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Government Uses and Benefits. Social Communications Specialist Chair, Statewide Social Media

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1 Government Uses and Benefits

2 Social Communications Specialist Chair, Statewide Social Media Board @sunstrumn

3 Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations, which allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.


5 TRILLION BILLION MILLION State of the Internet:  107T # of emails sent in 2010  3.3B # of email accounts globally in 2012  294B average # of emails sent each day  2.1 Billion users across the globe  45% of internet users are under age 25  555M websites worldwide, 300M created last year alone

6 TRILLION BILLION MILLION State of the Social Media:  2.4B Social networking accounts worldwide  800+M registered Facebook User  225M Twitter accounts  62 % of adults have a social profile, 55% in America  Social commerce sales are expected to reach $14.25B in 2012  90% of marketers use social media channels for business

7 Each year… Every day… Per hour… In the last second… State of the Social Media:  YouTube videos get 4B views per day  340M Tweets are sent every day  Time spent/person/month on Facebook = ~8hours  54% of monthly Facebook users (901M) access via mobile  Pinterest is now the 3 rd largest social network with 11.7M users  The average Pinterest user has 2,677 pins

8 Full inventory, Resources, Policy, Best Practices, Helpful hints


10 © Why would a social presence be of benefit to your organization? © How are you providing additional value? © What outlet is the right one for you?

11 © Identifying your online customer © Determining goals and your return on investment © The Rules of Engagement

12  Get started  Identify Yourself  Target  Be unique Store hours, info, staff Spread the word! Rubber stamps, flyers, postcards, bag stuffers, receipts Vanity URL, branded welcome page

13  Start simple  Shared stories  Mentions and collaboration  Support promotional efforts across multiple channels  Create a buzz….decorate for season  Social plug-ins  Facebook advertisements

14 DIVERSIFYCOLLABORATE  Photos, Videos, Questions, Polls, etc.  Pick a theme, build an expectation  Have a contest  Join Foursquare  Seek out likeminded thought leaders  Analyze response patterns and post accordingly.  Recreate the mundane  Be exclusive

15 Infographics and pictures, like this one, which include statistics, quotes or important messages are much more likely to be shared and seen.

16 Best Practice: Cross promotion of initiatives, programs and information amplifies our message and presents a unified image. Add tags, photos and links to additional content from

17 Best Practice: Create a message that is unique to your audience. Edit content to provide relevant information and value to your followers on requested share topics.

18 Best Practice: Using Twitter account @usernames and standardized hashtags allows you recognize fellow accounts and create a one stop resource for citizens on a given initiative.

19  Policy  Site creation  Style, images, content, disclaimers  There is no expectation of privacy  Confidential information, defamatory or derogatory postings  Reinforce proper usage, activities, professionalism, no advertising

20 Schedule, monitor, reply.

21 THINGS TO DO NOW…BE AN INFLUENCER  Follow their company  Add them to a Twitter fav’s list  Find their blog, comment, share and tweet it  Share their Facebook Posts and RT them  Create a buzz….Hashtags  Show your expertise…Klout

22 Know the risk – avoid oversharing Tweet Responsibly Be smart about privacy Post a Disclaimer

23 Don’t: Only connect with the intent to sell Connect, but never interact Spam groups


25 Create a Tab Feature presentations via Slideshare Share your reading list, events calendar or poll your network

26 Draw some extra attention. Facebook offers an exceptional targeted advertising service. Consider promoting your next event.

27 Metrics Measurements Analytics Evaluation  How do you quantify good customer service? Value Response Growth  Can you afford to not participate?

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