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Yasuo Tsuchimoto SOI Asia Project Keio University / The University of Tokyo.

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1 Yasuo Tsuchimoto SOI Asia Project Keio University / The University of Tokyo


3 SOI = School on Internet Goal… developing University in new era Providing the learning opportunities on Internet Since 1996 SOI Asia = School on Internet Asia Expanding our experiences to Asia Learning environment for Asian countries Since 2001 Started as one working group of AI 3 Project

4 Lecturer Sites @ various places Gateway Site @ Keio Univ. Internet 13 Mbps UDL 128kbps 1.5Mbps High quality Digital Video Communication DVTS site OR Portable IPv6 tunneling site SOI Asia Student Sites @Asian Partner Universities Using existing connectivity as a return path (UDLR) Sharing Real-time Classes & Course content mirroring by IPv6 Multicast Policy Routing Mechanism

5 Establishing the Internet connectivity by utilizing receive only satellite equipment and UDLR technology. 13Mbps downlink shared by RO sites IPv4/IPv6 multicast enable to the RO sites Implementing the sites in low cost and in short period About $1000 for setting up for 1 site. About 3 months for everything. Standard setup for better administration Documentation Equipment standardization Network monitoring tools Operators meeting


7 Brawijaya University, Indonesia Hasanuddin University, Indonesia Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia National University of Laos, Laos University of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar Asian Youth Fellowship, Malaysia Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Chulalonkorn University, Thailand Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Philippines Institute of Information Technology, Viet Nam Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus,Japan Mongol University of Science and Technology Mongolia Prince of Songklang University Thailand Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy Thailand Tribhuvan University Nepal Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Cambodia USM Malaysia Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Syiah Kuala Indonesia University of San Carlos Philippines

8 -16-14-12-10-8-6-2 Offset frequency (MHz) -4.00 -4.75 -5.50 -6.25 -4+2 ±0.00 UAT CW Fc 18.0MHz 9M40G7W 2005.1.1 haruhito -2.50 -3.25 197KG7W (128kbps) 0-18 394KG7W (512kbps) UDL from SFC ID-JP p2p 2.0MHz JP-PH p2p JP-VN p2p JP-SG p2p JP-MY p2p -13.125 -7.00 -7.75 TH-JP p2p

9 Lecture sharing DVTS by WIDE Project VIC/RAT by University College London VLC for HD quality lecture sharing Polycom For presentation sharing Livepresenter Winner of SOI A+zilla add on contest Client-Server type sharing system Still updating


11 Advanced Marine Science and Technology (2007.11~12) Advanced IT Course by WIDE Project (2008.1~2) Wireless / Location Information / Multicast / Measurement Kyoto Protocol and Animal Science (2008.3) Object Oriented Software Engineering (2008.3) Entrepreneurship Education (2008.9 ~) UNESCO lecture Series (2008.9 ~) Disaster Management Course By Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo And more…

12 Sharing Knowledge Across Borders II - Disaster Management in ASEAN and Japan Potential Risks in the region and alert system (2007.12.18 @ Keio Mita campus) International Symposium on the Restoration Program from Giant Earthquakes and Tsunamis (2008.1 @ Phuket through BKK-WIDE) And more…

13 13 VIRTUAL LABORATORY - VMware - Implemented in 2006 - 42 participants from 16 universities in 10 Asian countries PHYSICAL LABORATORY - StarBED - Implemented in 2008 - 42 participants from 19 universities in 10 Asian countries

14 Workshops 6 th Workshop : August 22th – 26 th 2006 Global-e-Workshop 7 th Workshop Series : July 31 – August 16, 2007 IPv6 only Workshop (1 day Global-e-Workshops) 8th Global-E-Workshop for Beginners from March 31 – April 4th 2008 Collaboration with STARBED team Lecturers from Partners Internships in 2007 Indonesia Nepal Myanmar Thailand Internships in 2008 Myanmar Cambodia Malaysia Vietnam HRD for network administrations

15 Programs Seminar Challenge for designing an entrepreneur -Initial step from Engineer to Entrepreneur- (September 18, 2007) First Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2007 - Building the future from Asia – (November 22, 2007) Winner: Mr. Seila @ Cambodia (ITC) New Scheme SBI Holdings supports venture fund for SOI Asia partners






21 We want to use TEIN3+APAN network moreover For sending lectures For receiving lectures As a reliable broadband infrastructure 13Mbps is not enough for better quality lectures Yes, in fact… We have used TEIN2+APAN for lectures & symposiums From/to ITB, Indonesia From/to AIT, Thailand And more…

22 We can connect APAN countries without TEIN3 Supplementing each other We have Global studio European Prof. in China can send lectures to EU Asian Prof. in USA can send lectures to Asia Any combinations can be used

23 SOI Asia Partners in 14 countries Keio Yonsei Tsinghua CambridgeWIDE Bangkok Office StanfordColombia

24 Tsinghua / Beijing YONSEI / SEOUL Cambridge UK SFO / WIDE Keio MITA BKK / WIDE

25 SOI Asia everywhere Providing IPv6 connectivity Support multicast Scalable structures Technology OpenVPN IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling DokoDemo SOI Asia tunnel server IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel box DokoDemo SOI Asia server OpenVPN box For DokoDemo SOI Asia terminal DokoDemo SOI Asia terminal For client user Receiving lectures anywhere! Of course, we want to use inter-domain IPv6/multicast when its ready

26 Bootable Linux with SOI Asia applications LiveUSB Linux USB memory CD/DVD-ROM Requirements Recent PC Laptop computer should be OK Bootable from USB memory/CD/DVD Linux compatible Video & Audio equipments 13Mbps network for OpenVPN

27 Re-allocating bandwidth for the stricken area Providing global connectivity before the fiber is up Scenario… We usually assign frequency to each partners Once disaster attacks one area!! We will change frequency allocation dynamically We can provide IP connectivity to stricken area Planed to do March 2nd, 2009 (postponed…)

28 Participants @ Kyoto Multicast Streaming received TEIN2-SG APAN-JP TEIN2-JP ThaiREN INHERENT 28


30 English Thailand Indonesia


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