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Mt Laurel Elementary School 2014-2015 Welcome to Mrs. Brekle’s Third Grade Class.

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1 Mt Laurel Elementary School 2014-2015 Welcome to Mrs. Brekle’s Third Grade Class

2 Daily Schedule 7:30-7:55Morning Work (DMR and Daily Geography) 7:55-8:20Tier 2 Reading Intervention 8:20-9:50 Tier 1 Reading 8:20-8:50 Whole Group Lesson 8:50-9:50 Small Group Instruction/Literacy Centers 9:50-10:50 Language 10:50-11:15 Lunch 11:18-11:48 PE 11:50-12:50 Math (Tier 1) 12:50-1:15 Math Intervention (Tier 2)/Math Stations 1:15-1:30 Recess 1:30-2:05 Specials 2:05-2:35 Science 2:35-2:45 Snack/Read Aloud Specials Guidance-1:30-2:05 Monday Computer-1:30-2:05 Tuesday Art-1:30-2:05 Wednesday Music-1:30-2:05 Friday

3 Arrival Procedures Students who arrive before 7:30 should report to the lunchroom where they may eat breakfast. Students who arrive after 7:30 should report to their classrooms. Students must be in their classrooms by 7:45 am to avoid being counted tardy. Parents must walk students into the office when they arrive after 7:45 am.

4 Dismissal Procedures All transportation changes must be made in writing (no emails or faxes) Stick to severe weather dismissal plan. –Procedure for severe weather: I will email to let you know about early dismissal. Please respond ASAP to let me know you received the email. Safety parent will call parents that did not respond to email.

5 3 rd Grade is a Transition Year Help your child become more independent and responsible –Routines at home (assignment pad, homework, etc.) –Cleaning up –Packing backpack

6 Organization of Supplies Red Communication Folder- 2 Pockets: Sign and Return/ Keep –Newsletters- emailed on Fridays; hard copy comes home on Mondays. –Graded papers go home on Wednesdays. Please return them by Friday. Binder –Morning Work, Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies –Please clean out binder every nine weeks.

7 Homework Assignment Pad- please look at and sign nightly for homework and conduct sheet 20 minutes of reading each night (or 80 minutes a week): –Record books and minutes read (keep in front pocket of binder) –Turn in reading log at the end of each month Expect math 2-3 nights a week Study for tests

8 Tests Math review tests/quizzes each week Word Work assessment on Fridays (spelling, sentence structure) Science and Social Studies unit tests every few weeks Alternate Daily Science and Daily Geography-test on Thursday Students use map for Daily Geography test Students may use notes for Daily Science test

9 Reading Goal for 3 rd Grade- Students should find entry point into literacy: Students should find a particular genre, author, or series that he/she really enjoys. 80 min. of Reading Homework each week Complete Reading Log Read aloud a few nights (self selected books, fluency packet)

10 Reading Have book talks with your child and visit the library or book store together Scholastic Book Orders every few months

11 Math Practice addition/subtraction facts at home. –Use flashcards, websites, practice quizzes –We will have weekly fluency quizzes. Students should be able to answer 25 facts correctly in 1 minute. We will start multiplication in January Activities: Daily Data, Estimation Jar

12 Writing Writing Binder –Collages for ideas Journal writing Writing Portfolios Poetry Books

13 Science and Social Studies Projects Science experiments Integrated into reading (students will read nonfiction books and textbooks about topics)

14 Conduct When students choose to misbehave, learning time for all students is affected. Student behavior will be monitored using a clip chart. Students will take home a recognition note if they reach “Outstanding”. If a student lands on Teacher’s Choice or Parent Contact, you will receive a note home.

15 Conduct Consequences 1 st Offense- verbal warning, move clip to “Think About It” 2 nd Offense- move clip to “Teacher’s Choice”, fill out Making Good Choices sheet, and sit out from recess for five minutes or another consequence 3 rd Offense- move clip to Parent Contact/Office, letter or email sent to parents, sit out from recess for 10 minutes Severe clause – student immediately sent to office for fighting, disrespect, profanity, or any other serious offense

16 Conduct Rewards Moving up the chart to Showing Pride, Role Model, or Outstanding Recognitions Compliment Parties Table Points

17 Routines Newsletter- emailed on Friday, hard copy goes home on Monday Graded papers- sent home on Wednesday Star Student- schedule in handbook

18 Snacks Students may bring a nutritious snack and drink each day. Snack time will be at 2:35 each day. Please supply items such as plastic spoons for your child as needed for their snacks. Parents who wish to celebrate their child’s birthday may send in snacks for recess time. We can’t bring in outside food into the lunchroom.

19 Field Trips We will go on at least three field trips this year: 4H (October), Bowling (P.E. field trip), Desoto Caverns (spring) –We will have a limited number of chaperones for each field trip. Volunteer names will be drawn out of a hat. Please allow your student to wear the class field trip t-shirt.

20 Communication Conferences- any day from 11:18- 11:48, or after school Email is the best way to get in touch with me: Please send any notes in the red communication folder

21 Additional Information Refer to handbook or PowerPoint on blog for future reference.

22 Let’s have a GREAT 3 rd grade year at MLES!

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