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Sandy Valley College Options SV Counseling Department Mrs. McCoy Mr. White Miss Veigel 2011-2012.

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1 Sandy Valley College Options SV Counseling Department Mrs. McCoy Mr. White Miss Veigel 2011-2012

2 How can my student earn college credit while in high school? Dual Credit ON Campus Dual Credit OFF Campus (PSEO) AP test Articulation Agreements

3 Dual Credit ON Campus Students take classes at SV during the school day Partnership with Stark State, Kent Tusc. Classes count towards high school requirements while earning the student college credit Currently no cost to the student (may be a course fee next year) Credit is guaranteed to transfer to all PUBLIC colleges and universities in Ohio. It is always up to the receiving college whether credit transfers or not.

4 Dual Credit ON Campus Requirements to Participate: - THE VERY FIRST STEP….Student MUST request a dual credit course during scheduling request time! - Once a DC course is requested, Stark State / Kent Tusc. Application will be sent to the student. - Once the application is completed and returned to Mrs. McCoy, COMPASS Testing will be scheduled. (If ACT score hasn’t been reached) - Deadlines!!! (The colleges have very strict policies)

5 Testing Requirements (Stark State Classes) Composite score on the ACT of 22 or higher If a 22 is not achieved, individual sections can be looked at A student who hasn’t taken the ACT or hasn’t gotten a 22 may take the COMPASS test Accommodations for IEP / 504 plan students are available

6 Current Dual Credit ON Campus Courses (Subject to Change) Science, Energy, and Grades 9 – 12 Stark State the Environment Computer Graphics Grades 9 – 12 Stark State Multimedia Game Design Grades 9 – 12 Kent Tusc Apps in Computer Aided Grades 9 – 12 Kent Tusc Design Speech II Grades 11, 12 Stark State Business Computer Apps Grades 11, 12 Stark State English 12 Academic Grade 12 Stark State AP English Grade 12 Stark State


8 Dual Credit OFF Campus (PSEO) Student takes classes on the college campus for both high school and college credit Typically SV students go to Kent Tuscarawas, Kent Stark or Stark State Each college sets their own admissions standards and requirements Generally, colleges like to see a GPA of 3.4 or higher and a composite ACT score of 24 or higher

9 Points to Consider FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS If a student fails a course or does not complete a course, the student will be responsible for the ENTIRE cost associated with the course. TRANSPORTATION ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY CLASS RANK / GPA BOOKS


11 Now for some numbers… Formula for awarding high school credit 5 college semester hours= 1 HS credit A 3 credit hour course =.6 HS credits Example: A student wishing to earn 1 full high school credit of English will generally take 3 semester hours (.6 HS credits) of English each semester. This will earn the student 1.2 credits of English for the year.

12 Numbers continued…. A full time dual credit OFF campus student should take 13 semester hours each semester to remain athletically eligible. ALWAYS double check your schedule with a counselor! Those who have a combination of OFF campus hours and high school classes should carry the equivalent of 6 high school credits

13 More Info and Next Steps Kent Tusc. Post Secondary Info Night- Thurs, Feb. 9 @ 6 p.m. Wed, March 14 @ 6 p.m. Kent Stark Post Secondary Info Night- Wed, Feb. 8, 2012 @ 6 p.m. Tues, March 13, 2011 @ 6:45 p.m. Stark State Post Secondary Info Night- Wed, February 15, 2011@ 6:30 p.m. Tues, February 28, 2011@ 6:30 p.m. Thurs, March 8, 2011@ 6:30 p.m.

14 More Info and Next Steps Student and Parent should sign “green sheet” tonight Contact the colleges you are interested in and complete an application (most are online) Attend information night (mandatory for some colleges) Meet with admissions counselor at the college to schedule Meet with Mrs. McCoy to decide on high school classes (if any)

15 Other Ways to Earn College Credit AP classes and exams- a “3” or above is guaranteed to earn a student college credit at public colleges in Ohio. Check with individual colleges for their policies. Some tech prep programs have college credit tied to them as “articulated” credit. Talk to the instructor or your counselor for more details.

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