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ELibrary Science Product Demonstration 2008. Get ready to experience science in a whole new way –eLibrary Science offers targeted science text and tools.

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1 eLibrary Science Product Demonstration 2008

2 Get ready to experience science in a whole new way –eLibrary Science offers targeted science text and tools along with unique multimedia, manipulative, and interactive content –Found in no other online science reference database eLibrary Science

3 Go beyond basic science reference and textbook information –Support earth, life, physical, medical, and applied sciences in one integrated source –Explore thousands of standards-aligned full-text and multimedia files that help students research and understand science concepts –Use tools that allow educators to build engaging science materials, lessons, assessments, and activities for students Why eLibrary Science?

4 Easy-to-Use Interface Features the easy-to-use natural language and topic search of eLibrary Offers new editorial content designed to highlight topics Provides advanced search capabilities for serious research Powerful, yet friendly interface built for K-12 users

5 Tap into a vast library of content from general interest to peer-reviewed –Use keyword and advanced search to locate information –More than 300 leading science magazines and journals –Use Topic search to expand searches across the entire vault of eLibrary sources –Easy to locate highly relevant content from general interest titles indexed to thousands of science topics Versatile Science Content

6 Salem Press Titles Exclusive Salem Press Content More than 20 of Salem's high-quality reference titles Available for the first time in electronic format Hands-on content thats classroom ready

7 Compelling Multimedia Experience science concepts first-hand with multimedia Use thousands of images, websites, and streaming video files for illustration, demos, or presentations Enhance text-only information Illustrate complex theories with interactive tools

8 Compelling Sources Websites Videos Images

9 Interactive Features Fig. 1: Select any element from this interactive periodic table to display key information on the element. Fig. 2: View and interact with a model of the elements structure and optical spectrum.

10 Editorial Content Editorial content explores science, past and present Famous Scientists examines leading scientists from around the world Science News highlights the latest news in the sciences Today in Science History features important discoveries from the past

11 Curriculum Tools Integrate eLibrary Science directly into instruction Search and find resources by your state science standards Build and share customized content that links to online material Reliable, relevant, and appropriate for daily classroom use, research, or activities

12 Science Standards-Aligned Find content aligned to state and national standards Saves time during the lesson planning process Provides targeted, on-task information Ensures resources are aligned to benchmarks Provides a vast pool of reliable, relevant content to augment existing curriculum

13 Standards Alignment Example Fig. 1: eLibrary Science queries the benchmark against the our topic tree. Results display topics related to the benchmark. Fig. 2: Topics lead to related full-text and multimedia sources. Ensures educators can find updated content as new documents are added.

14 Create Customized Content Create customized lesson content using BookCarts Build reading lists, topic pages, project pages, and lesson plans content Easy-to-use templates link to publications, articles, multimedia files, websites Share your BookCarts within a school or district Create and deliver assessments

15 Science BookCarts Include author, subject, grade level, date, title, and description in your BookCart. Access relevant titles, documents, and sites Add assessment quiz Using BookCarts, you can keep students on-topic during classroom or lab use, and can ensure students are using only the most relevant material for a topic as identified by you

16 Model Curriculum: BookCarts Educator Models Pre-created BookCarts are a click away List of models @ scicarts scicarts Hands-on examples Perfect starting points Customize for local usage Add pre- and post- assessments

17 eLibrary Science Questions? Call our ProQuest representatives at 1.800.521.0600

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