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Dual Enrollment Revealed Everything you want to know about the program.

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1 Dual Enrollment Revealed Everything you want to know about the program.

2 General Information  Dual Enrollment courses are extremely rigorous and are intended for students who have demonstrated both the highest level of academic achievement and a commitment to hard work.  Since Dual Enrollment courses are designed to give to the student college-level, subject specific credits, the materials covered are extensive and the pace, rapid. Many students are not prepared for the pace and rigor of a Dual Enrollment class. For those that choose to take a Dual Enrollment course, it is expected that they will meet the GPA and test requirements and that they will remain in the course the entire semester.  Students will be allowed to sign up for four (4) Dual Enrollment courses per semester.

3 Requirements  Please Look at the Requirements paper that we gave you at the beginning of this meeting. Read it and raise your hands if you have any questions.

4 Enrollment in the Program  To be enrolled in the program, you and one of your parents must attend a mandatory meeting to learn the generals about the program.  After the orientation, you must create a Moodle student account (be sure that you have the paper with the instructions). This account will be your reference for everything related to Dual Enrollment. It is your responsibility to check that account on a regular basis. We are not going to tell you anything in any other way or remind you anything, and: “ nobody told me ” is not a valid excuse, you are a College student.

5 Enrollment in a Class  In order to be registered in a class, you must submit all the necessary paper work on time. Late forms are not going to be accepted. Follow the calendar in your Moodle Account. In the same way, incomplete forms are not going to be processed.  If Mater Academy offers the AP class that will give you a credit that is equivalent to the Dual Enrollment class, you must take the AP class first. If you don't pass the test, you can take the Dual Enrollment Class after.  If the Dual Enrollment class is offered at Mater Academy you will not be allowed to take it off campus.

6 Final Steps for enrollment  Depending on the College you want to attend, the registration process will be different, along with the deadlines.  Your Moodle account has all the information you need for each college. We will update it the moment we receive the information from each institution.  Once you decide which college you want to attend, fill the applications and make an appointment with Mrs. Macho ( through Moodle)to review and sign the documents.

7 Textbooks  At the beginning of each term, you must submit a textbook request form to the library ( form available at your Moodle Account). This must be accompanied by a copy of your schedule and a copy of your syllabus. Please allow 72 hours to receive the book or the voucher. If you owe something to the library, ( books, fines, etc.) you will not receive a book until you clear your account.  At the end of each term, it is your responsibility to return your Dual Enrollment books to the library (including the books that you acquired using a book voucher). A late fee will be applied if you don’t accomplish this requirement.

8 Academic Performance You must meet the following requirements:  If a student struggles with a Dual Enrollment course, it is expected that they will commit themselves to a greater effort and seek regular support services, one of which could be tutoring – (Dual Enrollment professors have office hours for this purpose).  You must take the PSAT test in 11 th grade.  You must take the SAT and the ACT by the end of your junior year.  By the end of 11 th grade, you must complete one of the SAT Prep options that we offer here at Mater. If not, you can take one outside our school. (you must bring proof of the course completion to my office)

9 Academic Performance (2)  After the first 6 credits, you will not be able to continue the program until you take at least one AP class each school year.  If you ask to be withdrawn from your AP classes because you cannot manage the work load, you must be withdrawn from your Dual Enrollment classes.  You are only allowed to withdraw from a Dual Enrollment class. Changing from one to another is not going to be possible.  After two withdrawals (unless they are for medical reasons), you will not be able to continue the program.  If you need to withdraw from a class, you must fill the withdraw form, and follow the steps for withdrawing specified in the form. REMEMBER I do not have access to your account, I can ask for the withdraw but I cannot check that it was completed. YOU MUST CHECK AND LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!

10 Academic Performance (3)  Students participating in dual enrollment must earn a grade of "C" or higher in their college-level courses to continue their participation in the program. If you are taking FIU classes at the FIU campus, you must have a B or higher in order to take more classes there.  After you accumulate 9 Dual Enrollment credits (Credits earned through AP will not count), you must have College Level in Reading and Writing in order to be able to continue taking Dual Enrollment. (See attachment to learn about your options to prove you have college level)  If your classes are off campus, at the end of each term, you must send a copy of your grades to Mrs. Macho via email (  It is your responsibility to open an online account with each university or college you are taking classes with and to check your high school transcripts to be sure that the credits have been transferred.

11 Academic Performance (4)  In the same way, if you want to graduate from MDC with an Associate in Arts, it is your responsibility to send AP scores, SAT and/or ACT tests, grades from other universities, CLEP results, etc. to your MDC Account. The cost of doing that is your responsibility. Remember that if you ask the AP scores and the SAT and/or the ACT scores to be sent, the moment you register for any of those tests, the test makers will send the scores for free.  You are the only one with access to your college accounts and to your Degree Audit ; therefore, you are the one that must be checking your progress. Questions? Visit your Dual Enrollment Coordinator.  If you need to contact your Dual Enrollment Coordinator, remember to do it before or after school. Check your Moodle account for designated hours. No Dual Enrollment advisement will be conducted during the school day; you must be in class, working to earn the good grades you need to continue in the program.

12 What to do next?  If you decide to take MDC Dual Enrollment Classes, fill the MDC Admissions form and return it to the Library before Thursday April 10 th, 2014 @ 2:45 pm  None of the fields are optional, they must ALL be fill out.  If you do not have a SSN, you must see me for special arrangements.  For students already in the program ( and with passing scores in one of the test) the appointments will begin April 15 th after school

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