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Developing Our Leaders – Creating a Foundation for Success.

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1 Developing Our Leaders – Creating a Foundation for Success

2 Building Leadership Capability Future Leadership Requirements interventions to fill the gaps Current Leadership Capabilities UMHS Strategic Plan Interventions to fill the Gaps

3 UMHS Leadership Development Talent Building Succession Planning Faculty/Staff Development Performance Management Planning Leadership Philosophy & Strategic Goal Alignment Leadership Competencies Compensation and Rewards

4 UMHS Leadership Development Talent Building – Interview and hire leaders based on demonstration of the competencies Performance Management – Identify competencies to enhance current and future performance, and align behaviors with outcomes Development – Provide training, coaching, work assignments to learn or expand skills Succession Planning – Identify competencies required for success and match with talent pool

5 Competency - Definition A characteristic and measurable pattern of knowledge, skill and ability, demonstrated through behaviors, which underlies and drives exceptional performance.

6 Primary Goal To establish leadership competencies which will be applicable across all the components of our mission, will resonate with all administrative and faculty leadership groups within UMHS, and are aligned with the UMHS Strategic Goals.

7 Mark Hannum - Consultant Leadership Development - Organi- zational Change Human Resource Systems Linkage Professional Services

8 Focus Groups Web Survey Interviews

9 Definition of Leadership Leadership at UMHS is the ability to achieve exceptional results by transforming the organization and developing people to create the future. Vision: To Create the Future of Healthcare Through Discovery

10 Guiding Principles of Leadership Leaders build consensus on and communicate clear, institutionally-aligned and challenging direction. Leaders recruit, develop, mentor and engage teams of collaborative, talented people. Leaders include and respect all individuals and groups. Leaders encourage intelligent risk taking

11 Guiding Principles, cont. Leaders encourage thoughtful experiments in everyday work to foster innovative and creative initiatives. Leaders go see to gain first-hand knowledge of their organization’s processes and problems. Leaders ask ‘why’ to learn more about causes of problems in order to mentor others’ problem solving.

12 Guiding Principles, cont. Leaders understand that the health and safety of our patients, faculty, staff and students are the heart of our work. Leaders demonstrate the highest level of integrity and ethics in all they do and say. Leaders understand market and industry trends, championing business initiatives and relationships to remain market competitive.

13 MISSION Creates Value for Those We Serve Visions and Innovates Leads Change EXECUTION Achieves Result Solves Problems Aligns Culture Creating the Future of Health Care Through Discovery VALUES VALUES PEOPLE Fosters & Promotes Diverse Teams Collaborates & Builds Inclusive Relationships Coaches & Develops Others MISSION Creates Value for the Diverse Communities We Serve Creates a Shared Vision Leads Innovation & Change SELF Adapts Acts with Courage & Confidence Communicates EXECUTION Achieves Results Solves Problems Aligns Culture

14 Mission Domain UMHS leaders demonstrate institutional responsibility placing UMHS goals as primary. They speak openly and with conviction about their guiding vision and values. They put those whom they serve (patients, families, staff, faculty, learners, etc.) first, leading change to promote equity and inclusion for all.

15 Mission Creates Value for the Diverse Communities We Serve Creates a Shared Vision Leads Innovation & Change

16 People Domain UMHS leaders recruit, select, train, develop, and manage people. They engage people to evoke excellence in all they do. They encourage people to practice healthy behaviors. Leaders build leaders. Leaders build teams with common goals and interdependence.

17 People Fosters & Promotes Diverse Teams Collaborates and Builds Inclusive Relationships Coaches and Develops Others

18 Execution Domain UMHS leaders are strong in achievement and practice what they teach. They go and see to grasp the situation or problems. They plan experiments to achieve results based on root causes. They check and adjust regularly.

19 Execution Achieves Results Solves Problems Aligns Culture

20 Self Domain UMHS leaders are emotionally intelligent and practice self- reflection. They are aware of their guiding values, and their biases. They assume they do not know the best course of action. They can break down a complex situation into manageable chunks. Leaders model healthy behaviors.

21 Self Adapts Acts with Courage and Confidence Communicates

22 Professional Development Planning Tools Individual Development Plan Leadership Development programs 360° Feedback Process Performance Planning Process Interviewing Guides

23 360º Assessment & Feedback Linkage to customize 360º assessment tool in Fall 2013 Identify leaders for phased implementation in FY2014 Identify and train HR Consultants as Feedback Facilitators by end of 1Q2014 Establish schedule for FY2014 Use new instrument in Linkage Leadership Institute by Spring 2014

24 What Do I Do? Familiarize yourself with the Model Assess yourself in each of the Competencies Review your Performance Plan Align Competencies with your KARs Complete your Development Plan Discuss with your supervisor and trusted advisor(s) Implement an agreed upon plan Help your leader direct reports complete their Development Plans

25 Resources HR Website/Confluence Leadership Performance Plan & Evaluation Leadership Development Plan Job Responsibilities (KARs) by level of supervision - Generic Sample activities and behaviors by Competency Leadership Competency Toolkit Behavioral Based Interview Guide

26 Questions???

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