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UDL Network Operation kotaro

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1 UDL Network Operation kotaro (

2 Presentation Overview Current situation of C-band UDL network Basic network composition Policy for using UDL (re-visited) Keep machines running Security Issues Monitoring Issues Challenges Milestone

3 Current Situation Connection –Full time –Part time Network Vulnerability –Security Issues

4 Basic Network Composition SONY-BOX Receiver- Router Gateway- Router SOI- Server Campus LAN / INTERET Campus LAN / INTERET Terrestrial Link / Satellite Link C-band UDL Network

5 Commodity Traffic (1) Question –Can commodity traffic for SOI-ASIA partners flow into the C-band UDL?? Requirement –Highest priority for SOI-ASIA lectures

6 Policy for using UDL (re-visited) We will learn requirements and problems, and more from monitoring traffic Improvement will be made based on experience UDL PrefixP2 Policy RoutingP1 AI3 Partner SAKURAFUBUKIS3 CommodityS2 LectureS1 SOI-ASIA Partner UDL Prefix Policy Routing Commodity SAKURAFUBUKI SOI-ASIA Lecture priority

7 Commodity Traffic (2) HTTP traffic using proxy (SOI-Server) can flow into the UDL And any traffic regarding SOI-ASIA Project sometimes other traffics prioritized rather than your commodity traffic

8 Keep machines running Important services should not be shut down –Domestic (local) Services –Keep monitoring something To make routers and servers running –Physical machine protection from surge, heat –Uplink availability But you may have downlink every time

9 Security Issues Application Vulnerability –Too old OpenSSH, SSL –NetSNMP (UCD-SNMP) Other services? –Does any service you use have its vulnerability? Check and Update

10 Monitoring Is pull method best for us in C-band UDL Network? –Can RO sites respond every time? Redesign of MWD in UDL Network –In the scope of my master thesis…

11 Challenges OSPF –Store the tips and try Multicast –While the SOI-ASIA lectures are not scheduled, we can try pimd IPv6 –IPv6 capable SONY-FEED will be installed in SFC

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