ELD U.S. History, History AP Math Chemistry/H or Biology or Earth/Physical Choose two electives (foreign language, Athletic PE, AVID and other courses)

23 12 th Grade English 12, 12CP, 12AP, Reading, ELD U.S. Government, Gov. AP Economics, Econ. H Three electives ROP/Free Period/Work Experience/TA

24 Stay Connected Instant Grade Checks/Attendance Reports Teacher Reports: Call Counseling Office Counselor Conferences: Call for appointments Back To School, Conference Nights Grade Alert

25 Student Resources Tutoring After school help by teacher Daily Math Tutoring – Room M-22 S panish c.d. – library resource Counseling Peer Leadership Chino Human Services Counselor


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