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CLASS REGISTRATION 2015-16 Grade 12.

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The registration handbook is available on the Aitkin Public Schools website VIEWING COURSE DESCRIPTIONS ONLINE

3 Go to High School – Guidance Office Registration Information and Forms tab.

4 Select “Registration Handbook”

5 Parts of the Course Description
ADVANCED ANIMAL SCIENCE (Offered ) Course No.: AGR 7600 Open to: Grades 10-12 Length/Credit: 1 quarter- .5 Science credit Bridges Academy: Pre-Veterinarian Class size limit: 22 Prerequisite: AGR 7250 – Introduction to Animal Science Description: This course is designed for students interested in becoming a veterinarian, rancher, trainer or animal science researcher. Anatomy, nutritional needs, reproduction, genetics and care will be studied. Units will be designed from domestic animals (i.e. horses, etc.). Be sure to put the course name and course number on your form. Only register for classes open to your grade! Length of class and credit type. If this course satisfies a requirement for a Bridges Academy, that will be listed here. Some courses will only be offered alternate years. That will be noted here. If the course you are registering for has a prerequisite, be sure you have taken that class(es) or have gotten instructor approval.

6 When filling out your worksheet:
Put Full Year courses on a line in each quarter. Put the Course Number and Course Name on your form, if a course has more than one number, write them all in. You must fill in a class on all lines. Do NOT put Job Shadows, Independent Studies, or On-line courses on your form. These courses will be scheduled at a later time. If you are substituting a class for a required class, please make a note on the form stating the reason for the substitution. Do NOT put “Lunch” as a class.

7 Graduation Requirements
Total Credits Required for the CLASS of 2016: 57 combination trimester and semester credits* Language Arts~ 4 years English 9 – 3 trimester credits English 10 – 3 trimester credits English 11 – 1 semester credit English semester credit English electives – 4 total quarter credits Junior and Senior year.

8 Graduation Requirements, cont.
Social Studies~ 4 years Western Civilization/World History – 3 trimester credits American History – 3 trimester credits World Culture/Geography – 2 semester credits or Approved College Social. Social semester of Civics or American Government and 1 semester of Economics or College Economics--2 semester credits Mathematics~ 3 years 9 trimester credits or 3 year equivalent. Must include: Algebra I - 1 year - 3 trimester credits Geometry or Basic Geometry – 2 or 3 credits Intro to Statistics – 1 credit Algebra II or Basic Algebra II – 1 year See your math teacher before you fill out your registration form to find out which math classes you should register for.

9 Graduation Requirements, cont.
Science ~ 3 years Physical Science 9 – 3 trimester credits Biology – 3 trimester credits Chemistry or Physics– 2 semester credits Physical Education/Health Physical Education 9/10 – 2 credits Health – 1 credit Fine Arts ~ 1 year 1 year equivalent of trimester or semester credits Elective Credits 17 or 18 trimester or semester credits

10 Band/Choir Band and Choir will again be offered the same period. You can take band or choir or both. They will count as one year long elective. Both of these courses are a FULL YEAR commitment. A signature from you and your parent will be required that you understand you will not be able to drop this course at any point next year.

11 College in the Schools (CIS)
College in the Schools (CIS) courses are college courses taught in our school by our staff. Students may earn UMD and/or Central Lakes College credits.

12 College in the Schools Course Offerings:
QUARTER YEAR COURSES: Evolution of Jazz FULL YEAR COURSES: College Chemistry College Physics College Algebra College Pre-Calculus Calculus I /II College Concert Choir College Concert Band ONE SEMESTER COURSES Human Biology College Writing* Fundamentals of Public Speaking* The American Economy** Intro to Sociology General Psychology American Government** **College Social courses: These courses may be taken instead of 12th grade Civics and Economics *College English courses: These courses may be taken instead of English 12

13 CIS Course Requirements
12th grade students who wish to take College in the Schools (college) courses must meet the following criteria: GPA 2.5 or greater Take the Accuplacer exam and meet the appropriate cut-off scores College Math courses: You will need to meet the cut-off score in order to receive college credit. If you do not meet the cut-off score this spring, you will have an opportunity to take the exam again next January. If you do not meet the cut-off score at that time, you will only receive high school credit for the class.

14 Additional Information
You must plan well for the entire year because courses you choose during spring registration will be FINAL. Certain electives will only be offered if there are sufficient students enrolled to warrant the formation of a class. Once your schedule has been finalized this Spring, there should be no need to change your schedule.  However, if a situation should arise in which a schedule change is needed, you will need to obtain a DROP/ADD Form from the Guidance Office and get the signatures of both teachers, AND a parent or guardian signature, before the schedule change will be made. Please discuss your course choices with your parent(s)/guardian(s) before completing your registration form.

15 REMINDER: When filling out your registration worksheet, remember to put the course number AND name on your form. This will speed up the registration process. You must choose 1 alternate class for each quarter and list them on your registration form. Do not use classes that have already been listed in your regular requests. If you do not choose alternates – we will do it for you. It is important you make your choices carefully and return your registration form by the due date.

16 PLEASE NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to know what you need for graduation and to make sure that you are scheduled for those classes.   The office is here to help you with this process.  You may make an appointment at any time to go over your transcript and schedule.

17 Registration Form Due Date
Your signed registration must be returned to the Guidance Office by: Wednesday February 18, 2015

18 If you have questions, see Mr. Balsley before the registration deadline.

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