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SIRS Knowledge Source Interface for SIRS Solutions Online Tutorial |

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1 SIRS Knowledge Source Interface for SIRS Solutions Online Tutorial |

2 Welcome to SIRS & SKS An online interface that provides integrated access to thousands of full-text articles, documents, websites, and graphics from SIRS highly-acclaimed reference solutions. SIRS Knowledge Source ® (SKS)

3 SIRS Researcher ® General Reference, Social Issues, Health, Science, Business SIRS ® Government Reporter Historic and Government Documents, Directories, Almanacs SIRS ® Renaissance Current Perspectives on the Arts & Humanities SIRS ® WebSelect Selected Internet Learning Sites (20,000+) Link to SIRS ® Decades Primary/Secondary Sources: 20th Century American History Link to SIRS Discoverer ® Designed with the Younger Researcher in Mind (Grades 3-9) SIRS SKS Research Solutions

4 Database Features SIRS Leading Issues offers easy access to 100 of the most researched issues. Top Ten user choices are updated monthly. Develops critical thinking skills through the use of cross references. Promotes problem solving by covering all issue aspects. Current and enduring social issues

5 Database Features Top national and global headline news stories are dynamically updated delivering late breaking news. Includes photographs from Reuters News Archives. Todays News

6 Database Features In Researcher, click Images above the Search box. Text links at the top connect to the newest images and articles. 50 most recently added articles and graphics in one easy-to-access location. Keep abreast of current events and our latest additions. Newest Graphics & Articles

7 Database Features Top stories updated daily. Coverage of the historical background, key issues and key figures in the United States, Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, and India-Pakistan. Multimedia features, including interactive websites, maps, video and audio clips plus primary source documents. Focus on Terrorism

8 Database Features Covers all the subjects students and teachers need to build 21st Century Skills. Great place to start for homework help in math, science, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and health. Curriculum Pathfinders

9 Database Features Articles, images, websites are regularly selected by our SIRS research team. 40+ professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. Some featured as an Editors Top Pick at SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Government Reporter, SIRS Renaissance, and SIRS WebSelect. Editors Top Picks

10 Database Features Websites and articles are selected and grouped by course subject. Alongside research ideas for teaching across the curriculum. Perfect for educator and student use. Found in the Database Features tab. Curriculum Pathfinders

11 Database Features Fresh monthly Spotlight and Spotlight Quiz. Timely articles, subject headings, keywords, and topic browse paths link directly to coverage of monthly themes. Found in the Database Features tab and linked to SKS home page. Spotlights & Spotlight Quiz Get via Teachable Moments

12 SIRS Knowledge Source Solutions Contains thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political, and global issues. Articles and graphics are selected from 1,600+ domestic and international sources. SIRS Researcher

13 Search Capabilities Focused search options provide easy access to the materials students need. Subject Headings search provides targeted results, hand-selected and indexed to Library of Congress terms.

14 SIRS Leading Issues Nearly 100 issues continuously updated from a selection of 1,600+ sources. Supports common assignments from current events research to position papers and debates. Top 10 based on actual usage.

15 SIRS Leading Issues: Overview Concise overview helps students understand the issue. Results represent the full 360 degrees of the issue, including primary sources, viewpoint articles, graphics, websites, more. Suggested keywords and See references guide deeper research.

16 SIRS Leading Issues: Pro/Con PDF Research Guide offers a ready-made study packet for the issue. Pro and Con arguments are defined with links to resources on each side, providing a balanced approach. Viewpoints tab expands upon the highlighted articles to reference additional documents from other sources.

17 SIRS Leading Issues: MyAnalysis Aligns to Information Literacy standards. Research prompts help students develop critical thinking skills. Downloadable Guides suggest output formats to help students synthesize the information.

18 SIRS Researcher 500+ detailed, printable maps are available as an online reference almanac. Maps include each of the 50 United States, the provinces and territories of Canada, as well as nations and regions of the world. Also includes U.S. Historical, World Historical, Outline Maps. Maps of the World

19 SIRS Researcher Contains information from The World Almanac and Book of Facts. View articles about world history, profiles of all the nations of the world. Important facts describing major international organizations, all 50 states, and outlying U.S. areas. World Almanac Excerpts

20 SIRS Researcher Fresh monthly Spotlight and Spotlight Quiz. Timely articles, subject headings, keywords, and topic browse paths link directly to coverage of monthly themes. Found under Database Features and linked to Researcher home page. Spotlights & Spotlight Quiz Get via Teachable Moments

21 SIRS Researcher My Research allows users to tag selections and store search history for 30 days. Makes it easy to continue research at school or at home. yourself full-text articles, graphics, or create a bibliography from saved items.

22 SIRS Researcher Thats Debatable Interactive Poll engages students in the debate and vests them in the research process. Current Events coverage with Todays News from Reuters, Focus on Terrorism, and Natural Disasters. Additional Content

23 SIRS Researcher Curriculum Planning features, like Spotlight on… provide pathfinders and suggested research topics. Common Class Assignments are supported with Curriculum Pathfinders, World Almanac, and Maps. Additional Content

24 SIRS Researcher Search or sort by Lexile. Search content by state, national, or Canadian curriculum standards. Educators Resources include: Educator Guides, Search Strategies, Newsletters, and more. Supports Curriculum Additional support materials and usage

25 SIRS Knowledge Source Solutions Delivers thousands of full-text documents and graphics concerning a wide variety of topics: health, science, economics, environment, politics, foreign affairs, plus business and industry. SIRS Government Reporter

26 Profiles of 200 countries from the U.S. State Department include information about the people, history, government, economy and geography of each country. Maps of each country are available in a printable format. Country Profiles

27 SIRS Government Reporter The Federal Agency Directory supplies useful background and contact information for hundreds of U.S. Government departments, agencies and commissions. Links to documents pertaining to each agency are offered. Documents are sorted by department. Federal Agencies

28 SIRS Government Reporter Our Historic Documents collection provides more than two hundred full- text documents. Treaties and speeches with exceptional historic value. Historic Documents

29 SIRS Government Reporter Highly visual primary sources from the National Archives and Records Administration to illustrate social, political and cultural themes in U.S. history. Annotated bibliographies, time lines, glossaries, biographies enhance each unit. National Archives Documents

30 SIRS Government Reporter The U.S. Congressional Members Directory provides data on members of the Senate and House of Representatives, detailing professional background, telephone and contact information, plus committee assignments. Lists members of each committee. U.S. Congress

31 SIRS Government Reporter The U.S. Presidents Directory offers biographical information and a portrait of each U.S. president. Information about presidential libraries, burial places, and families. U.S. Presidents

32 SIRS Government Reporter U.S. Supreme Court Cases provides hundreds of full-text case documents dating back to the inception of the Court. Cases are selected for their constitutional or social value. U.S. Supreme Court Justices directory lists appointment, term, and background information for all justices. U.S. Supreme Court

33 SIRS Government Reporter Fresh monthly Spotlight and Spotlight Quiz. Timely articles, subject headings, keywords, and topic browse paths link directly to coverage of monthly themes. Found in Database Features tab and linked to Government Reporter home page. Spotlights & Spotlight Quiz Get via Teachable Moments

34 SIRS Knowledge Source Solutions 'Current Perspectives on the Arts & Humanities' provides current, dynamic information on Architecture & Design, Culture, Literature, Multimedia, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy & Religion and Visual Arts. SIRS Renaissance

35 A guide to the curricular study of prominent authors in major literary periods and regions. Links to hundreds of online E-Books, literary criticism, Glossary of Critical Terms, plus The New Lifetime Reading Plan. Literary Corner

36 SIRS Renaissance Lists major award winners in all eight Renaissance categories: Pulitzer Prizes in Literature Bollingen Prizes in Poetry Pritzker Architecture Prize National Medal of the Arts Academy Awards MacArthur Fellowships Award Recipients

37 SIRS Renaissance Contains profiles of notable people in Architecture & Design, Literature, Music, Multimedia, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion and Visual Arts. Notable People

38 SIRS Renaissance Extensive explanations of terminology, symbols, ideas and people associated with the arts and humanities. More than 11,000 definitions from The Hutchinson Dictionary of the Arts & Encyclopedia of Music, and more. Related Article links expand on the information presented. Glossary of the Arts

39 SIRS Renaissance Provides suggestions for arts and humanities readings beyond the Renaissance database. Each recommendation includes a brief description of the book, along with author and publisher information. Recommended References

40 SIRS Renaissance Fresh monthly Spotlight and Spotlight Quiz. Timely articles, subject headings, keywords, and topic browse paths link directly to coverage of monthly themes. Found in Database Features tab and linked to Renaissance home page. Spotlights & Spotlight Quiz Get via Teachable Moments

41 SIRS Knowledge Source Solutions Provides access to quality websites on 17 topics and dozens of sub-topics. Utilizing time-tested techniques, SIRS editors evaluate websites originating from around the globe for credibility and relevance to researchers' needs. SIRS WebSelect

42 Hand-selected by subject specialists for the best content. Retrieve the latest information on ever-changing fields. WebSelect sites are relevant, credible, reliable

43 SIRS WebSelect Access primary source information and high- impact graphical content, including Historic Documents, E-Books, and Maps. Dynamically updated and rigorously tested for content changes and high-availability. WebSelect sites are relevant, credible, reliable

44 SIRS WebSelect Fresh monthly Spotlight and Spotlight Quiz. Timely articles, subject headings, keywords, and topic browse paths link directly to coverage of monthly themes. Found in Database Features tab and linked to WebSelect home page. Spotlights & Spotlight Quiz Get via Teachable Moments

45 SIRS SKS Search Paths 1. SKS Portal Interface Users can query their full collection of SIRS solutions via a single search box. Click a single solution to mine specific resources. View Database Features and special content. Four Search Methods

46 Quick Search 2. Quick Search Users can locate articles, documents and Internet sites by searching subject headings or using their own combination of keywords and phrases. Sort results by relevance or date, plus Lexile range. Search Methods

47 Quick Search 2. Quick Search Search full-text articles and Internet site keywords via the Keyword/Natural Language option. Click Browse Subject Headings to quickly locate articles and sites related to a subject. Search Methods

48 Quick Search 2. Quick Search Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT Truncation farm* -> farmers, farming Phrase Searchingaffirmative action Natural Language Is there life on other planets? Article Sorting Relevance Date Lexile Search Methods

49 Advanced Search 3. Advanced Search Users can search multiple fields including full-text, author, and title. In addition, proximity and graphic title searching are available. Can select which SIRS solutions to query. Search Methods

50 Advanced Search 3. Advanced Search Advanced Boolean Searching with additional search fields available: Title Author Proximity Search Graphic Title (Captions) Search Lexiles Search Methods

51 Topic Browse 4. Topic Browse Users can locate resources by exploring categories, topics and sub-topics via a multi-level subject tree. Explore General Reference, Government and Arts & Humanities Categories by browsing a list of articles and sites. Search Methods

52 Search Results SIRS Results List SIRS results contain: Full-Text Title Source Summary Descriptors Graphics Publisher Date Size Database

53 Search Results 100% Full-Text Content Tag, , or bookmark articles and associated graphics. Thumbnail images expand upon the text and link to full-size graphics. Related Articles at bottom.

54 Search Results Source & Summary Source information is formatted for ease in creating citations. Summaries are written by SIRS staff and provide brief descriptions of articles and sites. Aid in the selection process. Source & Summary information can be sent via .

55 Search Results Graphics Graphics accompany many full-text articles. A camera icon signifies that there are one or more graphics available. Large graphics are also offered in PDF format for printing. Graphics can be sent via .

56 SIRS Knowledge Source Features Clean Copy for Printing Tagged List Create/Print Bibliography Librarians Corner Search History Session Save Bookmarking Dictionary & Thesaurus Help Topics Additional Resources Functional Aids

57 Users may send full- text articles, websites, source information, summaries, graphics, and citation guidelines to any address, at home, school, work, etc.

58 Functional Aids Clean Copy removes keyword markers and formats the text for printing. The date the article was accessed is embedded for use in citations. A print button provides access to the print dialogue box of your browser. Clean Copy for Printing

59 Functional Aids Tag articles and websites during research to compile a running list of articles, sites, summaries and graphics. Users can , print or link to any tagged item, or create a bibliography of sources. Tagged List

60 Functional Aids Create a bibliography of full-text article and websites from the Tagged List. Include citation guidelines from MLA and APA. Click checkboxes next to content, then Create Bibliography. Print, , or save the list for future reference. Bibliography

61 Functional Aids Provides a quick list of links to the previous searches performed during a session. When used with Session Save, the number of results returned provide an indicator of any additional items matching your search terms since your last search. Search History

62 Functional Aids Save and retrieve tagged items and previous searches, compiling research over time. By entering a unique user name and password, sessions can be saved and retrieved for up to 30 days. Session Save

63 Functional Aids Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus are available to assist users in defining words, checking spelling, choosing the perfect word and more. Dictionary/Thesaurus

64 Functional Aids Toolbox: Provides a single point of access to all of the reference materials available to SKS users. Includes the help, search tips, and other reference materials. Help: View the context-sensitive help index for full-featured help, including tips on Kiosk Navigation and System Admin. Options. Help Topics

65 Functional Aids Search Tips: Print out this handy reference sheet to refer to while performing searches. Cite: View details and examples of how to cite articles and documents retrieved from SIRS Knowledge Source. Help Topics

66 Functional Aids Includes a collection of materials designed to help librarians and library patrons. Access anywhere in SKS from a link provided in the header and footer of every page. Educators Resources

67 Functional Aids Podcasts What's New Newsletters Reference Toolbox Source Lists Directory of Publications Library Promotional Materials System Administrator Options Frequently Asked Questions Free online training More Educators Resources

68 SIRS Source Lists & More Download the latest source lists. Researcher, Discoverer, Renaissance, Decades Additional background information, training materials, posters, custom flyers, videos.

69 SIRS Solutions Questions? Call our ProQuest representatives at

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