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California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Invited Joint Briefing to UCSD CONNECT & the San Diego Telecom Council La Jolla,

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1 California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Invited Joint Briefing to UCSD CONNECT & the San Diego Telecom Council La Jolla, CA January 25, 2001 By Larry Smarr, Director, Cal-(IT) 2

2 Wireless Access--Anywhere, Anytime Broadband to the Home and Small Businesses Vast Increase in Internet End Points –Embedded Processors –Sensors and Actuators –Information Appliances Highly Parallel Light Waves Through Fiber Emergence of a Distributed Planetary Computer –Storage everywhere –Scalable computing power The all optical fibersphere in the center finds its complement in the wireless ethersphere on the edge of the network. --George Gilder The Emerging Brilliant Cloud A Mobile Internet Powered by a Planetary Computer

3 The Internet is Poised to Move Throughout the Physical World Radio (1940s) Internet (1990s)

4 Layered Software Approach to Building the Planetary Grid Science Portals & Workbenches Twenty-First Century Applications Computational Services PerformancePerformance Networking, Devices and Systems Grid Services (resource independent ) Grid Fabric (resource dependent) Access Services & Technology Access Grid Computational Grid Edited by Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman A source book for the history of the future -- Vint Cerf

5 The Era of Guerilla Infrastructure Guerilla vs. Commercial Infrastructure –Bottom Up –Completely Decentralized –Self-Assembling –Use at Your Own Risk –Paves the Way for Commercial Deployment Examples –NSFnet Internet –NCSA Mosaic Web –Napster Peer-to-Peer Storage –SETI@home Peer-to-Peer Computing –IEEE 802.11 Broadband Wireless Internet

6 UC San Diego and UC Irvine California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology New Funding Model (4 Years) –State $100M –Industry $140M –Private $30 M –Campus $30M –Federal $100-200M (anticipated) –Total $400-500M Institute Directors –Larry Smarr (UCSD), Institute Director –Ron Graham (UCSD), Institute Chief Scientist –Ramesh Rao, Director, UCSD Division –Peter Rentzepis, Director, UCI Division

7 A Broad Partnership Response from the Private Sector Akamai Boeing Broadcom AMCC CAIMIS Compaq Conexant Copper Mountain Emulex Enterprise Partners VC Entropia Ericsson Global Photon IBM IdeaEdge Ventures Intersil Irvine Sensors Leap Wireless Litton Industries MedExpert Merck Microsoft Mission Ventures NCR Newport Corporation Orincon Panoram Technologies Printronix QUALCOMM Quantum R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical RI SAIC SciFrame Seagate Storage Silicon Wave Sony STMicroelectronics Sun Microsystems TeraBurst Networks Texas Instruments UCSD Healthcare The Unwired Fund WebEx Computers Communications Software Sensors Biomedical Startups Venture Firms

8 Elements of the Cal -(IT) 2 Industrial Partnerships Endowed Chairs for Professors Start-Up Support for Young Faculty Graduate Student Fellowships Research and Academic Professionals Sponsored Research Programs Equipment Donations for Cal-(IT) 2 and Campus Named Laboratories in new Institute Buildings Pro Bono Services and Software

9 Complex Problems Require a New Research and Education Framework 220 UCSD & UCI Faculty Working in Multidisciplinary Teams With Students, Industry, and the Community

10 Novel Materials and Devices are Needed in Every Part of the New Internet Materials and Devices Team, UCSD New Clean Room Facilites at Both Campuses

11 Creating Tiny and Inexpensive Wireless Internet Sensors Combining… Fluids Stresses and Strains Optics and Lasers UCI Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 0.1 millimeter 100,000 nanometers

12 Cal -(IT) 2 Researchers Will Focus on Semiconductor System Chips Two Trends: –Increasing Use of Embedded Intelligence –Networking of Embedded Intelligence In Ten Years: –The Big: eg., Terabit Optical Core, Gigabit Wireless,... –The Small: eg., Pervasive Self-powered Sensor Motes –The Cheap: eg., One-Cent Radios –Short-range (10-100m), Low Power (10nJ/bit), Low Bit Rate (1-100kbps) The Consequence: –Smart Spaces, Intelligent Interfaces, Ad Hoc Networks Source: Rajesh Gupta, UCI Center for Embedded Computer Systems

13 Goal: Design of Configurable Wireless Embedded Sensing/Computing/Communicating Appliances Protocol Stacks SoC Design Methodologies Sw/Silicon/MEMS Implementation Memory Protocol Processors DSP RF Reconf. Logic Wireless RTOS Network Physical Data Link Transport Applications sensors Protocols Sw/Hw/Sensor/RF Co-design Reconfiguration Internet Source: Sujit Dey, UCSD ECE

14 Nanotechnology Is Becoming Essential for Photonics Source: UCSD Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics Group, Shaya Fainman

15 Near Term Fiber Optics Goal: Build an International Lambda Grid Establish PACI High Performance Network –SDSC to NCSA to PSC LambdaNet Link to: –State Dark Fiber –Metropolitan Optical Switched Networks –Campus Optical Grids –International Optical Research Networks NSF Fund Missing Dark Fiber Links For: –Scientific Applications –Network Research

16 From Telephone Conference Calls to Access Grid International Video Meetings Access Grid Lead-Argonne NSF STARTAP Lead-UICs Elec. Vis. Lab Linking Researchers with IP Multicast from UCSD, UCI and Partners

17 Bridging Internet Data Collection and Theoretical Scaling Analysis Network Graph Theory –Sparse –Clustered –Hierarchical –Power Laws Goal –IT First Principles –Quantitative Laws –Verify Against Reality –Use for Optimal Design 100,000 nodes Colored by Node IP Address Bill Cheswick, Lucent Bell Labs and Hal Burch, CMU Fan Chung Graham, UCSD

18 CWC Brings Deep Wireless Expertise to the Heart of The Institute Broadband Wireless LOW-POWERED CIRCUITRY ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION COMMUNICATION THEORY COMMUNICATION NETWORKS MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS RF Mixed A/D ASIC Materials Smart Antennas Adaptive Arrays Modulation Channel Coding Multiple Access Compression Architecture Media Access Scheduling End-to-End QoS Hand-Off Changing Environment Protocols Multi-Resolution Center for Wireless Communications

19 Broadband Wireless Internet is Here Today Create Wireless Internet Watering Holes –Ad Hoc IEEE 802.11 Domains –Real Broadband--11 mbps Going to 54 mbps –Home, Neighborhoods, Office –MobileStar--Admiral Clubs, Major Hotels, Restaurants, … –UCSDKey Campus Buildings, Dorms, Coffee Shops… Upsides –Ease of Use –Unlicensed so Anyone can Be a Wireless ISP –Will Accelerate InnovationLiving in the Future Downsides –Not Secure –Shared Bandwidth –Short Range Coverage The future is already here, its just not evenly distributed William Gibson, Author of Neuromancer

20 ½ Mile Commodity Internet, Internet2 High-speed WAN (OC48+) Remote Wireless Data Ingestion Campus Wireless The UCSD Living Laboratory Fiber, Wireless, Compute, Data, Software SIO SDSC CS Chem Med Eng. / Cal-(IT) 2 Hosp High-speed optical core 8 Gigabit now 80 Gigabit in 18 months 1 Terabit in 36 Months Source: Phil Pap

21 Web Interface to Grid Computing The NPACI GridPort Architecture 802.11b Wireless Interactive Access to: State of Computer Job Status Application Codes

22 Cal-(IT)2 Will Bring the Southern High Tech Coast into Cyberspace Partnering with: –UCSD SDSC –UCSD SIO –UCI ITS Add Wireless Sensor Array Build GIS Data Focus on: –Pollution –Water Cycle –Earthquakes –Bridges –Traffic –Policy Huntington Beach Mission Bay San Diego Bay UCSD UCI High Tech Coast

23 The High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network Cal-(IT)2 Will Build on This Pioneering Experiment Add New Science Sensor Arrays Instrument Civil Infrastructure Try Out New Wireless Technologies Data Analysis Outreach and Education NSF Funded PI, Hans-Werner Braun, SDSC Co-PI, Frank Vernon, SIO 45mbps Duplex Backbone

24 The Wireless Internet Adds Bio-Chemical-Physical Sensors to the Grid From Experiments to Wireless Infrastructure Scripps Institution of Oceanography San Diego Supercomputer Center Cal-(IT) 2 Building on Pioneering Work of Hans-Werner Braun & Frank Vernon Source: John Orcutt, SIO

25 Bringing the Civil Infrastructure Online New Bay Bridge Tower with Lateral Shear Links Wireless Sensor Arrays Linked to Crisis Management Control Rooms Source: UCSD Structural Engineering Dept.

26 Gradually Our Bodies Will Move On-Line Example of New SensorsIsraeli Video Pill –Battery, Light, Video Camera –Wireless Transmitter –Images Stored on Hip Next StepPutting You On-Line! –Key Metabolic and Physical Variables –Model -- Dozens of Embedded Processors Inside of our Vehicles –Why Do Airplanes Have Black Boxes and Our Bodies Dont? Post-Genomic Individualized Medicine –Combine Your Genetic Code with Your Bodys Data Flow –Use Powerful AI Data Mining Techniques

27 Cal-(IT) 2 Will Pioneer Links Between Art, Technology, & Science UCSD

28 Broadband Will Connect 30 Million Homes and Small Businesses in Three Years PCs Always On High Bandwidth Access Corporate Drivers –Ford Motor Co. is Buying Home PCs for All its Employees –IBM Is Using SBC to Supply 12,000 Employees with Home DSL Internet Connections Stage is Set for Explosion of Internet Computing –Tie PCs Together as Virtual Megacomputer Source: Kinetic Strategies Inc., Gilder Technology Report Pioneer Consulting

29 SETI@home Demonstrated that PC Internet Computing Could Grow to Megacomputers Running on 500,000 PCs, ~1000 CPU Years per Day –Over Half a Million CPU Years so far! –22 Teraflops sustained 24x7 Sophisticated Data & Signal Processing Analysis Distributes Datasets from Arecibo Radio Telescope Next Step- Allen Telescope Array Arecibo Radio Telescope

30 Evolving Drugs to Match Evolving AIDS Virus Varying Both Target Molecules and Target Proteins AutoDock Application Software Has Been Downloaded to Over 10,000 PCs In Silico Drug Design Art Olson, TSRI

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