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Welcome to 3 rd Grade!! Mrs. Erica Myers. My Family.

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1 Welcome to 3 rd Grade!! Mrs. Erica Myers

2 My Family

3 Education K-8 Degree in 2002 Master’s Degree Advanced Elementary Education Administration & Supervision

4 General Information School starts at 7:30. Special classes will be from 12:50-1:30 daily. P.E. day is Thursday. Your child will need to wear tennis shoes. Our lunch will be from 10:50-11:20 daily. Dismissal begins at 2:25.

5 Rules of the Classroom We speak kindly. –Use appropriate language. Teasing and yelling are not acceptable. We obey with a good attitude. –Stay in your seat, unless you have permission to do otherwise. –Follow directions at all times. –Talk in a quiet voice at appropriate times. –Abide by school system rules (these can be found in the school handbook that was sent home during registration). –Practice self-control. We show respect for others. –Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

6 Consequences 1 st offense= Warning 2 nd offense= -10 min. of recess and discussion with teacher 3 rd offense= Lose all of recess and discussion with teacher 4 th offense= Lose all of recess, discussion with teacher, and parents will be called 5 th offense or severe disruption= conference with principal This will start over daily.

7 Agenda *Located inside the binder* Your child’s behavior and assignments will be recorded in the agenda every day. It will be a way for us to communicate on a daily basis. I will put a sticker in the box for the day if your child had great behavior all day. If your child got a checkmark, that will also be recorded in the agenda. Please sign the agenda every night. Your child will be rewarded each time it is signed.

8 Daily Folder/Binder Spelling Words Homework Graded papers Notes/Money

9 $Money$ When sending money to school….. –Please put the money in an envelope. –Label the outside of the envelope. –If the money is for lunch, please put your child’s name, my name, and their lunch number on the envelope. –Please remind your child that it is in their folder.

10 Homework Types of homework –Study spelling words, vocabulary words, and math facts –Oral reading –Practice sheets –Unfinished in-class work

11 Absences Tardy after 7:30 Three tardies equal one absence Please send a parent note or Dr.’s excuse. 5 parent notes accepted before Dr.’s excuse is required Make-up work

12 STAR Student STAR stands for Students That Act Responsibly. There will be one student chosen each month. If your child is chosen, you will be invited to a special assembly.

13 If you need me…. E-mail- Phone- 587-2290 In a non-urgent case, you can always write in your child’s agenda or send a note.

14 I know how much you love your child!

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