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SOI-Asia plans and discussions Summary Keiko Okawa June 21 st, 2003.

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1 SOI-Asia plans and discussions Summary Keiko Okawa June 21 st, 2003

2 Agenda Consensus on the direction –Share the concerns –Agree on the new scheme Process and Schedule Usage of the SOI Asia courses in your institutes

3 Concerns to consider Better planning of the course –Longer term ( 2 semesters in advance ) –Meeting each partner s requirement Better scheme for various types of fund raising –Valuable Course design Continue working for improving the Environment Quality and learning process –Accreditation –Specify audience –Guideline for class management, students and faculty –Class design (including realtime and offtime, hot to carry the realtime- lecture/QA/homework/assignment/quality/assessment/learning materials..etc) –Quality assurance by both university, involving planning phase. Curriculum planning –Core and Site-Specific –Sharing the existing one of each partners

4 Agreed Goal and Missions for SOI Asia 2003/2004 Organization : SOI Asia Consortium, administrated by KEIOUniv. Goal –Establish the scheme for sustainable educational collaboration programs utilizing the IT among Asian Universities. Mission –Establish the quality and stable platforms for the education –Deliver the quality courses for students in Asia –Achieve sustainability including cost model Funding model for 2 years –Research Fund from several sources –Donation based fund (for particular part ie, supporting the workshops, donating courses, donating equipments and special fund for specific area/countries etc.) –Government fund for educational contribution Scheme –UDL bandwidth will be supported by AI3 based on the MoU between AI3 and SOI-Asia. –Collaboration with AI3 research team

5 SOI-Asia Consortium Steering/Board committee – tele-conf once a month –Funding strategy –Research strategy Academic committee (Name : TBD?) –Course Strategy ( requirement, audience, accreditation ) –Course Planning –Course management –Course offering –Course quality assurance (sanctioning) Research committee –Class design on SOI Asia –Research on the Educational Trend for academic planning –Innovation of the new experimental collaboration programs and carry the experiment –Research and development for better SOI-Asia e-learning environment (applications, plathomes, networks with collaboration with AI3 research team Operators committee –Maintain the sustainable network and program operations in each site. –Operators workshops Administration office –Promotion for fund raising, based on the board strategy –Publication of the output, based on the board strategy

6 SOI-Asia Consortium - cont Each partners go back with this proposal and get a commitment from the organization. The following three committees need to include a representative from each partners –Steering/Board committee –Academic committee (Name : TBD?) –Operators committee Start building each teams –Appoint by each partners –Further discussion on email basis

7 Schedule Monthly Tele-conference of Steering Board Team –Wednesday –Time 18:30JST, 17:30Malaysia/Manado/Makassar, 16:30Indonesia/Thailand/Laos, 16:00Myanmer Next meeting –July 30 th, (Wed) 18:30JST –Agenda includes team member appointment –Instruction will be mailed by funya Periodic face-to-face meeting –Twice a year @ ai3 meeting

8 Usage of the SOI Asia courses in your institutes – to be discussed Accredited Course –Highly related to the curriculum –Faculty collaboration Special lectures –Any appropriate topics (rare, special.. Etc) Valuable courses –Course with easier fund raising Courses for other participants –Community Create a independent SOI-Asia course

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