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Trooper Security, Inc. Security Solutions Center.

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1 Trooper Security, Inc. Security Solutions Center

2 MENU Message from the President About Us Basic Principles Our Services Total Quality Excellence & Quality of Service Contact Us Social Media Platforms

3 Security Solutions Center MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Welcome to our Interactive Security Brochure. This interactive brochure has been created for your convenience in mind, so that you can go to any particular area of interest. In the next pages you will find basic information about us that will help you to get to know us better. We have one goal; one challenge…to be THE BEST! Because we strive to be the best, we are determined to be the frontrunners in the industry, which has given us an added value over our competitors. Not only do we aim for excellence in area of physical security, but in the area of administration of security as well. We know that each client is different, particular…UNIQUE. Every client has diverse needs that have to be catered to, which is why we believe in personalizing our service to satisfy said needs. At Trooper Security we have a desire to offer security services that take every client’s interests, needs, and reservations into account. Our exclusive programs and systems have been designed to offer our clients additional benefits and a better control of their security. Trooper Security is a company that strives to provide you with exceptional service that is reliable and professional. We know that we can meet your needs and expectations. Please, feel free to contact us for more information about our services and our company. Thank you for counting on us! Evelyn D. Caballer. President Trooper Security, Inc. Tel. 787-766-4865 Fax. 787-767-7901 Menu

4 Security Solutions Center ABOUT US Trooper Security, Inc. Trooper Security, Inc. is an entirely Puerto Rican company that offers top quality alternative security services focusing on the most advanced modern technology. Trooper Security We provide you with more than just security guards; we keep track of all of your security needs – physically and administratively – in addition to providing you with the necessary contacts for more modern means of security. Trooper Security analyzes, evaluates, designs, installs, administrates and manages Security Systems, which include electronic security, private investigations, forensic laboratory work, and human resources in physical security, among others. Trooper Security Trooper Security is completely capable of satisfying the most demanding client’s security needs. With more than fifty (50) years of combined personnel experience, capabilities and knowledge, we have designed alternatives and programs that revolutionize the administration of the security industry in general. Menu

5 Security Solutions Center MISSION  To explore, research, develop, verify, and transfer new ideas, innovative concepts, and related technology to provide alternative methods to interactive security  To further complement our clients’ knowledge in physical, industrial, retail, and electronic security among others  To exceed all of our clients’ expectations by providing an effective and innovative service, based on our concept of total quality, by means of strategic planning, centralized administration, flexibility, diversity, and providing learning opportunities for everyone using specialized service providers in each area of security Menu

6 Security Solutions Center VISION  To be recognized as the leaders in the industry, gaining our clients’ confidence more and more each day by fulfilling and exceeding their expectations  To be able to dedicate our services in administration, design, and strategic planning in Puerto Rico and abroad Menu

7 Security Solutions Center PHILOSOPHY  We believe in providing the best service possible, and that is how we gain our clients’ trust more and more each day  Our success is based on our clients’ total satisfaction  Our clients are more than just a business transaction to us; we strive to develop long term relationships with them  We believe in mutual respect; our promises are based on fact  The security industry is constantly changing, because of this, we are constantly studying these changes in order to stay a step ahead  The value of our work is more important that the cost; our prices are sufficiently reasonable to cover overhead and suppliers’ cost and obtain a reasonable and fair profit Menu

8 Security Solutions Center BASIC PRINCIPLES Integrity Honesty Quality Mutual respect and long term relationships Promises based on fact Exceptional service that is professional and reliable Trooper Security Trooper Security is completely capable of satisfying the most demanding client’s security needs. Integrity Quality Honesty Menu

9 Security Solutions Center SERVICES  Seminars  Consulting  Physical Security  Electronic Security  R.F.P. for Security  Fingerprint Analysis  Messenger Services  Security Management  Vehicle Tracking (GPS)  Executive Escort Detail  Corporate Investigations  Private Detective Agency Menu

10 Security Solutions Center TOTAL QUALITY At Trooper Security, Inc., we are completely committed to providing the best service possible. This is why we maintain and encourage a strict Quality Control Program. This program provides the client with constant updates of the client’s entire security operation by means of a team effort that periodically evaluates the entire operation (physical and electronic) in order to ensure that the services rendered are up to our standards of excellence. Our Quality Control Program also guarantees that the security guard service is running in a coordinated and integrated manner, making sure that the resources used are operating with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Menu

11 Security Solutions Center EXCELLENCE & QUALITY OF SERVICE Complete recruiting system Comprehensive and extensive training process Constant client and resource support Efficient supervision TOTAL QUALITY Trooper Security These characteristics form the foundation for the physical security services offered by Trooper Security Menu

12 Security Solutions Center CONTACT US Our Phone Numbers Control Center [24/7] (787) 766.4865 Fax(787) 767.7901 Postal Address: P O Box 363283 San Juan, PR 00936-3283 Physical Address: Plaza Alejandrino, Suite 116 Ave. Alejandrino, Guaynabo PR 00969 E-Mails: General Sales & Marketing: Customer Service: Menu

13 Security Solutions Center SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS In Trooper Security, we recognize the importance of being up to date with the latest technology. That is why we now have presence in various social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. Menu

14 Security Solutions Center

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