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History Study Center Primary and secondary sources documenting global history 2008.

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1 History Study Center Primary and secondary sources documenting global history 2008

2 History Study Center (HSC) Online solution that covers historical topics around the globe and throughout history. In-depth coverage of American history. Thousands of primary source texts, many digitized by ProQuest for the first time. Reliable, factual information. What is HSC?

3 History Study Center New content added regularly by skilled history editors. All content accessible via keyword search or editorially created study units. Available as a standalone subscription, or as part of eLibrary Curriculum Edition. Key Benefits

4 Five Content Types Editorially created units bringing together the best and most interesting content on 500+ historical topics. 1. Study Units

5 Five Content Types Hundreds of important official documents, transcripts of speeches, personal narratives, editorials, and other primary sources. 2. Historical Documents

6 History Study Center Encyclopaedias, historical dictionaries from publishers like Penguin and Taylor & Francis, biographies, and maps, including many animated maps. Topic overviews, or essay-length introductions to historical texts, events and themes. 3. Maps & Reference

7 History Study Center Thousands of historical images, video clips, and editorially selected weblinks. 4. Multimedia

8 History Study Center Dozens of academic journals fully searchable and browsable. Access to editorially selected articles from hundreds more. 5. Journals

9 History Study Center Quick Search bar enables instant searching of all elements of the Study Center, or specific types. Advanced search lets you specify exactly which resources to search in, and more. Access individual search screens for each of the five content elements down the right side. Searching HSC

10 Search Results Overview Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. Results are organized by content type, with jump-down links to each section. Results within each content type are ranked by relevance.

11 Study Units Editorially created, covering 500+ important historical topics from ancient Mesopotamia to contemporary America. Features Brief introductions to topic. Collection of the best and most interesting articles, primary sources, maps, photographs, video files, biographies, and editorially screened weblinks.

12 Study Units Search for Study Units by keyword, title, or subject. Browse Study Units by topic.

13 Study Units Study Units begin with a brief introduction. Resources within the Study Unit are grouped by content type.

14 Study Units Particularly useful and interesting items are selected as Study Unit highlights.

15 Historical Documents Primary sources are essential to historical study at all levels. Thousands of Historical Documents from a wide range of sources. Explanatory commentary on most documents. Additional page-image documents, some digitized for the first time by ProQuest. Many of the searchable documents display as transcribed text with comments.

16 Historical Documents You can search or browse individual sourcebooks.

17 Historical Documents Check Primary Sources area for additional page image primary source documents.

18 Maps & Reference A library of 50+ respected reference volumes, including encyclopaedias, historical atlases, and historiographical guides, plus 79 topic overviews. All volumes browsable through Tables of Contents. Interactive maps downloadable in PDF format.

19 Maps & Reference Click +/- to expand or close each level in a table of contents.

20 Maps & Reference Click image thumbnails to view a larger version.

21 Maps & Reference You can magnify and scroll through maps using these controls.

22 Multimedia Archive of thousands of historical images, from early woodcuts to video clips. Dating back to the 19 th century, to modern news photography.

23 Multimedia: Video All images and video clips with detailed captions to facilitate searching and aid. Links to 2,000+ editorially selected history websites.

24 Multimedia: Images

25 Journals Search and browse thousands of full-text articles from 60 journals. Regularly updated with new issues. Titles include History Today, Foreign Affairs and Journal of American History. Additional selected articles are included in appropriate Study Units. Search by title, author, or journal, as well as for keywords. Can include/exclude book reviews and limit results by date.

26 Journals

27 History Study Center History Study Center is: Comprehensive: A rich variety of content covering all eras and continents. Reliable: Information from reputable publishers or created by in-house editorial team. Selective: Only interesting, relevant, and appropriate materials. Summary

28 History Study Center: Whats New? Citation Generator Cite this link at the top of all content pages. Edit citation form, allowing manual addition of extra information. New in 2008

29 History Study Center: Whats New? Durable URLs Durable URL link at the top of all content pages. Links (URLs) are easy to copy and paste into webpages, reading lists, emails, etc. New in 2008

30 History Study Center: Whats New? New content + –Helicons Chronology of World History –English Historical Review (June 2003- present) –Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Spring 2002-present) –Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences (January 2002-present) –Twentieth Century British History (March 2002-present) New in 2008

31 Educator & Librarian Resources @ Download and print flyers, study unit lists, more. Obtain a current source list. Additional background information, training resources, citation guidance, etc. Perfect for K-12 users of HSC!

32 History Study Center Questions? Call our ProQuest representatives at 1.800.521.0600

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