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ELibrary The user-friendly general reference solution 2012-2013.

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1 eLibrary The user-friendly general reference solution 2012-2013

2 eLibrary is the easiest to use online research tool available –Provides quality, proprietary licensed content not available on the free web, Google, etc. Why Schools Choose eLibrary

3 Online delivery provides currency, diversity of content, and variety of access methods – all in an engaging environment Why Schools Choose eLibrary

4 Standards searching helps educators integrate technology into the curriculum, increasing technology literacy –Meets NCLB requirements, qualifying for purchase through Title I, II-D, III, and V Why Teachers Choose eLibrary

5 Access reading-level and curriculum- specific resources from multiple sources –Teachers can create electronic BookCarts – lesson modules and resource collection pages with links to eLibrary items Why Teachers Choose eLibrary The BookCart tool is only available through ProQuest!

6 Students can use the search by topic feature to retrieve a manageable amount of quality content, quickly & easily –Safe, selected, age- and reading-level appropriate resources Why Students Choose eLibrary

7 Students need an integrated resource with varied content, media types and search methods –Parents need the assurance their students are doing research in safe, vetted resources, unlike Google or Wikipedia Remote access enables parents to participate in the study process Why Families Choose eLibrary Parent use guidance available @

8 Public libraries need to offer an easy-to-use research solution to patrons –Widest range of media types – from traditional periodical content and pictures to audio and video files to reference works Point-and-click functionality ensures all users find information they need –Access to local, regional and national newspapers –Daily electronic newspaper updates Why Libraries Choose eLibrary

9 Reference desk gives integrated access to dictionary, encyclopedia, almanacs, and much more –Library staff can create electronic BookCarts –Webpages on topics of community interest or research activities for patrons of all ages and reading levels Why Libraries Choose eLibrary Free marketing kits and newsletters boost usage and interest @

10 ProQuest resources unites high quality content, standards-based curriculum, and online technologies –Provides resources wherever learning takes place We advocate the WISE use of technology: –Widespread – throughout the school, library, and community –Interactive – engaging for users and extended into community through BookCarts, local configuration, and supplied activities –Sustained – research, presentations, fact-checking, lesson planning, instruction, and more –Effective – promotes technology and information literacy About ProQuest Solutions

11 Eight Unique Source Types Newspapers Magazines Books Maps Websites Pictures Audio/Video Clips Radio/TV Transcripts

12 Easy Search Methods Basic: Keyword, Boolean, Natural Language Advanced: Publication, Title, Author, more…

13 Search: Related Queries & Research Topics

14 Results: Research TopicsEditorCreated!EditorCreated!

15 Results: Sorting & Lexiles 100% Full Text 100%

16 More Like This, Translate, Best…

17 Send Resources: Email

18 Documents Like This + My List

19 My List: Collecting Resources

20 Boolean Search Example

21 Pictures Source Sort

22 Picture Result

23 Browse eLibrary Publications



26 Topic Browse



29 Standards Browse


31 Standards Search


33 Standards Search Results

34 BookCart Tool: Collection Creator

35 BookCarts: Hundreds of Models Essential questions, standards, readings, publication links, and much more, help students make the grade with our model BookCarts

36 Help Access

37 Why eLibrary? Comprehensive, yet easy-to-use searching for beginners to advanced researchers Curriculum integration tools are built in Eight different media types, plus editor- curated Research Topics and more: Newspapers Magazines Books Websites Pictures Maps Audio/Video Clips TV/Radio Transcripts

38 Help & Solution Information ProQuest Support Center Support materials to help you encourage use throughout your school Quick Start Guides Posters Free Newsletters Training Videos & Podcasts Product Logos PowerPoint Presentations Press Release Templates Student & Teacher Flyers And more! Local Configuration Manage and edit their default eLibrary account settings Change default settings Configure multimedia access Create local library holdings Add additional account settings for specific workstations And more BookCart Administration Create new BookCarts Edit and delete existing BookCarts Search and locate available BookCarts across your school/district and others

39 eLibrary Questions? Call our ProQuest representatives at 1.800.521.0600

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