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In a Decade Vast SensorNets Will Feed Optical Core The Big –Terabit Optical Internet Core –Gigabit Wireless Streams The Small –Pervasive Self-Powered Sensor.

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1 In a Decade Vast SensorNets Will Feed Optical Core The Big –Terabit Optical Internet Core –Gigabit Wireless Streams The Small –Pervasive Self-Powered Sensor Motes The Cheap –One-Cent Radios Source: Rajesh Gupta, UCI Center for Embedded Computer Systems The all optical fibersphere in the center finds its complement in the wireless ethersphere on the edge of the network. – George Gilder

2 The Next Wave of the Internet Will Extend IP Throughout the Physical World Materials and Devices Team, UCSD This is the Research Context for the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

3 The UCSD Cal-(IT) 2 Building in 2004 Will Provide Nanofabrication Facilities for Photonics

4 Optically Linked High Resolution Data Analysis and Crisis Management Facilities Large-Scale Immersive Displays –Panoram Technology Fiber Links Between SIO, SDSC, SDSU –Cox Communication Optical Switching –TeraBurst Networks Driven by Data-Intensive Applications –Seismic and Civil Infrastructure –Water Environmental System Integrate Access Grid for Collaboration SDSC SIO

5 ½ Mile Commodity Internet, Internet2 CENICs ONI, Cal-REN2, Dig. Cal. PACI Distributed Terascale Facility Wireless LANs The UCSD Living Grid Laboratory Fiber, Wireless, Compute, Data, Software SIO SDSC CS Chem Med Eng. / Cal-(IT) 2 Hosp High-speed optical core Source: Phil Papadopoulos, SDSC Wireless WAN

6 Dynamic Growth in Mobile Internet Forecast of Internet users worldwide 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 2,000 1999200020012002200320042005 Mobile Internet Fixed Internet Subscribers (millions) 3G Adds Mobility, QoS, and High Speeds Source: Ericsson

7 Text/SMS Text/Mail ImagesMMS VideoDownload VideoSteaming The Promise of 3G Driving the Optical Core with Billions of New Internet Sources Source: Ericsson Consumers are 80% of 2G Usage Corporations are Supposed to be 80% of Early 3G 3G Is Estimated to Grow From 1.3% of the Wireless Market in 2002 to 23% in 2007

8 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80% Mobile Penetration SMSs/subs/month Finland Norway Germany Italy Portugal Greece UK France Sweden Spain SMS growth in Europe - Metcalfe's law in action Source: Nokia

9 The Era of Guerilla Infrastructure Guerilla vs. Commercial Infrastructure –Bottom Up –Completely Decentralized –Self-Assembling –Use at Your Own Risk –Paves the Way for Commercial Deployment Examples –NSFnet Internet –NCSA Mosaic Web –Napster Peer-to-Peer Storage –SETI@home Peer-to-Peer Computing –IEEE 802.11 Broadband Wireless Internet –LamdbaGrid Global LambdaNet ??

10 Broadband Wireless Internet is Here Today Local Area Wireless Internet Watering Holes –Ad Hoc IEEE 802.11 Domains –Real Broadband--11 mbps Going to 54 mbps –Security and Authentication can be Added –But, it is Shared and Local –MobileStar--Admiral Clubs, Starbucks, Major Hotels, … Wide Area InternetCDMA20001xEV –Peak is 2.4 Mbps downstream, 307 kbps Upstream –Average is 600 kbps upstream, 220 kbps down –Extends CDMA Cellular/PCS Voice to IP Packet Data –UCSD Has Antennas Working With Several Mile Coverage

11 Elektrosmog is the Embodiment of 3G Skepticism Founded in Stockholm on August 30, 2000, Elektrosmog is a discussion group for public, wireless access to the Internet over non-telecom networks, such as the Wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11b. Membership is open and doesn't cost anything. The project grew out of a skepticism towards the claims of the telecom industry regarding the usefulness and success of the future "third generation mobile telephone systems" as the only means to implement "the wireless Internet". This skepticism culminated in the fall of 2000 with the European telecom operators' applications for radio frequency bandwidth for the future UMTS networks. We envision a cloud of free Internet connectivity that will cover most inhabited areas. The coverage might be spotty, vary over time, and be hard to control or predict, just like a fog or smog. 369 members as of June 1, 2001

12 Will The Planned Global Rollout of 3G Proceed as Planned? Lack of 3G Global Standardization –Constrains Economies of Scale The Economics of Telecom –The Huge Debt Load –The Investment in 3G Buildout –Is There a Business Case to Recoup? Technological Breakouts –IEEE 802.11 Buildout –3G Data Only Can Deploy Now (CDMA20001xEV) –Will They Skim the Cream of the 3G Market?

13 The High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network Cal-(IT)2 Will Build on This Pioneering Experiment Add New Research Sensor Arrays Instrument Civil Infrastructure Try Out New Wireless Technologies Data Analysis Outreach and Education NSF Funded PI, Hans-Werner Braun, SDSC, UCSD Co-PI, Frank Vernon, SIO, UCSD 45mbps Duplex Backbone

14 Adding Brilliance to Wireless Sensors With Systems-on-Chip Memory Protocol Processors DSP RF Reconf. Logic Applications sensors Internet Source: Sujit Dey, UCSD ECE

15 Wireless Sensors Will Allow Instrumentation of Critical Civil Infrastructure New Bay Bridge Tower with Lateral Shear Links Cal-(IT) 2 Will Develop and Install Wireless Sensor Arrays Linked to Crisis Management Control Rooms Source: UCSD Structural Engineering Dept.

16 Wireless Sensors Allow Your Body to Become an Internet Data Source Next StepPutting You On-Line! –Wireless Internet Transmission –Key Metabolic and Physical Variables –Model -- Dozens of 25 Processors and 60 Sensors / Actuators Inside of our Cars Post-Genomic Individualized Medicine –Combine –Genetic Code –Body Data Flow –Use Powerful AI Data Mining Techniques

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