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AP Comparative Government Watkins

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1 AP Comparative Government Watkins
European Union AP Comparative Government Watkins Adapted from: AP Gov and Politics by Ethel Wood

2 EU: Introduction Trend of integration Supranational organization
Europe’s history is one of diverse national identities. EU creates cooperation among nations Changed policy making practices

3 EU: Brief History Began in an effort to revitalize Europe after WWII ended. Initial goals were economic Evolution of EU The EEC (European Economic Community) The EC (European Community) The EU (European Union)

4 EU : Three Pillars Trade and other economic matters
Justice and home affairs Common foreign and security policy

5 Membership Europa

6 Member States Austria Belgium Italy Bulgaria Latvia Cyprus Lithuania
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

7 Organization The Commission The Council of Ministers
The European Parliament The European Court of Justice

8 Policy Making Power Creating and maintaining a single internal market
Union of monetary policy Common agricultural policy Common defense Justice and home affairs Terrorism

9 The European Constitution
October 29, 2004: Treaty signed establishing the European Constitution Replace overlapping treaties Streamline decision making Vote and rejection Growing resistance to integration

10 Economic Issues Underperforming
Balance between welfare state and free enterprise Neo-liberalists: cut back welfare benefits, more flexible markets Trend toward globalization or example of fragmentation?




14 Terms and Concepts The Commission Common Market
The Council of Ministers Crisis management Democratic deficit EC EEC European Constitution European Council European Court of Justice European Parliament European Monetary Union EU Farm subsidies Integration Judicial review Maastrict Treaty MEPs Mixed economy Monetary policy Supranational organization Three pillars Treaty of Amsterdam

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