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SOI Mirror SERVER Maki Tsuchiya

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1 SOI Mirror SERVER Maki Tsuchiya
Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus

2 SOI server tutorial contents
Section1. Description of SOI server Section2. How to make SOI server

3 SOI server description
Gateway Site (SFC) Asian Partner Sites Relaying lectures through SFC to all asian partners using multicast and satellite Participating in the lectures at the Partner Institutions The Internet SOI Mirror Server LAN Seeing the archived contents on demand Receive realtime lecture materials Web proxy SOI Contents Mirroring Learn through partner’s local mirror server

4 Archived Lectures Click here

5 Archived On demand Lecture SOI ASIA CONTENTS PKG#1 http://www. soi
No. Type title lecturer Subtitled / dubbed 01 Internet Week 2000 Introduction to Internet Takayasu Matsuura Dubbed 02 Special Lecture (’01) Intercept and Intelligence Hopefully Lawful Fred Baker Subtitled 03 Special Lecture (’99) The Future of Internet Vinton Cerf 04 Making the Dream Real Jawad Khaki 05 Introduction to IPv6 Takaharu Ui 06 Introduction to Routing Protocol – Basics of the Network Design Jiro Yamaguchi 07 Introduction to Internet Security Seiji Kumagai 08 Internet Week 98 Internet Architecture Jun Murai 09 Internet Week 99 Introduction to Domain Name and IP address Masahiko Hakoda, Yoshiko ChongFong 10 DNS and Mail Motonori Nakamura

6 Advanced IT No. title lecture 01 Introduction Prof. Jun Murai 02
Grid Computing - a step-by-step introduction (1) Dr.Youki Kadobayashi 03 Grid Computing - a step-by-step introduction (2) 04 Multicast(1) Dr Nagatsugu ,Yamanouchi 05 Multicast(2) 06 Measurement and Analysis(1) Dr. Kenjiro Cho 07 Measurement and Analysis(2) 08 Internet and Satellite (1) Mr. Jun Takei No. title lecture 09 IPv6 Infrastructure Technology (1) Dr. Jun'ichiro Hagino 10 Internet and Satellite (2) Mr. Jun Takei 11 TCP congestion control (1) Dr. Yoshifumi Nishida 12 IPv6 Infrastructure Technology (2) 13 Security (1) Prof. Suguru Yamaguchi 14 Security (2) 15 TCP congestion control (2) 16 Closing Prof. Jun Murai

7 Location of SOI server Campus LAN Terrestrial Internet
(e.g. to local ISP) JCSAT-3 C-Band C-7 transponder Campus LAN UDL Receive Router Client PC Client PC IF Coaxial Cable L-Band ( MHz) Satellite Receiver LAN SOI Mirror Server

8 Service of SOI server Mondatory Services Optional Services
httpd (web server) Squid (web proxy server) Helix Univeral Service (RealVideo streaming server) OpenSSH (sshd server) SAKURAFUBUKI3rd (multicast file receiving) Optional Services SMTP service DNS service DHCP service POP service FTP service Database service

9 Please install a SOI Mirror server at your site!!!

10 Section2. Installation of SOI server

11 OS / Hardware requirement
RedHat Linux 7.3 compliant PC/AT compatible PC 256MB or more RAM 300MHz or more CPU clock Ethernet interface with good chipset (e.g. Intel) 40GB or more HDD

12 3.Installation Software
USAGI SAKURAFUBUKI 3rd Helix Universal Server Basic

13 USAGI ( USAGI is a IPv6 stack. USAGI kernel
USAGI kit (

14 SAKURAFUBUKI 3rd Multicast Transfer Pre/Post processing Web Interface
Three modes of reliability Web Interface

15 Helix Universal Server Basic

16 1.Directory configuration

17 Section3. How to make SOI server

18 1-1. Redhat installation You need to select and install the following software Network Support Web server DNS Name Server Utilities Software Development Kernel Development For the firewall setting, select "No firewall“

19 1-2. Redhat update We need to update these software
kernel x.i386.rpm xinetd x.i386.rpm apache i386.rpm apache-devel i386.rpm glibc-* squid-2.4.STABLE i386.rpm bind-* These software is contained “RedHat Linux 7.3 upgrade CD (iso)”

20 1-3. Network configuration
edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 edit (create) /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0 for alias IP address. edit /etc/sysconfig/network

21 1-4. other necessary configuration
Stop unnecessary daemon Start necessary daemon Edit httpd.conf Edit (replace) squid.conf

22 2. USAGI kernel installation
Caution Point When you install, please add – force option #rpm –Uvh kernel x_usagi_ rpm –force *Usagi kernel binary files is contained in “SOI CONTENTS CDROM”

23 2-1. USAGI kit installation
Caution point Plase install only libinet6 library Usagi kit source files is contained in “SOI CONTENTS CDROM”

24 3. SAKURAFUBUKI3rd Installation
Get SAKURAFUBUKI3rd source file Extract and compile source file *SAKURAFUBUKI3rd source files is contained “contents CDROM”

25 4. Helix Universal Server Basic installation
Get the license key form web server Copy files and its license key to PC Copy startup script to your local directory and change the permission Edit startup script * script file is in SOI CONTENTS CDROM

26 After installation If you have any trouble during installation, please ask me.

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