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An introduction for students and families.  Replaces PSEO ◦ Courses taken at the college  Replaces dual enrollment ◦ College courses taken at RHS (Calculus)

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Presentation on theme: "An introduction for students and families.  Replaces PSEO ◦ Courses taken at the college  Replaces dual enrollment ◦ College courses taken at RHS (Calculus)"— Presentation transcript:

1 An introduction for students and families

2  Replaces PSEO ◦ Courses taken at the college  Replaces dual enrollment ◦ College courses taken at RHS (Calculus)

3  Grades 7-12  College-ready students  Many college course options  Public colleges are free  Private colleges may include small cost

4  College-readiness is determined by the college  There is no minimum gpa required beyond what the college requires for incoming students  Students may be required to take placement testing to help determine college readiness.

5  Complete a Letter of Intent form by April 1 st  Apply to the college where you plan to take courses  Take placement tests as required by the college  Meet with your HS counselor and college advisor to determine which courses you plan to take

6  Students can choose any course that applies toward a degree or workforce certification at a public or participating private college  Many Penta programs include workforce certifications that may be included in CCP

7  Students can earn up to 30 college credit hours per academic year ◦ Summer courses are not included ◦ Potentially 10 or more college classes per year  Students can earn no more than 120 college credit hours while in the program.

8  Students will have options on courses  Colleges have prepared sample pathways or examples of courses that students may want to consider  Pathways are courses to help you choose, but other courses can be considered

9  On-line courses  Courses taken on a college campus  College courses taken at the high school  Hybrids which may involve a combination of these options

10  Set by the college  Owens CC  University of Toledo  BGSU  University of Findlay plus/ plus/

11 15 credit hours (BGSU) GSW 1110 Intro to Academic Writing (3 cr hr) ENG 1500 Response to Literature (3 cr hr) CHEM 1000 Intro to Chemistry (3 cr hr) POLS 1100 Am Gov Process and Structures (3 cr hr) MATH 1150 Statistics (3 cr hr)

12  30 Credit hours (Owens CC) Fall CR HRSpring CR HR  ENG 1113ENG 1123  SOC 1013PSY 1013  MTH 1733MTH 2133  ART 1013ECO 1113  AST 1013ENG 2003

13  The University of Toledo’s 30-Hour Pathway  Fall Semester  ENGL 1110, English Composition 1  HEAL 2800, Principles of Nutrition  MATH 1320, College Algebra  COMM 2600, Public Presentations  ANTH, 2800, Cultural Anthropology  Spring Semester  BIOL 1120, Survey of Biology  THR 1100, Introduction to Theatre  SOC 1010, Introduction to Sociology  MATH 2600, Intro to Statistics  ENGL 1310, English Composition 2

14  A combination of courses that may be taught here and additional courses through participating universities, which may include:  Calculus (University of Findlay- taught at RHS)  Weather and Climate (Owens CC-taught at RHS)  Other college courses that may be added  Online or courses taken on campus

15  A semester college course of 3 or more credits counts as a one-year high school class  College grades may be weighted ◦ College courses must be weighted the same as Advanced Placement in the same subject area

16  Take college courses that satisfy your high school graduation requirements  If you have completed your high school graduation requirements and want to begin college work  You want to explore college and take a course in a subject that interests you or is not available at your high school

17  Students attending a public college do not pay for either books or fees  Students attending a private college may have some fees  Books will be the property of the HS and will need to returned once the course is completed  Student covers parking expenses if there are any

18  If you fail a college class, you will most likely be charged for the expense of the course  If you withdraw from a course beyond college deadlines, you will most likely be charged for the course  Failing and withdraw grades will be included on both the hs and college transcript  Could potentially jeopardize college opportunities and financial aid  Could potentially jeopardize high school graduation

19  The grade you earn in a college course is applied to your high school gpa and to your college gpa ◦ If the course is part of your graduation requirements, it may effect your hs graduation ◦ Grades may impact your standing at the college or any colleges you may later apply to

20 Work with RHS counselor before registering to determine how college courses will be evaluated for RHS graduation requirements English and Math may be a potential risk for graduation since 4 credits are needed RHS students must take a reasonable course load ◦ equivalent of at least five or six hs courses.

21  Minimum of 6 classes/semester  NOTE: By OHSAA guidelines, athletes who are full-time PSO must be enrolled in a minimum of 13 hours of college course work/semester. Part-time PSO students, see your counselor or our Athletic Director, Mr. Rosplohowski, if you have questions about your athletic eligibility.

22 Balance schedule between HS & College (budget time) Should be both academically and socially self- disciplined - This is especially true for younger students Students will be attending college classes with students aged 17-25+ years and may encounter mature topics in some courses Less time for part-time employment Student/parents responsible for transportation (Families that meet District guidelines may request assistance for transportation fees)

23 Schedule conflicts with extra-curricular activities at RHS (sports, drama, etc.) Conflicts in school-year calendar Extra study time for college classes Personal supplies (calc., camera, tools, etc.) are students’ responsibility Help for college classes not available at RHS Services are offered at colleges Must have 4 RHS classes to be on honor roll

24  Students/Parents should complete a Letter of Intent form by April 1 st ◦ This is not a commitment to take college courses, but is required for the program ◦ Any late submissions will have to be approved by our superintendant

25  April 1 st – turn in Letter of Intent  Apply to a college or complete an application as part of taking a course at RHS  Take placement testing if needed/required  Meet with your HS counselor to discuss potential courses and to look at your high school schedule  Meet with college advisor to choose and schedule courses  Submit your college schedule to your HS counselor

26   Visit college websites  Talk to your HS counselor

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