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Leverage technology to get a handle on your social community.

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2 Leverage technology to get a handle on your social community.

3 What is the big deal? Why is there so much interest in extending CRM to external social networks?



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7 Before Online Social Networks Voicing Concern About Product Service …but with online social networks… Buying Something  Might tell a neighbor, friend, relative, co-worker, etc…  Might ask a neighbor, friend, relative, co-worker, etc…  Might just do research via dealership visits, publications, etc…

8 20% of customers who complain via social media expect a response within one hour of consumers today complain about products and services via their social networks 44% Amplified Voice & Reach

9 Online Research & Opinion of Friends & Influencers Trust, Recommendations A 2 nd degree connection via LinkedIn has 67% response rate! A cold email sent by marketing/sales has less than 3% response rate

10 9 out of 10 buyers say that when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find you. 93% of B2B buyers start online Sources: DemandGen Report 2011; iMEDIA CONNECTION.


12 InvestBe FoundBe [In]Credible

13 Source: MarketingSherpa Be Found Source: Hubspot, 2012 CLEAR differentiation On-site tracking A reason to stay – a reason to raise a hand Optimized and updated (If they can’t find you – they can’t engage)

14 84 % of organizations have remote workers Changes in how we work 65% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool 20 % expect a response within 1 hour via social media Rise of the social customer Average of 4 consumer devices used every day 44 % of consumers complain via social media Be Found

15 “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin “Selling is 10x easier…once you have established trust.” David Skok, Building the Machine Be [In]Credible


17 Design your site to be interactive and easy to navigate Keep it easy to read – short, bullets, whitespace and graphics. Save the text for downloads. Have multiple AND clear calls to action Keep it FRESH! Watch your bounce / conversion rates Be [In]Credible

18 Social is a two-way street – when the time is right you can use these tools to have meaningful conversations with your stakeholders. An avenue by which you can listen and really hear what it is your customers are thinking and saying, to uncover trends and identify key influencers. ENGAGE LISTEN Garner insights by monitoring buzz, understanding sentiment and measuring impact. Share impactful and valuable information and help them learn and connect with experts. INFLUENCE

19 Changes how we work 65% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool Acquire Acquiring customers today and in the future will require companies to have the right insights that drive the right action and ability to close business 57 % thru buying cycle before sales contact 2017 CMO spending on technology will exceed that of the CIO By 50/50 CMO rule. 50% of technology and marketing spend is driving results, 50% is not, but which?

20 But how can we do that?





25 Use social tools as an additional channel to reach and inform employees, partners and customers with the latest news and hone your actions to perfection Campaign responses are analyzed to determine effectiveness across all audiences. With positive real-time feedback, your marketing team can replicate their success in other markets. Your marketing team launches a new product campaign, readying sales and partner channels via social networks. 106% Increase in the # of Americans following a brand on social networks since 2010 McKinsey, The Social Economy, July 2012


27 Butterfly Publisher









36 Turn your customers into loyal advocates Listen and analyze social conversations to find opportunities to engage customers in the channel they prefer, use internal social tools to create a connected response. The marketing team sees the comment on their social dashboard where they can collaborate on a response plan. They bring the customer care team into the conversation. The care team escalates the issue to the right expert who reaches out to the customer on twitter to solve problem. The solution is then shared back via the internal network. A high value customer comments on Twitter about an issue with your service. 78% of survey respondents believe social media is the future of customer service.

37 Top 3 Take-Aways

38 questions? final thoughts?


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