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WELCOME TO MRS. CONNER’S CLASS. WELCOME TO THE FOURTH GRADE! I hope you all had a great summer and are ready to learn many new things! There are several.

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2 WELCOME TO THE FOURTH GRADE! I hope you all had a great summer and are ready to learn many new things! There are several things we do need to discuss this morning. Please turn on your best listening skills.


4 CLASSROOM RULES 1. Listen carefully. 2. Follow directions. 3. Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working. 4. Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions. 5. Respect school and personal property. 6. Work and play safely.

5 OUR DAILY SCHEDULE 7:50-8:10- Homeroom 8:15-9:15- Math (Mrs. Conner) 9:20-10:15- VA Studies (Mr. King) 10:20-10:45 Recess 10:50-12:40-Language Arts (Mrs. Robertson) 12:45-1:15- Lunch 1:25-2:10- Resource 2:15-3:00- Science 3:00-3:10- Pack Up/Dismissal

6 OUR MORNING RESPONSIBILITIES 1.Unpack 2.Sharpen 2 pencils 3.Copy homework. 4.Bathroom and water 5.Do activity on the board silently.

7 RESOURCE SCHEDULE Monday- P.E. (Must wear sneakers) Tuesday- Music Wednesday- Art (B) Thursday- Library Friday- P.E. (Must wear sneakers)

8 THE TOP TEN RESPONSIBILITIES AS A FOURTH GRADER 1. Respect yourself, all of your teachers, and your peers. 2. Complete ALL of your homework each night. 3. Walk quietly when you enter and leave this room. 4. Trust that your teachers have your best interest at heart. 5. Be truthful to your parents. 6. Make sure your parents receive everything your teacher sends home. 7. Ask for help when you do not understand something. 8. Keep up with your textbooks, notebooks, and library books. 9. Accept responsibility for all of your actions! 10. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!!!

9 DISCIPLINE  We will cooperate with Mrs. Conner and all other adults.  Students will have to go to time out at the back of our room or another classroom if you can’t cooperate.  You are expected to follow my directions the first time they are given.  You are expected to complete all your assignments in a timely manner.



12 LUNCH  The fourth graders eat lunch from 12:45-1:15.  Mrs. Barr will be supervising you in the cafetorium.  I expect you to RESPECT and LISTEN to her at all times.  Do not SCREAM or RUN!  I will assign seats if you can not handle these responsibilities.

13 FIRE DRILLS  How are we suppose to behave during one?

14 FIRE DRILLS  We will be having at least 1 fire drill per week for the month of September.  Be prepared!  When the fire drill sounds, please line up quietly and quickly. We are to exit through the doors by the computer labs.  DO NOT TALK AT ALL DURING THE FIRE DRILL!

15 WALKING THROUGH THE HALLWAYS  When we go to lunch, resource, or recess you are NOT to talk in the hallways.  Why should we not talk in the hallways?

16 HOMEWORK  You are to copy down your homework as part of your morning responsibilities.  You MUST complete all your homework every night.  We will probably not have math homework every night.  Students who complete all their homework each night will be rewarded. Students that do not complete their homework will have consequences.

17 TEXTBOOKS/WORKBOOKS  It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with all your textbooks/workbooks/interactive notebooks.  Do not write in any of your textbooks.  Please take care of your workbooks. They rip easily.  All of your books for my class stay under your desk and all your books for Mrs. Robertson’s class will go on the shelf.

18 MATH  Math Wiki:  “I did it in my head” is not allowed in here.  YOU MUST WORK OUT ALL MATH PROBLEMS UNLESS IT IS A BASIC FACT!  You will be marked wrong if I do not see your work shown.

19 MATH CLASS  Check homework  Fact Drill  Multistep word problem  Vocabulary  Video  Instruction  Guided Practice/Stations  Independent Practice

20 BINDER & MATH TEXTBOOK  I will put signs outside my room each day if you have to bring your binder and your textbook.  Usually on Fridays, we will be putting our papers from the week in our binders.  Please do not bring it to class unless you need to.

21 BATHROOM/WATER FOUNTAIN  Homeroom: You are to use the restroom and get water before 8:10. Only 1 boy and 1 girl are allowed out at a time.  Other classes: We will go as a group or you can go while we are doing our independent practice. You will not be allowed to go during instruction unless it is an emergency.

22 CHARACTER WORD OF THE MONTH RESPECT Respect means treating others the way you want to be treated. You are to respect your teachers, your peers, and yourself.

23 TWO IMPORTANT REMINDERS …  Please eat breakfast every morning!  If you wear glasses, please don’t forget to bring them to school.

24 QUESTIONS FOR ME? Let’s have some fun!

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