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Welcome to 3 rd Grade! 2012-2013 Third Grade Mrs. Stacy Sanchez.

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1 Welcome to 3 rd Grade! 2012-2013 Third Grade Mrs. Stacy Sanchez

2 Hattiesburg USM Married to Patrick Loves reading, math, hiking, sewing, running, and eating dessert. Taught third grade for four years. Mrs. Sánchez

3 Favorites Color: Green Soda: Coke Zero Hot Drink: Coffee Color: Purple Candy: Dark Chocolate Food: Chicken Tacos

4 Sweet Children Charlee Grace Mia

5 Pop Quiz What is my favorite color? Where was I born? What is my husband’s name? What is my favorite food? How many years have I taught third grade?

6 Classroom Rules Follow directions quickly. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. Raise your hand to leave your seat. Make smart choices. Keep your dear teacher happy.

7 Consequences 1 st time: Verbal Warning 2 nd time: Lose ten minutes of recess 3 rd time: Lose all of recess 4 th time: Phone call home 5 th time: Parent conference

8 Rewards Praise Prize Box Bucketfillers Bravo Points Positive Note Positive Phone Call

9 Pop Quiz Where are our classroom rules located? How many rules do we have? What is a consequence? What is the first consequence? Where is the prize box located?

10 Classroom Jobs Line Leader Boy Helper Girl Helper

11 Homework Located under Homework section on board. Write it down in your planner daily. Complete at home. Homework Party! Consequence: Lose recess.

12 Signed Paper Folders Sent home on Wednesday. Contains grades and important papers. Behavior grade is listed on the front. Parents sign folder and return to school on Thursday to box. Consequence: Note in planner.

13 Accelerated Reader Read. Folder beside computer. Write down title of book. Take test and write down grade. Five good grades in a row and get sticker. Fill a whole row and get a prize!!

14 Brain Break Pull from jar. Gives us a break from learning. Let’s practice!

15 Procedures Morning Routine Restroom Hallway Line Up Lunch Afternoon

16 Morning Routine Unpack. Fill out lunch form. Place items in Drop Box. Copy HW in planner. Take out HW. Read.

17 Restroom Boy Helper and Girl Helper are monitors. Three students at a time. Water Line leader passes out sanitizer. Times: 9:05am, 12:30pm, 1:50pm

18 Hallway 1 st : Line Leader 2 nd : Girl Helper 3 rd : Boy Helper Students walk in third block with arms folded and mouths silent.

19 Line Up Call number. Push in chair. Stand on number with arms folded and mouths silent.

20 Let’s Practice! Lining Up Walking in the hallway Going to the restroom Going to lunch Packing up

21 Lunch Sit at second table Boys sit together and girls sit together No talking for the first 10 minutes Whisper after 10 minutes

22 Afternoon Pack up when your row is called. Leave planner on desk to receive behavior stamp. Finish packing up Read while waiting to be called to line up.

23 Housekeeping Trash Pencils Emergency Raising Hand Attention Passing Papers Completed Work Tissue

24 Questions??

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