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8 th Grade Parent Meeting If promotion was today…my student would not be able to participate…

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1 8 th Grade Parent Meeting If promotion was today…my student would not be able to participate…

2 Eligibility for Promotion and End of the Year Activities All students must have: 2.0 GPA with no Fs 2 nd Semester (includes PE and Elective) 2.0 Citizenship with no Us 2 nd Semester (Includes Advisory) No Suspensions 2 nd Semester No Truancies 2 nd Semester No more that 12 Tardies all year No Library Fines

3 How were students/parents notified? It is in the school planner (parent/student signature page) The planner was reviewed in every advisory in September Students were told at the grade level assembly to discuss expectations in September Counselor reminded students in February when they met with the high school VP and Dean went into every 8 th grade History in February to review and gave each student a copy Letter mailed to all parents in February with signature pg Ineligible letter mailed first week of May, sent letter home with students same week and met with students.

4 Time Line June 6: End of 12 weeks June 11: 12 week progress report sent home with students (mailed June 13) Second round of ineligible letters (June 16) Pink Progress Report: June 30 th (students responsibility) Final day for to submit work to teacher to be eligible is July 3 rd Students will be notified beginning July 9 if eligible or not Promotion July 18 at 5:00 pm

5 Supports Homework Center Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays afterschool from 4-5 pm (late bus available for bus students) Room 54 Tuesday and Thursday math support during 8 th grade lunch in the library with college tutors AVID Academy/Saturday School (see dates) Teacher Office Hours (see blue form)

6 AVID Academy/Saturday School AVID Academy is on specific Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Students must arrive by 8:00 and can not leave early to get credit Dates: May 31, June 7, June 21, and June 28) Students can get help with school work and make up tardies and absences.

7 Tardies Students may not have more than 12 tardies all year Students can make up 4 tardies by attending AVID Academy/Saturday School AVID Please remind students that when they clear a tardy they can not continue to get tardies at school. After June 28, there are NO more opportunities to clear tardies before promotion.

8 Library Fines Check with Librarian on Tuesday or Thursdays in the library. Debts must be cleared by July 3 rd. If a lot of money is owed, students may work off their debt around campus. (min. wage)

9 End of the year Activities to look forward to…. Yearbook Signing Party (Provided by Yearbook) 8 th Grade Awards Ceremony Tuesday, July 15 at 6:00 pm Bowling Activity (Provided by ASB) Promotion Practice July 14-18 from 9-10 each day. Promotion Friday July 18 form 5:00-6:30 pm 8 th Grade Breakfast and Slide Show July 21 (Provided by ASB and Admin.)

10 High School Reminder To play fall sports, be in ROTC, and other clubs/activities, 8 th grade students must have a 2.0 GPA and 2.0 Citizenship on the final report card for middle school to participate. Any student that has an D or F in English or Math at the end of middle school may be placed in a support class and they will not get an elective.

11 Other Resources Copy of the Letter Pink Paper: Report Card Dates Blue Paper: Teacher Office Hours Teacher Contact List Counselor: Lexi Schad 858-397-6750 ext. 2005/ aschad@sandi.net858-397-6750 ext. 2005/ Dean of Students: Ian Schweikert: 858- 397-6750 ext. 2006/ ischweikert@sandi.net858- 397-6750 ext.

12 Questions? Thank you for coming!

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