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SIRS Discoverer Opens a world of information to students Online Tutorial |

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1 SIRS Discoverer Opens a world of information to students Online Tutorial |

2 Welcome to SIRS Discoverer An award-winning database designed with the young researcher in mind. Strengthens research, reading, writing, and computer skills. Articles and graphics from more than 1,900 U.S. and international magazines, newspapers, and U.S. government documents. SIRS Discoverer ®

3 Welcome to SIRS Discoverer Materials are carefully selected for their educational content, interest, and level of readability. Because it includes middle and elementary curriculum topics, Discoverer can be easily integrated into classroom activities. SIRS Discoverer ®

4 SIRS Discoverer WebFind Now includes Discoverer WebFind as a content set. Dynamically updated collection of websites. Websites are evaluated for research value, high interest, credibility, and age appropriateness. Sites are monitored for content changes by SIRS' sophisticated software. SIRS Discoverer ®

5 SIRS Solutions Make The Grade Supplement Outdated Textbooks Create Reading Lists Provide Pathfinders Curriculum Integration Homework Help Download Photographs, Graphics, Maps, Charts Research Papers Persuasive Speeches Debate Team Research Current Events Discussions Consult Primary Source Materials Analyze Statistical Data Find Materials Linked to State, National, Canadian Standards How Can I Utilize SIRS in My Library or Classroom?

6 Database Features Activities Biographies Country Facts Careers Fiction Holidays Pathfinders Photo Essays Pictures Maps of the World Websites Whats Inside

7 Database Features Articles, images, and websites are regularly selected by our SIRS research team comprised of 40+ professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. Highlights interesting articles and images that are tied to timely themes. Top Pick

8 Database Features Research ideas to help pupils start researching right away. Includes: Born this Month Biographies Holidays & Celebrations World cultures Challenge Quest Quiz and pathfinders aid information literacy Suggested Research Topics Start research with these top searches Pathfinders

9 Database Features Provides a shortcut to full-text articles that offer activities: Science experiments Craft projects Writing activities Activities are marked with a label in the article results list (an a) to make them easy to identify within results. Activities

10 Database Features 1,500+ full-text biographies of famous and notable people are available, including U.S. Presidents. Available in multiple reading levels. WebFind features sites with biographical information on artists, scientists, inventors, historical figures, and more. Biographies

11 Database Features From Historical Fiction to Myths and Fairytales, SIRS Discoverer provides hundreds of articles, and websites, to suit every interest. Fiction

12 Database Features Articles with information on nearly 200 countries. Printable maps, flags, population statistics, government information, languages spoken, economic data, history. Many countries also have links to Culture Facts. In addition, profiles and graphics are included for every U.S. State and Canadian Province. Country Facts

13 Database Features Photo Essays portray social issues and global concepts. Each topic consists of several essays containing photographs, maps, or other graphic elements, along with brief, informative text. Photo Essays

14 Database Features Keyword search or browse for pictures using an alphabetical index. 33,000+ high-quality pictures accompany full-text articles. Pictures include photographs, illustrations, maps, charts, and more. Send pictures as attachments, or save to HD/CD/USB flash drives for use in presentations. Pictures

15 Database Features More than 3,000 detailed, printable maps are available as an online reference almanac. Maps include all 50 United States, the provinces and territories of Canada, as well as nations and regions of the world. Includes U.S. Historical, World Historical, and Outline Maps. Maps of the World

16 Database Features Includes a collection of materials designed to help librarians and library patrons. Access anywhere in Discoverer from a link provided in the footer of every page, and on the home page. Educators Resources Additional resources and usage boosters

17 Database Features Podcasts What's New Newsletters Reference Toolbox Discoverer Workbooks Source Lists Directory of Publications Library Promotional Materials System Administrator Options Frequently Asked Questions Free online training More Educators Resources

18 Database Features Reference Works Current Events Spotlight of the Month The World Almanac ® for Kids Encyclopedia Britannica ®

19 Database Features Current Events Dynamically updated with full-text articles and graphics. New content added daily. Editor-selected to encourage research and awareness of current events.

20 Database Features Spotlight of the Month features a new topic each month covering timely to encourage further research. Preview the upcoming spotlight for lesson planning, or review the archive from the previous year. Spotlight of the Month

21 Database Features World Almanac The World Almanac for Kids provides information on a variety of topics including people, countries, animals, the environment, and history. Search or browse a table of contents. View maps and other related graphics.

22 Database Features Encyclopedia Search Encyclopedia Britannica's 17,440 entries. Research articles and images covering science, math, history, cultures, ideas, the natural world, places, people, and more.

23 SIRS Discoverer Search Paths 1. Subject Tree Search Locate content via 15 category buttons. Categories are divided into sub-topics, or branches, creating a subject tree. Useful when you have a general subject in mind and allows you to explore many different fields without limiting you to predetermined topics. Three Search Methods

24 Database Features 1. Subject Tree Search Topics appear in each category and may be followed by article or website titles. An < indicates the branch has been expanded. Select the branch to return to that level of the tree. An > indicates there are additional levels beyond this branch in the tree. Three Search Methods

25 Database Features 2. Keyword Search Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT Truncation farm* -> farmers, farming Phrase Searchingaffirmative action Natural Language Why is the sky blue? Article Sorting Relevance Date Lexile Three Search Methods

26 Database Features 2. Keyword Search (Advanced) Additional search fields available, search by Title or Author, or together in conjunction with Full-Text. Reading Level Selectors: Easy, Moderate, Challenging Search in almanac or encyclopedia Limit results to a Lexile range. Three Search Methods

27 Database Features 3. Subject Headings Search Use this method when you have a specific research topic in mind. Articles are indexed according to Library of Congress subject headings. Three Search Methods

28 Database Features Search Results Results are returned with special icons and tools that aid in selecting content: 1. Source & Summary 2. Article or Website Title 3. Subjects 4. Pictures 5. Article Labels a – Activity f – Fiction p – People 6. Source/Publisher 7. Date 8. Size

29 Database Features Source Tabs & Modify Source tabs have been added to help further narrow your results. A search box at the bottom enable users to modify a search without having to start over.

30 Database Features Source & Summary Source information accompanies every full-text article and website. Summaries are written by SIRS editors to help students and teachers judge relevance quickly.

31 Database Features Full-Text Articles 100% Full-Text Keyword bolding of search terms Article Reading Levels In-line pictures support reading Links to related articles articles and pictures Print for reading or reference

32 Database Features WebFind Sites Selected by subject specialists to ensure age appropriateness, credibility, reliability. Continually monitored for content changes. Source, Summary, and Descriptor information aids in determining content. Supports curriculum through assigned Reading Levels, Topics, and Subjects.

33 Database Features Reading Levels Articles and sites are assigned a reading level according to editorial judgement, the Flesch Reading Ease and Lexile scale. Limit searches to include articles or websites of a single reading level or broader Lexile range, in any combination. Easy (Grades 1-4) General (All grades) Moderate (Grades 5-7) Challenging (Grades 8+)

34 Database Features Reading Levels Why use two separate reading levels? SIRS editorially-assigned reading levels take into account subject matter, depth of coverage and Flesch Reading Ease scale. Lexile Scores provide a formalized measurement by which students and teachers can track their reading progress, one of the necessary requirements for NCLB funding. AgeSchool Year Typical Lexile Level Lexile Score (All grade levels) (Grades 1-4) (Grades 5-7) (8 th Grade & Beyond)

35 Database Features Subjects Subjects are words or phrases based on Library of Congress subject headings that describe what an article is about and link to related articles. All articles and websites are hand- indexed to ensure relevant results.

36 Database Features Pictures The Camera icon signifies that there are one or more pictures available. Select the icon to view a list. In addition, articles include inline thumbnail images, which assist researchers and create context.

37 Database Features Article Labels a - Designates the article contains an activity. f - Designates the article is a work of fiction. p - Designates the article contains biographical information about a person.

38 Database Features Users may full-text articles and pictures to their personal addresses right from the article display.

39 Database Features Print A Print button displays at the top of each article. Allows quick and easy access to the print dialog box of your browser.

40 SIRS Discoverer Additional Help SIRS educational and training materials meet the funding criteria for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Provide a means for testing student achievement and highlighting performance improvement strategies with student research worksheets.

41 SIRS Discoverer Additional Help In addition, SIRS provides links to Standards Correlations in our Educators Resources area. Also online at under Curriculum Support.

42 SIRS Discoverer Additional Help Tutorial Dictionary &Thesaurus Help Index Search Tips How to Cite Workbooks Educators Resources Bookmark

43 Additional Aids Dictionary + Thesaurus A dictionary and thesaurus are available to assist users in defining words, checking spelling, choosing the perfect word, and more.

44 Additional Aids Help Index Context-sensitive help provides detailed instructions on locating articles and using database features. SIRS Discoverer's Help feature may be searched by keyword or table of contents. All database keywords are indexed for easy reference.

45 Additional Aids Search Tips Search tips are provided in a handy reference sheet that can be viewed or printed. Review meanings and search syntax. Learn how to choose a search method, use Boolean operators, phrase searching, and more.

46 Additional Aids How to Cite How to Cite provides descriptions and real examples on how to cite using the Modern Language Association Format (MLA), the American Psychological Association Format (APA), and Turabian.

47 Additional Aids Workbooks SIRS workbooks contain exercises that help users master search methods. Educators Guide Primary School Edition, targeting grades 1-5 Middle School Edition, targeting grades 6-8 Available in PDF and HTML.

48 Additional Aids Includes a collection of materials designed to help librarians and library patrons. Access anywhere in from a link provided in the footer of every page. Educators Resources

49 SIRS Source Lists & Download the latest source lists. Researcher, Discoverer, Renaissance, Decades Additional background information, training materials, posters, custom flyers, videos.

50 SIRS Discoverer Questions? Call our ProQuest representatives at

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