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Meet the Teacher 2012-2013 Third Grade Mrs. Stacy Sanchez.

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1 Meet the Teacher 2012-2013 Third Grade Mrs. Stacy Sanchez

2 Welcome to Third Grade! Mrs. Stacy Sanchez Teacher of the year (2011-2012) 4 th year of teaching third grade From Hattiesburg, MS Graduated USM in 2009 Introduction

3 Our Schedule 7:20-7:50 Homeroom 7:50-8:30 Math Instruction 8:30-8:50 Recess 8:50-10:50 Math Instruction 10:50-11:15 Lunch 11:15-1:25 Reading Instruction 1:25-2:20 Elective 2:20-2:50 Dismissal

4 Classroom Rules Follow directions quickly. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. Raise your hand to leave your seat. Make smart choices. Keep your dear teacher happy.

5 Rockin’ Behavior Clip chart behavior management system Promotes positive behavior choices Encourages students to self-monitor –Pink: You’re a Rockstar! –Purple: Can I have your autograph? –Blue: Stellar performance! –Green: Let’s rock ‘n’ roll! –Yellow: Singing the blues. –Orange: Speak with management. –Red: All tour dates cancelled!

6 How It Works… Each student begins the day clipped to the center of the chart labeled “Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll”! During the course of the day, students have the opportunity to movie their clip up or down according to their behavioral choices Positive behavior allows the student to move his/her clip up ; inappropriate behavior choices causes the clip to move down. Rewards/ consequences are not issued until the end of the day and are documented in student planner.

7 Consequences 1 st time: Verbal Warning 2 nd time: Lose ten minutes of recess 3 rd time: Lose all of recess 4 th time: Phone call home 5 th time: Parent conference

8 Rewards Praise Prize Box Bucketfillers Bravo Points Positive Note Positive Phone Call

9 Homework Located under Homework section on board. Write it down in your planner daily. Complete at home. Have parent check it.

10 Signed Paper Folders Sent home on Wednesday. Contains grades and important papers. Behavior grade is listed on the front. Parents sign folder and return to school on Thursday.

11 Parent Communication Signed Paper Folders Planners Phone Calls Parent Conferences Classroom Visits

12 Contact Information Gary Road Intermediate School –7255 Gary Road –Byram, MS 39272 –(601) 372-8150 Mrs. Stacy Sanchez –

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