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August 23, 2013 Social Media Audit. Overview  Goals –Evaluate current social networking status –Identify trending topics and social influencers –Provide.

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1 August 23, 2013 Social Media Audit

2 Overview  Goals –Evaluate current social networking status –Identify trending topics and social influencers –Provide framework and recommendations to:  Expand PROS profile and influencer status on relevant social platforms  Increase PROS visibility  Process –Analyzed PROS activity  Tracked quantity and quality of activity –Utilized data from Sysomos  Tailored timeline to Jan.-Aug.15, 2013 page 2


4 PROS on Social page 4  The word cloud provides a visual depiction content, with words weighted based on frequency  Word cloud analysis shows brand is prominent, but connection to key themes and market dialogue is not apparent ­ Small words that should be made bigger: ­ Data ­ Big Data ­ Sales ­ Empower ­ Notable missing words include: ­ Strategy ­ B2B ­ Quote

5 PROS on Twitter  By the numbers –PROS following: 560 –Impressive followers: 978  Yet not high relevance –Authority score: 6 (out of 10)  Follower authority score: 3.9 (average) –Average of 13 new followers per month  Content analysis –Largely a driver to corporate blog material –Increasingly featuring industry and company news –Frequent use of hashtags * Mention Type details percentage of followers that either re-tweeted PROS or included PROS in their own tweet *Engagement level details how many tweets followers tweeted at PROS from their own accounts page 5 Follower Growth for @PROS_Inc

6 PROS on Other Social Channels  By the numbers –3,758 followers –3 product recommendations  Content analysis –Approximately one post per day –Good distribution of company news/job postings  Content synched across other social channels page 6  By the numbers –229 fans –30 talking about PROS in past 6 weeks –35 wall posts with 206 likes and 7 comments in last 40 days –4 likes in past 6 weeks  Content analysis –98% favorable sentiment –Mostly links to PROS blog posts  By the numbers –Authority: 3 –InLink count: 20  Content analysis –Regular material on pricing and big data blog –Industry analysis, news –Buzzwords include customer, b2b, competition

7 Competitive Landscape

8 page 8 Twitter

9 page 9 Word Cloud

10 page 10 Word Cloud

11 page 11 Word Cloud

12 page 12 Facebook

13 page 13 LinkedIn

14 page 14 Competitor blog

15 page 15 Competitor blog

16 page 16 Competitor blog

17 Key Words Analyzed

18 Big Data page 18 Total social mentions: >50,000 Top 10 Hashtags Popularity Over Time

19 Sales Effectiveness page 19 Total social mentions: 12,274 Top 10 Hashtags 6.9 million estimated impressions from 2,707 Twitter mentions by 1,387 users Popularity Over Time

20 Pricing page 20 Total social mentions: 3.7 million Popularity Over Time Top 10 Hashtags

21 Data Science page 21 Total social mentions: 64,826 Popularity Over Time 192 million estimated impressions from 46,945 Twitter mentions by 36,016 users Top 10 Hashtags

22 Midmarket page 22 Top 10 Hashtags Total social mentions: >25,000 Popularity Over Time 29.3 million estimated impressions from 11,418 Twitter mentions by 6,219 users

23 Recommendations

24 Twitter  Provide consistent stream of compelling content –Maximize reach with use of top industry hashtags (see slides 15-19) –RT others/influencers’ content –Tweet about content other than PROS assets –Tag influencers and executives, where applicable  Expand universe of followers to spur follow-backs and increase reach –Influential tweeters in the business, big data, sales and pricing spaces –Relevant media contacts specific to big data and sales –Customers and partners  Live tweet from industry and company events –Build profile of executive team –Extend reach with event hashtag page 24

25 Initial Influential Twitter Targets to Follow page 25

26 LinkedIn  Consider renaming group to be community-focused to encourage more interactions –PROS  PROS, Inc.(1,771 members) –Vendavo  Vendavo Pricing Software Professionals & Consultants (545 members)  Vendavo Pricing Network - Professionals & Users Worldwide (669 members) –Zilliant  Zilliant Mindshare Community (60 members)  Augment PROS corporate page –Encourage likes and shares by posting industry news  Cross-pollinate content from Twitter and blog  Pose questions for more technical followers page 26

27 Other Social Channels  Utilize customers and partners for Q&A blog posts –Hold prep call in advance and ghost write on their behalf –Ask companies to cross-promote on their own channels  Scope Facebook activity –Leverage largely as channel to engage current and prospective employees –Post more photos from industry and corporate events –Drive “likes” and “shares” with posts engaging polls, posts  E.g., “Like if you agree…” or “Which of the following do you find most important…”  Encourage employees to post –Develop social media policy for consistency and to minimize any risks –Create weekly and news-driven company-wide emails with easy-to-share content  Suggested tweets  One-click to post  “Shout outs” to active participants page 27

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