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Social Media By Marcy Lamberson. Teacher Student Internet Fan Marcy Lamberson.

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1 Social Media By Marcy Lamberson

2 Teacher Student Internet Fan Marcy Lamberson

3 4 Topics in 20 Minutes Teacher/Studio Partnerships Facebook Blogs And other important stuff

4 Studio Partnerships 101 Build a Class Menu Class Name Description / Techniques Length Number of Students Teaching Level Photos

5 3 Tips For Finding Potential Employers Online 1.LE’s Teacher Class Listings 2.Facebook 3.ISGB Bead Release

6 They Like You! More Details to Follow Glass list for classes Tool list Promo paragraphs & photos Travel & meal requirements Terms / rates Any helpful info for special items needed

7 Bead / Class Samples Promo Materials Scoring Bonus Points

8 Your Turn To Help Market Website Blog Shows Twitter Get Creative

9 Handouts Help The Studio Sell Promote Your Host Watch What You Say Ways To Get Invited Back

10 Post Pictures Follow Up Blog, FB Posts, Tweets Acknowledge Host Studio Follow Up Online

11 Facebook Pointers Technical Aspects Special Sauce *Quick tip: ebook-tips-tricks/ Facebook

12 Update Frequency Fun & Helpful Conversational/ Ongoing Discussion Not All About You Engagement Spreads Message Virally FB Pointers

13 Direct Invitation See An Ad Friend’s Referral Promotional Offer Met You in Class or Show Why People Become Fans

14 Social Media Optimization Engage them Call to action Promotional Offer Have Fans? Do This

15 Photos now hi-res 2048 pixels wide Bulk tagging options Business page & tabs Best Days/Time to Post Good FB Technical Stuff

16 Photos- you, students, work Videos Ask Questions & Engage Links Small Tidbits of Personal What To Post on Your Business Page

17 Blogging- Why Have One? Express & Show Who You Are Show What You Do Bring Customers to Website Sell Your Work Because Everyone Else Is Doing It?

18 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Additional Content for FB Show Photos (Flickr) Links & Tags Tells & Shows Who You Are Really Good Reasons to Have One

19 Forums- Glass Related Pinterest, Stumbleupon Etsy, Artfire Google Alerts, Google+ Linkedin More Posting Websites

20 E-Books, Tutorials Podcasts Videos, YouTube, LiveStream RSS Feeds, Readers Photography Email Marketing Postcards, Business Cards, Flyers Multi-Media Promotional Tools

21 Search Engines There are three(3) types of tags used in Search Engine Visibility: Title, Description, and Keywords. The content entered for these tag should mirror and encompass the major contents and topics covered on the page. in the Meta tag area of submitted sites. The character limits for each type of tag are: Title 65 characters Description 250 characters Keywords 1000 character

22 Increase Your Visibility With the Studios- by helping fill classes by promoting them and yourself With Facebook- by having a professional business page, growing your fan base and engaging them in discussion, photos and keeping it fun. By Blogging- increase your SEO, visibility, and show who you are. Other online media- tutorials, forums, guest blog, photographs, tags, etc.

23 See…Put Yourself Out There! Friend me on FB - Marcy Lamberson Tweet Together - Studio Marcy Linkedin - Marcy Lamberson Email - Etsy - Photos on Flickr - StudioMarcy Pinterest - Marcy Lamberson Find Me - Bead Bazaar Table 16 …you get the picture!

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