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Wrap up. Any questions?

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1 Wrap up

2 Any questions?

3 Todays materials Presentation Materials: SOIASIA OW CD-ROMs spring/cdrom/index.html spring/cdrom/index.html SOIASIA 2002 report

4 AV equipment set up We are going to ask about the AV equipment set in each UDL site. 19th NUOL, AYF, ITB 20th UNIBRAW, IOIT, ASTI, AIT 21st UCSY, UNHAS, UNSRAT, CHULA

5 Standard AV layout for remote classrooms Audio mixer Vic/rat Echo canceller (1) (2)(3) (4)(5) (2)(3)(4)(5) (6) (7) (8) speaker Power amp (9) (10)(11) (10)(11) Ver1.0 6/3 by Noriatsu Kudo Class room PA system or microphone Class room PA system or Speaker + Power amp

6 Dinner? People who are going to the board meeting, please follow sirokuma-san People who are not going the board meeting, we will take you to the dinner Please wait till the AV equipment hearing ends.

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