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About Ms. Ritchie First Year at St. Mary’s 2nd Year Teaching

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0 Welcome! Ms. Ritchie

1 About Ms. Ritchie First Year at St. Mary’s 2nd Year Teaching
Kent State Graduate Live in Perry Township 2 cats and 1 dog Love cats, jigsaw puzzles, food, and obviously math and science.

2 Ms. Ritchie’s Website “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Click Ms. Ritchie

3 Classroom Tour Where can I find… Where do I put my… Kleenex Trash
Coats Book bags Lunch Boxes Books/Supplies Where can I find… Kleenex Trash Pencil Sharpener Calendar Homework Daily Tasks Books Turn in trays Absent Work Lab Supplies

4 Class Rules Be in your seat on time and prepared for class
Do not talk while the teacher is talking Always raise your hand to speak Follow directions the first time they are given Respect others and their things

5 Class Procedures When I need your attention When working in groups
When taking a test To leave the class (restroom, office, etc.) When asking a question When giving a response Turning in finished work Sharpening a pencil When you finish early When you are absent

6 Classroom Consequences
Consequence vs. Punishment Color System Purple: Excellent Behavior (Small reward) Green: Good Behavior Yellow: Warning Orange: Home and Consequence (Sit alone for lunch, Extra Assignment, etc.) Red: Call Home, After School Detention, and Principal involvement. Fresh Start on Green Daily Recorded daily, Greens in Newsletter Results of severe or repeated behavior issues

Missing Homework is not being prepared for class and will be a clip move Missing Homework: 1- Warning 2-Pink Slip (Signed) 3-Lunch Detention (Call Home) 4 and more- After School Detention Starts Fresh Every Nine Weeks

8 I’m finished… Now what? Read a Book! (Please keep a book at all times)
Start Homework Technology Fridays Not applicable if missing work or have had your clip moved more than once. No cell phones

9 Math Class Procedures Assignment/Objective on front board
Write down homework assignments Morning Work Homework check Start Lesson Start homework

10 Math Supplies and Books
Text: Holt: Middle School Math Course 2 (7th) Holt: Pre-Algebra (8th and 7th Honors) Simple Solutions 1 folder 1 notebook Calculator Pencil only!

11 Calculator Use Need Scientific Calculator
Make sure your name is on it! Used only when teacher instructs May always use to check homework

12 Math Homework Homework will be given Mon.-Thurs.
You should check your answers in the back and WORK MUST BE SHOWN. Collected and graded once a week (surprise!) Write NEATLY! Name, Date, Assignment Skip Lines Circle Answers Check Work! Mark problems you need help with

13 Science Class Procedures
Assignment/Object on front board Write down homework assiginments Homework check Start Lesson Start homework last 5 min.

14 Lab Safety It is VERY Important that you FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS during lab times. Side table Lab Safety Contract

15 Science Supplies and Homework
Text: Holt (Physical, Life, and Earth) Simple Solutions 1 folder 1 notebook Pencil or Pen

16 Health Supplies and Homework
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Study Hall Tuesday and Thursday) 7th Grade Health Notebook Folder Text: Glencoe Teen Health Corse 3 Lots of Group work and projects 8th Grade Health Online

17 Grading Grade will be based on: Grading Scale and Policy Handouts
Weekly Quizzes Chapter Tests Homework (Homework Policy) In-class assignments Projects Behavior/Participation Extra Credit Re-Takes

18 Absent Work Absent Work Folders Absent Work Partners
Number of Days to Make Up Work Same as the number of days missed

19 Class Jobs Messenger Lunch Attendance Chalk Boards (2 Students)

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