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BECAUSE BUSINESS MATTERS.. About Us About Us Established in 2010 End-to-End Solutions Customized Services People-Oriented Our Team.

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2 About Us About Us Established in 2010 End-to-End Solutions Customized Services People-Oriented Our Team

3 Our Mission & Vision Our Mission & Vision Our MISSION is to thoroughly explore and enhance all the potential of people in order to provide optimized value-added services and solutions that will enable cutting edge performance. Our VISION is to innovate and develop business through inducing change in people. We care about people growth and development on any level because we believe that progress is a change that happens within people and flows from inside out.

4 Our Values Our Values Knowledge is the ultimate source of power and the foundation upon which all of EMBRA’s products and services are based. Our people are skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge that modifies their behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights. Innovation in EMBRA results from applying existing knowledge as a solution that produces better results for problems than old routines. Individuals share their thoughts and create a resonance of ideas. It’s a Medici effect, where ideas from different fields and cultures meet, leading to an explosion of possibilities, which are the driving factor for change. Flexibility. We are open to continuously learning new patterns of behavior and transferring them by teaching people around us to accept paradigm changes. At the same time, we teach them not to forget their authenticity and to follow their needs until they reach the highest level of self-actualization and unbridled creativity. Excellence. At EMBRA, everyone takes responsibility for the company's objectives, contributions and its behavior. We are highly specialized and focused on details. We are excellent in using the available information and contextualizing it into knowledge in order to support any industry, on any level. This torrent of changes occurs through remodeling of our well-known excellence concepts. Resilience. We are resilient because we have a constant need for transformation, a fluid state that is open and continually adapting to change. We are always striving to create and use professionals which are capable to grasp, cope and adapt to changes while overcoming any obstacle along the way to success.

5 Our Process Our Process Create Strategy. Consult. Design Solution. Implement. Evaluate. Listen. Analyze. Research.

6 Our Offer Our Offer One Stop Consulting Consulting. Counseling. Education. Training. Business and Technical Analysis. Skills Assessment. Performance Management. Recruitment and Selection. Product Management. Executive Search. Marketing Research and Planning. Change Management. Business Development. Project Management. Business Intelligence Research. New Media Development. Strategic HR Services. Public Opinion Research. Career Center. IT Services. Software Development etc.

7 IT & E-Business Solutions Fear technology no more. Custom Software Development. IT Services. IT Consultancy. Business Process Management. Business and Technical Analysis. E-Business Research. IT Support and Maintenance. Web Design. Our Offer Our Offer

8 HR Services Do more with less. Career Center. Skills Assessment. Performance Management. Recruitment and Selection. Executive Search. Training Need Analysis. Legal and Financial Aspects of HR. Compensations and Benefits. Talent Management. Retention and Succession. Employee Satisfaction. Talent Management. Strategic HR Services. Organizational Culture. Workplace Health and Safety etc. Our Offer Our Offer

9 Education & Training Professional knowledge, non-stop. IT Skills. Project Management. Product Management. Research Skills. Managerial Knowledge. Marketing and Sales. HR Management. Leadership Skills. Change Management. Managerial Consultancy. Marketing Agency. Psychological Counseling. Business Start-Up etc. Our Offer Our Offer

10 Research & Business Development No research, no innovation. Market Research and Planning. Business Intelligence Research. Public Opinion Research. Customized Research. Data Analysis. Our Offer Our Offer

11 Our Clients Our Clients Individuals 14% Public Organizations 13% NGOs 3% Private Companies 56% Educational Institutions 5% International Organizations 9%

12 Our Partners Our Partners

13 Contact Us Contact Us Now, what can we do for you? If something here has piqued your interest, get in touch. E-mail as at, visit our web site and blog or call us on +389 2 3151 277 and +389 78 22 84 68. Questions?

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