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Cal-(IT) 2 – The Impact on San Diego and the High Tech Coast Invited Talk for the University of The Third Age University of San Diego San Diego, CA January.

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1 Cal-(IT) 2 – The Impact on San Diego and the High Tech Coast Invited Talk for the University of The Third Age University of San Diego San Diego, CA January 24, 2001 By Larry Smarr, Director, Cal-(IT) 2

2 The Emerging Concept of an Information Power Grid

3 Wireless Access--Anywhere, Anytime Broadband to the Home and Small Businesses Vast Increase in Internet End Points –Embedded Processors –Sensors and Actuators –Information Appliances Highly Parallel Light Waves Through Fiber Emergence of a Planetary Computer The all optical fibersphere in the center finds its complement in the wireless ethersphere on the edge of the network. --George Gilder The Emerging Information Power Grid A Mobile Internet Powered by a Planetary Computer

4 The Internet is Poised to Move Throughout the Physical World Radio (1940s) Internet (1990s)

5 UC San Diego and UC Irvine California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology 220 Faculty and Senior Researchers New Funding Model (4 Years) –State $100M –Industry $140M –Private $30 M –Campus $30M –Federal $100-200M –Total $400-500M One of Three Awarded

6 Our Faculty and Students will Work with Industrial Partners of All Sizes and Interests Akamai Boeing Broadcom AMCC CAIMIS Compaq Conexant Copper Mountain Emulex Enterprise Partners VC Entropia Ericsson Global Photon IBM IdeaEdge Ventures Intersil Irvine Sensors Leap Wireless Litton Industries MedExpert Merck Microsoft Mission Ventures NCR Newport Corporation Orincon Panoram Technologies Printronix QUALCOMM Quantum R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical RI SAIC SciFrame Seagate Storage Silicon Wave Sony STMicroelectronics Sun Microsystems TeraBurst Networks Texas Instruments UCSD Healthcare The Unwired Fund WebEx Over 40 Companies Committing Over $140 Million In Four Years! Computers Communications Software Sensors Biomedical Startups Venture Firms

7 Creating Tiny and Inexpensive Wireless Internet Sensors Combining… Fluids Stresses and Strains Optics and Lasers UCI Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 0.1 millimeter 100,000 nanometers

8 Nanotechnology Blurs the Distinction Between Biology and Physics 50 nanometers Human Rhinovirus IBM Quantum Corral Iron Atoms on Copper

9 Microscopes Can Be Used For Creating Nanoscale Devices Source: Lyding, Brady 2 nanometers UIUC Beckman Institute and NCSA Early 1990s Scanning Tunneling Microscope

10 Cal-(IT) 2 Will Bring the Southern High Tech Coast into Cyberspace Pollution Water Cycle Earthquakes Traffic Huntington Beach Mission Bay San Diego Bay UCSD UCI High Tech Coast

11 The High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network Cal-(IT)2 Will Build on This Pioneering Experiment Add New Science Sensor Arrays Instrument Civil Infrastructure Try Out New Wireless Technologies Data Analysis Outreach and Education NSF Funded PI, Hans-Werner Braun, SDSC Co-PI, Frank Vernon, SIO 45mbps Duplex Backbone

12 Wireless Antennas Anchor Network High Speed Backbone Source: Hans-Werner Braun, SDSC

13 The Wireless Internet Adds Bio-Chemical-Physical Sensors to the Grid From Experiments to Wireless Infrastructure Scripps Institution of Oceanography San Diego Supercomputer Center Cal-(IT) 2 Building on the High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network Source: John Orcutt, SIO

14 The Wireless Internet Will Improve the Safety of Californias 25,000 Bridges New Bay Bridge Tower with Lateral Shear Links Cal-(IT) 2 Will Develop and Install Wireless Sensor Arrays Linked to Crisis Management Control Rooms Source: UCSD Structural Engineering Dept.

15 Pervasive Computing Means Overlaying the Physical and Cyber Realities Source: Virginia Tech/Univ. Illinois, MIT, Univ Washington, UCSD

16 From Telephone Conference Calls to Access Grid International Video Meetings Access Grid Lead-Argonne NSF STARTAP Lead-UICs Elec. Vis. Lab Linking Researchers from UCSD, UCI and Partners

17 Cal-(IT) 2 Will Pioneer Links Between Art, Technology, & Science UCSD

18 Gradually Our Bodies Will Move On-Line Example: Israeli Video Pill Wireless Colonoscopy

19 Broadband Will Connect 30 Million Homes and Small Businesses in Three Years PCs Always On High Bandwidth Access Corporate Drivers –Ford Motor Co. is Buying Home PCs for All its Employees –IBM Is Using SBC to Supply 12,000 Employees with Home DSL Internet Connections Stage is Set for Explosion of Internet Computing –Tie PCs Together as Virtual Megacomputer Source: Kinetic Strategies Inc., Gilder Technology Report Pioneer Consulting

20 SETI@home Demonstrated that PC Internet Computing Could Grow to Megacomputers Running on 500,000 PCs, ~1000 CPU Years per Day –Over Half a Million CPU Years so far! –22 Teraflops sustained 24x7 Sophisticated Data & Signal Processing Analysis Distributes Datasets from Arecibo Radio Telescope Next Step- Allen Telescope Array Arecibo Radio Telescope

21 The Rush to Create Distributed Computing Applications Time Magazine October 16, 2000

22 Evolving Drugs to Match Evolving AIDS Virus Varying Both Target Molecules and Target Proteins AutoDock Application Software Has Been Downloaded to Over 10,000 PCs In Silico Drug Design Art Olson, TSRI

23 Why Will a Million Processor Computer Be Different? Individual Processors Running at Gigaflops –One Million Means a Collective Petaflops –One Petaflops is Roughly a Human Brain-Second –Morovec-Intelligent Robots and Mind Transferral –Koza-Genetic Programming –Kurzweil-The Age of Spiritual Machines –Joy-Humans an Endangered Species? Will the Grid Become Self- –Organizing –Powered –Aware?

24 Things Are About to Get Very Interesting…

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