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Session2 Discussion for Future Planning (Course/Events) AI3 Tokyo Meeting June 20, 2003.

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1 Session2 Discussion for Future Planning (Course/Events) AI3 Tokyo Meeting June 20, 2003

2 Agenda Request based lectures Human Resource Development Collaboration Program in Asia Discussion

3 Current Scheduled Lectures July 2 nd, 2003 Interactive Discussion on Distance Education 16:00 -18:00? Lecture from Japan to SOIASIA partners

4 Request based courses AsiaSEED is organizing fisheries lecture series from The Japanese Society of Fish Pathology This lecture will be focused to Sam Ratulangi University

5 Request based courses October 8 and 9, 2003 International Seminar with topic: The Future of Technology in Brawijaya University IT : Prof. Suguru Yamaguchi Re-newable Technology Nano Technology CDMA

6 Request based courses MoU between SFC and UCSY Information Technology, Cyber Knowledge lectures Arranging is on going for doing the lecture Question: Are there any preference of the term? (Ex. No lectures during July)

7 KEIO SFC Educational Partnership Program For Ph.D Course Students Lecture; Matching with Co-Advisor 1-3 months Stay in Japan Term Project 1-2 year; Research Activities in the local site 2 academic papers, International Conference Discussion with Co-Advisors through SOIASIA Env. Informal 1-3 months 3-6 month Formal 0.5-1 year Stay in Japan Start writing the Doctor thesis Public Presentation Local site Finish Doctor thesis Final Judgement 0 1 2 3

8 Request Based Courses Lecture in Distance Learning by Prof.Yoshiyori Urano, Waseda univ. yu/index.html yu/index.html Requested by SFC Any sites interested in learning distance learning? Any faculties?

9 Request based courses The Graduate School of Science and Technology International Graduate Programs on Advanced Science and Technology Request from Faculty of Engineering, Keio University In fall Semester

10 Human Resource Development Collaboration Program in Asia 1. Candidate researchers are selected through Advanced Internet Lecture series done in SOI ASIA environment. 2. Matching making of students and professors is done 3. Candidate researchers fill in the Application Form and write research proposal around A4 3 pages to apply for Japanese Government through SOI ASIA Project 4. Japanese Government selects the researchers and give them a fund for research stay in Japan from 1-3 months. 5. Researchers will do a term project during their stay in Japan 6. At the end of their research stay, students will do a final presentation in front of professors and submit research paper. 7. There will be a certificate award ceremony from SOI ASIA Project

11 Candidate students Ms. Thandar Thein UCSY, Myanmar ( Ph.D student) Network Security NAIST Prof. Suguru Yamaguchi or SFC? Mr. KARIMULAH, Azhar Brawijaya University, Indonesia Finished University New TCP Trasnmission Mechanism Tokyo University, Prof. Hiroshi Esaki) Mr. Niswar, Muhammad Hasannudin University, Indonesia Lecturer Performance analysis of TCP/IP multicast over satellite link Keio University, Prof. Kusumoto and Toho University Prof. Yamanouchi Mr. Dikshie Fauzie ITB, Indonesia Master course student Evaluation of IPv6 performance on Ethernet Media Sony CSL, Dr. Kenjiro Cho Mr. ONKVISIT, CHAIRAT Chulalonkorn University, Thailand master course student Development contact less smart card for use in payment system Keio University, Prof. Jun Murai Mr. Putrojudo ITB, Indonesia 7 th year in the university Managing colaboration between Grid computing and Super computer NAIST Prof. Youki Kadobayashi

12 Discussion1 Any other requests regarding the course?

13 Discussion2 2 Operators Workshops are done Pros/Cons? Next operators workshop?

14 Discussion 3 Let every site to be the place to transmit lectures!! Let s make archived contents!

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