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0 Career Opportunities in Public Accounting. Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 1 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu u Over 100,000 people worldwide u Over 30,000.

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1 0 Career Opportunities in Public Accounting

2 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 1 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu u Over 100,000 people worldwide u Over 30,000 people in the US u Over 700 offices in 140 countries

3 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 2 Overview Service Lines Career Paths Professional Development Keys to Success

4 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 3 Human Capital Advisory Services Assurance, Accounting, & Advisory Services (A’s) Management Solutions & Services Tax Services Organizational Structure Deloitte & Touche Assurance Enterprise Risk Services Financial Advisory Services (FAS)

5 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 4 Assurance Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) Industry Specializations Financial Services Health Care Telecommunications Manufacturing Retail/Wholesale Secure e-Business Regulatory Consulting/ Financial Services Control Assurance Capital Markets Internal Audit Assurance, Accounting, & Advisory Services (A’s) Organizational Structure Service Line Specializations Deloitte Audit SEC Services International Services Lease Consulting Accounting Consultation Audit Committee Services Valuation Dispute Consulting & Forensic Investigation Reorganization Services Group Financial Advisory Services (FAS)

6 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 5 Accounting & Auditing Perform accounting and auditing functions on field engagements for major corporate clients Planning Internal control procedures Substantive testing Analytical and detail tests Workpaper documentation Accounting research Reporting

7 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 6 Enterprise Risk Services Assist clients by enabling them to better measure and manage business risk and control Network & Systems Quality Process & Systems Integrity Control Assurance Cosourcing Enterprise Risk Management Undertake data and information gathering Conduct detailed and quantitative analysis on behalf of our clients Interact regularly with clients, colleagues and third party contacts

8 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 7 Financial Advisory Services Dispute Strategic Legal Valuation

9 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 8 Organizational Structure GSC Products Strategic Tax Reviews Total State Tax Solutions FSC TxT Global Strategies International Tax Network Economy Multi-State Property Tax Tax Management Advisory Services Transfer Pricing CORPTax Light Year Corporate Consulting Creative Tax Services Specialist Consulting Washington National Tax Services D&T Tax Technologies LLC Research & Development Global Employment & Individual Solutions Employee Benefits International Assignment Services Private Client Advisors Tax Services

10 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 9 Tax Compliance Federal, State, and Local Tax Returns Corporations, Partnerships, and Individuals Sophisticated Research Global compensation plans for multinational corporations Creating corporate structures for mergers and acquisitions Providing financial consulting services to high net-worth individuals Developing and implementing tax saving strategies Client Interaction Business advisor to clients early in career Tax planning and strategy meetings

11 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 10 Management Solutions & Services Supply Management Enterprise Management Integration, Development & Infrastructure Organizational Structure Innovation & Growth Customer Management Business Planning & Strategy Finance Transformation Sell Side e-Commerce Solutions Collaborative Supply Chain Corporate Real Estate Services Strategic Cost Reduction Application Implementation

12 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 11 Organizational Structure Employee Communications Performance Management & Compensation Learning & Development Organizational Performance Employer Services Payer/Provider Services Business Process Management & Transformation Insurance Consulting Services Risk Assessment Technology Defined Benefit/OPEB Defined Contribution Investment Consulting Integrated Health Employee Benefits Actuarial & Insurance Human Resources Strategies Total Benefit Services Health Information Analytics Consumer Purchasing Strategies e-Health Transaction Support Human Capital Advisory Services

13 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 12 Career Paths Traditional: Staff --Senior--Manager--Senior Manager—Partner Transfers/Internships between departments Special assignments/projects Global Development Program Management Development Program

14 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 13 Career Management Counseling Mentoring Evaluations (Project, Mid-Year & Annual) Goal Setting

15 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 14 Professional Development Continuing Professional Education (Classroom, e-Learning, self study) Global Development Program Management Development Program inSIGHT Ellen Gabriel Fellows Program Support for obtaining certifications

16 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 15 Keys to Success Written & Verbal Communication Skills Technology Organization Ability to Adapt to Change Analytical Skills Positive Attitude Teamwork

17 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 16 Expectations of a First Year Add to a positive work environment Not reluctant to ask questions Has the ability to work independently and learns from “Trial and Error” Shows commitment to getting the job done Keep senior informed of their progress and any issues that may arise Willing to work extended hours during “Crunch Time”

18 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 17 What Can I Do Now? Courses Accounting Finance Technology Business communication Maintain a solid GPA ( > 3.0) Get involved in campus/community activities Leadership positions

19 Introduction to Deloitte & Touche 18 Q & A

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