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Mrs. McGill and Mrs. Allen Room 113 Mrs. McGill Mrs. Allen.

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2 Mrs. McGill and Mrs. Allen Room 113 Mrs. McGill Mrs. Allen


4 Arrival at School Class will begin at 8:00. Teachers and safety patrol will be on duty outside and in the hallways. If your child arrives after 8:00, please go to the office and sign him/her in. Please make sure that your child has something to do in their book bag while sitting in the hallway. (coloring book, crayons but NO TOYS)

5 Dismissal Dismissal is at 2:30. Car riders will be dismissed at the back of the school. Bus and daycare students will be dismissed at the front of the school. Please keep your car tag where the teachers on duty can see your child’s first and last name. Parents of bus riders must meet their child at the bus stop or your child will not be allowed to get off the bus and will be returned to the school. If your child needs to leave early, you must go by the office and sign him/her out. If your child has three tardies or three early dismissals, he/she will not be eligible for perfect attendance. If there is any change in your child’s regular dismissal, we must have a note. Transportation changes cannot be taken over the phone.

6 Rules Listen when your teacher is talking. Follow directions quickly. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Raise your hand to speak. Be safe, be kind, be honest. Clip Chart Green Ready to Learn! Everyone starts the day “Ready to Learn”! Students can “clip up” or “clip down” throughout the day depending on their behavior choices. Blue Think About It! Students who receive a warning will move their clip to blue. This serves as a reminder to the students to think about the choices they make. Purple Teacher’s Choice Students who continue to make poor choices will move to purple. This will result in a consequence that is appropriate for the choice that was made. Different choices require different consequences. Children are different so different so consequences will vary depending on the child and the choices made. (Time Out, loss of privileges, etc...) Pink Parent Contact Students who move to pink will require parental contact by me. Parents will be contacted via telephone, email, or Sad Gram depending on the severity of the behavioral choice.


8 Homework/Behavior Folders Homework folders will be sent home every day. Please check your child’s behavior and initial each day. Have your child do the homework listed on the homework calendar each night and return the next school day. Homework will be checked and returned every day. Please label any money that is sent to school and place in your child’s folder. We do not check book bags for notes. Place all notes in your child’s folder

9 Finally… We are delighted to have your child in our class. We look forward to working with you and your child to ensure that he/she has a successful year in kindergarten. If you need to get in touch with us you may email us at or or write a note, or contact us by phone at

10 Please make sure you have completed these forms before you leave today.

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