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2 Case Study Challenge VW launched its new Golf MK6 GTI model in the worst economic environment in a century after disappointed reviews for its Golf MK5 GTI model, and had to do so with a much lower marketing budget. Objective Spread positive Word Of Mouth about the new model to help generate sales and hit sales target Strategy Market Sentinel persuaded VW that they needed to develop additional channels of communication with the market or risk achieving the same poor sales results as the Mk5 launch. Market Sentinel techniques identified the best connected most influential commentators on the subject of Hot Hatch backs in blogs and forums advised VW how to approach them, and persuaded VW to treat them in the same way as motoring journalists. So the 16 most influential commentators on the topic were invited to the Track Day and the Launch. Results Sales of the GTi exceeded target by 41%. Market Sentinel tools monitored the result showing significant increases in share of voice and improved sentiment predicting the sales success. VW have adopted the approach as standard and it will be used in all major campaigns.

3 The Network

4 Top 20 Influencers Hot HatchBacks

5 Graphs

6 Campaign success TargetAchieved Video in each forum1more than 1 User-generated videos517 Viewers of videos and threads17,50069,217 Posts450473 Sentiment increase0.10.2 Before Event (10th May – 3rd June)After Event (4th June – 26th July) Mentions per day1729 Sentiment + 0.5+ 0.7

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