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Building Value into the Hiring Process

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1 Building Value into the Hiring Process
A Full Service approach to Optimizing and Managing Talent Acquisition

2 Is there a better way to do this?
Some questions keep the company leadership up at nights…. Are we lacking critical skill sets? Can we grow? Are we losing revenue because of it? Can we hire the resources we need? Why does it cost so much to hire the right people? Are we effective in hiring? Why does it take so long to find the people we need? Is there a better way to do this?

3 JBA Strategies LLC is a Consulting and Advisory firm
What we do JBA Strategies LLC is a Consulting and Advisory firm Focused on helping you optimize the Talent Acquisition process of your company.

4 What we do Talent Acquisition Process
On Demand Flexible Recruiting support Leadership Executive Search Professional Executive Search Analysis & Diagnostics Research Thorough due diligence Strategy & Roadmap Sourcing Exceptional Client Service Implementation Recruiting A thorough review of your hiring practices Integration with existing team Representing you in the Talent Market Flexible and Scaleable Confidential and Secure A Strategy & Roadmap “Plan of Action” Full-scale Implementation and Change Management Hiring Process Management Global reach

5 Analysis & Diagnostics:
How we do it Talent Acquisition Process Analysis & Diagnostics: We start by listening to your people and identifying issues, trends, gaps and bottlenecks in the hiring process We thoroughly understand your strategic business needs We objectively analyze your hiring practices We review your systems, documentation, staff, training, and metrics related to your hiring processes Strategy & Roadmap: We produce our findings in a report and review where you are now, where you want to be and adjustments and changes needed to get there. Implementation: Working as a seamless part of your team, we implement the recommendations we’ve made, customizing the communications and managing the change process to create a working, effective process that will serve your company’s needs for years to come.

6 Talent Acquisition Process
How we do it Talent Acquisition Process But we don’t stop there. We continue with you as a Talent Acquisition Program Manager on an on-going basis to ensure that your team and processes can meet your demands in the future. Analysis Strategy Change Manage

7 On Demand Flexible Recruiting Support
How we do it On Demand Flexible Recruiting Support Research: We work with you and your people to “map the market” – identifying competitors and other companies who currently employ the kind of talent you look for. We research those companies to find information and profiles of people who work there The end result is a database of Market Talent that can be used to specifically enhance your recruiting efforts Sourcing: We provide recruiting sourcing services to your internal recruiter, identifying and sourcing candidates and resumes so that your team can maximize their time in the process. Recruiting: Working as a seamless part of your team, we become an extension of your Talent Acquisition group, seamlessly interacting with active and passive candidates and guiding the hiring process as a member of your company.

8 Leadership Executive Search
How we do it Leadership Executive Search Professional Executive Search: We develop key relationships in your industry, and leverage those relationships to attract the very best talent on your behalf We professionally represent you in conversations with High Level active and passive candidates, listening to market trends and influences that could make an impact on your business. Our proven method of Executive Search benefits you in high-quality candidates as well as Business Intelligence that you can use. Thorough Due Diligence: Each candidate that we bring to you for consideration has been interviewed and thoroughly vetted by our Professional Search team. We narrow the field down to the “short list”, presenting only those who are qualified, interested and capable. Exceptional Client Service: Constant feedback, insight and information are always available to you. We handle the schedule, travel logistics, off-site office arrangements and any other issues related to the interview process. We do it all so that you don’t have to worry about it.,

9 Why we do it Because we believe that…
Recruiting is a Mission Critical function. No matter how technology advances, somebody has to flip the switch. It takes people with talent and skills to run a business, and regardless of the fluctuations in the demand or the market, one thing is certain: More businesses fail because of a lack of knowledge and talent than for any other reason. Recruiting the right talent into your organization at the right time in the right way is what separates ordinary operations from World-Class growth and success. A company simply cannot survive without the talent it needs. Recruiting makes the difference. It is “Mission Critical.” Recruiters are the face of the organization. The image you produce is often affected by the interaction that the public has with your recruiting team. The Senior Executive who interviews with you but doesn’t get the job may be the Sr. Executive of a company you want to do business with later. That candidate experience has the potential to shape future business as well as future recruiting efforts. Recruiters must live by two rules:  Every candidate is treated like a customer   Every hiring manager in your company is treated like a Client 

10 Why we do it Because we believe that…
The Hiring Process tells a candidate about your character. Candidates judge the company and employment opportunity by the way they are handled during the interview process. Good recruiting means good relationships, which means positive candidate experiences. The candidate experience is often the difference between being able to hiring a critical talent set, and the candidate bowing out of the process and working for one of your competitors. High-touch, responsive recruiting and accurate feedback make the difference in the interview process. Recruiting affects lives, sometimes in profound ways. Changing jobs is one of the most stressful events in candidates’ lives. A change of employment has the potential to be the best thing to ever happen to the candidate, or a total disaster. It has the potential to change their location, social circle and family. Recruiting and the process of Hiring is one that has the potential to change the lives of the people involved. Recruiting done right  Everybody wins. Done wrong  Everybody loses.

11 Always acting in our clients’ best interests
JBA Strategies is a Talent Acquisition Consulting and Service company dedicated to: Always acting in our clients’ best interests First-Class Client Service and Objectivity Helping your Talent Acquisition Team become an effective force Helping you acquire the resources you need, when you need them

12 Contact us for a free no-obligation appointment
James C. Barkley, Founder and President Click here to schedule an appointment

13 Contact us for a free no-obligation appointment
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