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Huron High School Guidance Department February 20, 2013 Post Secondary Enrollment Option Program.

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1 Huron High School Guidance Department February 20, 2013 Post Secondary Enrollment Option Program

2 Student Responsibilities Make sure they know all application and scheduling deadlines and MEET THEM. To see HHS counselor about courses at both locations and make sure you do not exceed 7 total credits Student pays for anything over 7 credits in one year Clear any special attendance situations with Firelands & HHS staff. Textbooks are on loan to the students. It is the students responsibility to take their voucher to the bookstore to obtain their books as well as return them at the end of the semester. Failure to do so could result in the inability to register for classes the next semester.

3 Student Responsibility It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a parking pass and display it properly. Can not take remedial level courses, a class you previously failed at the college, physical education courses or any one credit course Make arrangements with the Learning Center at Firelands if you are in need of tutoring services If you are an athlete, you must printout out your college grades at the end of first and third quarters and give them to the athletic director

4 Student Responsibilities Transportation is up to you and no car pools are allowed for liability reasons. Set up and manage your bgnet account Submit the Counseling Services Verification Form to HHS before APRIL 4 Do program application and complete compass testing: Must be done by April 18 Set up appointments with professors about concerns Obtain college transcript from Firelands or request it be sent to future colleges

5 DUAL ENROLLMENT Classes in our Building For juniors/seniors: English 1120 and English 2000 English 1110 and English 1500 Spanish 2010 and Spanish 2020 Spanish 1010 and Spanish 1020 POLS 1100 American Government & PSYC 1010 (Intro to Psych) MATH 1150 (Intro to Stat) & MATH 2220 (Discrete Math)

6 Academic Credit Grades will be maintained at the college on a permanent transcript. Grades and credit will appear on the student’s high school transcript and will calculate into the student’s cumulative grade point average since they are semester grades not quarterly grades. No additional credit is given for college classes taken at Firelands. Grades will not appear on the student’s high school grade card. Not used to help with merit/honor roll or Sports Academic teams

7 Credit 3 hour college class equals.6 high school semester credit 4 hour college class equals.8 high school semester credit 5 hour college class equals 1 high school semester credit No 1 or 2 hour classes accepted No physical education classes accepted No S/U grades accepted

8 Room in HHS Schedule Must take a minimum of 5 classes between the two buildings Can not take over a maximum of 7 credits between the two buildings Examples: Student takes 4 periods of classes at HHS Can take up to 3 credits of classes during the year at Firelands which could be: five-3 hour classes (3 credits), one-4 hour course and three-3 hour classes (2.6 credits), three-5 hour classes (3 credits) etc…. Student takes 5 periods of classes at HHS Can take up to 2 credits of classes during the year at Firelands which could be: three-3 hour classes (1.8 credits) or two-3 hour classes and one-4 hour class (2 credits), etc… Student takes 6 periods of classes at HHS Can only take up to one credit during the year at Firelands which could be: one 3 (.6 credits) or 4 (.8 credits) or 5 (1 credit) hour class

9 Athletes If participating in a high school sport, the Ohio High School Athletic Association requires you to submit a midterm progress report for your college classes at the end of first and third quarter for eligibility purposes. Failure to do so or failure in your college class could result in athlete being ineligible to participate. Grade can be downloaded from Firelands website if instructor is using midterm reports. If not, a form must be picked up in the guidance office and given to the instructor to complete.

10 Points to Remember Participation in the PSEO Program does not constitute admission to BGSU or BGSU Firelands. Students who plan to attend the University must formally apply during their senior year. Students enrolled are subject to same administrative policies, grading policies, and standards as other BGSU students. BGSU Firelands college students will be given priority over PSEOP students when enrolling in courses. Certain classes are not available to PSEOP students Independent study, developmental courses (English, Math), physical ed. Courses, selected business courses, and certain upper-division courses.

11 Class Attendance You are expected to be in class at Firelands if they are in session. Many professors have very strict attendance policies. They may have different snow days then HHS. They have different spring and fall breaks from HHS. If you are absent from a Firelands class, it is the student’s responsibility to speak to the instructor and make any necessary arrangements. Can only leave a high school class 5 minutes early or get back to the high school 5 minutes late so schedule appropriately. You can not hang out in HHS teachers classrooms on days you do not have class at Firelands. Sign in and out in office Stay in study hall if you get back to the building early

12 Understand You may miss announcements however: They are posted online and on the bulletin board outside the main office. It is your responsibility to take care of conflicts. Final exams in college classes are usually on different days and require you arranging the times in advance with your high school teachers. Many age groups in college classes—deal with it! If you fail or withdraw from a college class, you and your parents pay for it ($680+) You are one of the last to register for classes so selection may be limited.

13 Credit Transfer Many colleges accept the credit. The grade you get does not go to college with you so it will not help your college gpa. Way to check out the colleges that accept PSEO credit and the classes they will accept at: If class used to meet high school graduation requirements, it may only transfer as a general elective

14 Possible College Classes to take Computer Basics Intro to Art Intro to Geology Intro to Programming Environment Of Life Intro to Biology Intro to Economy Varieties of Writing Human Nutrition Intro to Geology Intro to Sociology World Civilizations Modern America Early America Intro to Public Speaking Intro to Psychology Intro to Statistics College AlgebraModern WorldCalculus- Analytic Geometry

15 Firelands Contact Person Mr. Dave Janik 419-433-5560, extension 20606

16 Requesting BGSU transcript Go to: to obtain your official transcript or order it to be sent to your future college of No charge for this transcript Instructions to obtain it are also at the HHS Guidance website under Forms. It is student responsibility to obtain this transcript.

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