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Inbound Marketing 101 Mike Volpe VP Marketing HubSpot SMEI |Social Media Roadshow | Feb 2009.

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1 Inbound Marketing 101 Mike Volpe VP Marketing HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe SMEI |Social Media Roadshow | Feb 2009

2 Agenda Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing Four Inbound Marketing Tips

3 Outbound Marketing 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson

4 Inbound Marketing BlogSEOSocial Media

5 Rethinking Marketing Outbound Marketing Telemarketing Trade shows Direct mail Email blasts Print ads TV/radio ads Inbound Marketing SEO / SEM Blogging Social Media RSS Free tools / trials PR / Buzz Interruption Permission

6 Agenda Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing Four Inbound Marketing Tips

7 Tip #1 – Publish, Don’t Advertise “Think like a publisher” -- David Meerman Scott

8 Where do you get your news?

9 What to Publish? Blog Podcast Videos Photos Presentations eBooks News Releases

10 Where to Publish?

11 Biggest Blogging Mistake Don’t Use a “free” URL from Blogspot, Typepad, or Wordpress – NO! – NO! – Yes – Yes – Yes

12 Tip #2 – SEO 7,900,000,000 (3,000+ per second)

13 25% of SEO = On Page Page Title URL H1,H2,H3 tags Page Text Bold

14 25% of SEO = On Page Description Keywords Alt text on images

15 75% of SEO = Off Page Recommendations from friends 1. “I know Mike Volpe” 2. “Mike Volpe is a marketing expert” 3. You trust the person saying this Links are online recommendations 1.A link: 2.Anchor text: Internet MarketingInternet Marketing 3.Link is from a trusted website

16 SEO Benefits of Blogging/Publishing What would you link to? 1.5 million 3.9 million

17 Tip #3 – Social Media

18 “I’m too old to understand this Social Media stuff.” Similar to a business cocktail reception Without constraints of time or space

19 Social Media = Cocktail Party Become a real member of the community Add value to the community Ask and answer questions More effective than live cocktail parties No boundaries of time or space Other people can listen in easily

20 Build Network - Keyword Search

21 Build Network - Engage Famous People 2,700 followers 1,200 followers

22 Promote Your Content

23 Promote Flattering Content

24 Using Twitter for PR I will call you right now Need to urgently speak with a business that is very actively leveraging social media strategies; for ZDNet 408 555-1234? I spoke about our use of social media for biz on 2 panels - AND Elapsed Time: 50 Minutes

25 Tip #4 – Measurement / Case Studies

26 Internet Marketing Scorecard

27 Blog Subscribers & Visitors

28 SEO Ranks

29 Facebook Fans & Activity

30 Traffic, Leads and Customers VisitorsLeadsCustomers SEO5,28975412 Blogging834723 Social Media511281 Visitors from Blogging

31 Case Study: Publish What You Have SolidWorks: 100+ Videos on Website Published on YouTube, No Promotion 10,000+ Views / Month

32 Case Study: HubSpot Blog 2.5 years and ~400 articles Google is #1 traffic source Over 100% growth in past 12 months Traffic on ~400 different words… Yesterday! First page ranking for ~400 keywords

33 Case Study: Twitter Grader Promoted only on Twitter for free Over 1,000,000 profiles graded to date 50% of visitors from Twitter

34 Case Study: Will It Blend? Blog / Content 74 videos 2m YouTube channel views SEO Page 1 for “blend” 55,000 inbound links Social Media 83,000 channel subscribers Over 500 Facebook groups 5 Digg front page stories

35 Case Study: Oughta Know Inbound Mktg Video 40,000 views first week 10,000 views first day Social Media #1 source = StumbleUpon #2 source = Twitter #3 source = Facebook SEO Page 1 for “inbound marketing” 50+ inbound links to blog article

36 Budget vs. Brains

37 Thank You! Mike Volpe VP Marketing HubSpot Liked this presentation? Send me a testimonial: or LinkedIn or Facebook

38 Additional Free Info SEO Webinar Blogging Webinar Social Media Webinar

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