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European Union Jan Jurka.

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1 European Union Jan Jurka

2 Basic information EU is a politico-economic union of countries located in Europe 28 member states 24 official languages Currency: Euro (some countries have their own currency) Czech Republic and the UK are members Capital City: Brussels

3 History 1952 – Treaty of Paris (ECSC – European Coal and Steel Community) 1958 – Treaty of Rome (ECC – European Economic Community) 1967 – Merger Treaty (Unification of ECSC and ECC into EC – European Communities) 1993 – Maastricht Treaty (EU – European Union)

4 Dates of enlargements of EU
1952 – Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany 1973 – Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom 1981 – Greece 1986 – Portugal, Spain 1995 – Austria, Finland, Sweden 2004 – Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia 2007 – Bulgaria, Romania Croatia

5 Map of EU

6 Institutions European Parliament (Strasbourg, Brussels)
European Council (Brussels) Council of the European Union (Brussels) European Commission (Brussels, Luxembourg) Court of Justice of the European Union (Luxembourg) European Central Bank (Frankfurt) Court of Auditors (Luxembourg)

7 European Parliament Legislative power
751 members elected by EU citizens every 5 years Low voter turnout United Kingdom has 73 seats, Czech Republic has 21 seats

8 EU flag

9 EU Motto Exists in all languages of member states
English: United in diversity Czech: Jednota v Rozmanitosti Slovak: Zjednotení v rozmanitosti German: In Vielfalt geeint Irish: Aontaithe san éagsúlacht Hungarian: Egység a sokféleségben Spanish: Unida en la diversidad

10 Thank you for your attention

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