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The Coming Transformation of the Internet Invited Talk to Mission Ventures Annual Meeting for Investors The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, CA March 20, 2001.

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1 The Coming Transformation of the Internet Invited Talk to Mission Ventures Annual Meeting for Investors The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, CA March 20, 2001

2 Governor Davis Created New Institutes for Science, Innovation, and Tech Transfer UCSB UCLA The California NanoSystems Institute UCSF UCB The California Institute for Bioengineering, Biotechnology, and Quantitative Biomedical Research UCI UCSD The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technologies

3 The Internet is Poised to Move Throughout the Physical World Radio (1940s) Internet (1990s)

4 Wireless Access--Anywhere, Anytime Broadband to the Home and Small Businesses Vast Increase in Internet End Points –Embedded Processors –Sensors and Actuators –Information Appliances Highly Parallel Light Waves Through Fiber Emergence of a Distributed Planetary Computer –Storage of Data Everywhere –Scalable Computing Power Beyond Todays Internet

5 Complex Problems Require a New Research and Education Framework 220 UCSD & UCI Faculty Working in Multidisciplinary Teams With Students, Industry, and the Community The State Provides $100 M For New Buildings and Equipment

6 A Broad Partnership Response from the Private Sector Akamai Boeing Broadcom AMCC CAIMIS Compaq Conexant Copper Mountain Emulex Enterprise Partners VC Entropia Ericsson Global Photon IBM IdeaEdge Ventures Intersil Irvine Sensors Leap Wireless Litton Industries MedExpert Merck Microsoft Mission Ventures NCR Newport Corporation Orincon Panoram Technologies Printronix QUALCOMM Quantum R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical RI SAIC SciFrame Seagate Storage Silicon Wave Sony STMicroelectronics Sun Microsystems TeraBurst Networks Texas Instruments UCSD Healthcare The Unwired Fund WebEx Computers Communications Software Sensors Biomedical Startups Venture Firms $140 M Match From Industry

7 The UCSD Cal-(IT) 2 Building The Capstone of the Engineering Quad Occupancy 2004 220,000 Gross SF Integrate Cross-Cutting Teams Nanofabrication Clean Rooms Telecommunications Labs Advanced Visualization Antenna Farm Students, Students, Students

8 ½ Mile Commodity Internet, Internet2 High-speed WAN (OC48+) Link UCSD and UCI Campus Wireless The UCSD Living Grid Laboratory Fiber, Wireless, Compute, Data, Software SIO SDSC CS Chem Med Eng. / Cal-(IT) 2 Hosp High-speed optical core 8 Gigabit now 80 Gigabit in 18 months 1 Terabit in 36 Months Source: Phil Papadopoulos

9 Layered Software Approach to Building the Planetary Grid Science Portals & Workbenches Twenty-First Century Applications Computational Services PerformancePerformance Networking, Devices and Systems Grid Services (resource independent ) Grid Fabric (resource dependent) Access Services & Technology Access Grid Computational Grid Edited by Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman A source book for the history of the future -- Vint Cerf

10 From Telephone Conference Calls to Access Grid International Video Meetings Access Grid Lead-Argonne NSF STARTAP Lead-UICs Elec. Vis. Lab Creating a Virtual Global Research Lab Institute First Node at SDSC

11 The Perfect Storm: Convergence of Engineering with BioMed, Physics, & IT 5 nanometers Human Rhinovirus IBM Quantum Corral Iron Atoms on Copper 400x Magnification From MEMS to Nanotech VCSELaser 500x Magnification 2 mm Nanogen MicroArray

12 Goal: Design of Configurable Wireless Embedded Sensing/Computing/Communicating Appliances Protocol Stacks SoC Design Methodologies Sw/Silicon/MEMS Implementation Memory Protocol Processors DSP RF Reconf. Logic Wireless RTOS Network Physical Data Link Transport Applications sensors Protocols Sw/Hw/Sensor/RF Co-design Reconfiguration Internet Source: Sujit Dey, UCSD ECE

13 As Our Bodies Move On-Line Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Merge New SensorsIsraeli Video Pill –Battery, Light, & Video Camera –Images Stored on Hip Device Next StepPutting You On-Line! –Key Metabolic and Physical Variables –Wireless Internet Transmission –Model -- Dozens of 25 Processors and 60 Sensors / Actuators Inside of our Cars Post-Genomic Individualized Medicine –Combine Your Genetic Code & Imaging, with Your Bodys Data Flow –Use Powerful AI Data Mining Techniques

14 Augmented Reality Requires Overlaying the Physical and Cyber Realities Source: Virginia Tech/Univ. Illinois, MIT, Univ Washington, UCSD

15 Can Use of These Technologies Help Us Avoid the Downsides of Prolonged Growth? Add Wireless Sensor Array Build GIS Data Focus on: –Pollution –Water Cycle –Earthquakes –Bridges –Traffic –Policy Work with the Community to Adapt to Growth Huntington Beach Mission Bay San Diego Bay UCSD UCI High Tech Coast

16 The Future Will Not Resemble the Past The emergence of Peer-to-Peer computing signifies a revolution in connectivity that will be as profound to the Internet of future as Mosaic was to the Web of the past. --Patrick Gelsinger, VP and CTO, Intel Corp.

17 Entropias Planetary Computer Grew to a Teraflop in Only Two Years Deployed in Over 80 Countries The Great Mersenne Prime (2 P -1) Search (GIMPS) Found the First Million Digit Prime Eight 1000p IBM Blue Horizons!

18 Companies Competing for Leadership in Internet Computing Intel Establishes Peer-to-Peer Working Group

19 Enterprise Distributed Computing HP Gets It "Or what about at work? When hundreds of ordinary desktop computers can be coupled together on a regular basis... maybe every night... to make their excess capacity available as a service to create a virtual supercomputer for demanding engineering and design tasks. This is what services- based computing is about. -- Carly Fiorina at Networld + Interop Speech, September 26th 2000


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